Needle Drop: Maria Kelly, “Black & Blue”

Singer-songwriters are finding it harder and harder to locate their voice in today’s market with the amount of talent being thrust upon listeners by major labels. However, Ireland born Maria Kelly could potentially break into the world of the Ed Sheerans and James Bays if she keeps producing flavourful tracks like new single “Black & Blue.”

“Black & Blue” captures Maria’s talent for bittersweet storytelling. Remaining vulnerable throughout, she still manages to convey almost foolish optimism with undertones of heartbreak as presented in the video for the single where she acts out with a dramatically joyful performance. The track begins with a quaint vocal harmony creating a delicate atmosphere that breaks off into a fantasy driven verse, taking the song in a whole new direction filled with whimsical melodies.

“‘Black and Blue’ is about foolish optimism; waiting around for something that’s never going to come,” Maria explains. “I wrote it as a kind of ‘see ya later!’ to a certain time in my teenage years. I spent so long waiting for something that was clearly not on the way and this song attempts to look at that situation, accept it, laugh at it, and move on.”

Maria spent many years crafting and developing her sound and since the age of 10 and has played numerous shows in both the UK and Ireland supporting the likes of Orla Gartland and Wyvern Lingo. Maria has also received praise from various publications including the Irish Times, Nialler9, and Beat Surrender to name a few. Kelly is working in the studio on new tracks for her next EP and developing her live sound in preparation for a busy end to 2016.

“Black & Blue” is in stores now via Veta Records.

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