UK Artist of the Week: Happy Abandon

Having formed back in 2015 and played shows across the east coast of the US and Canada including an appearance at SXSW, Happy Abandon have now released their stirring new album, Facepaint.

A collection of emotion-strewn creations that muse upon the feelings of loss and loneliness that run throughout relationships of all kinds, the album oozes a rich orchestral grandeur alongside catchy indie pop inclinations.

Opening track “Ivory Bound” is the perfect introduction to Facepaint. Filled with twinkling melodies and sweeping strings, it’s a beautifully heartfelt ballad, reminiscent of the likes of Fleet Foxes. Continuing in the same vein but with an added gritty sense of urgency, “Beneath Our Feet” showcases the impassioned power of Peter Vance’s vocals in a soaring slice of cinematic pop.

From the glistening delicacy and dynamic musicality of “Love Like Language” and “If I Stare” to the soaring majesty and anthemic power of “Severed Seams” and “Stop Taking Care Of Me,” Facepaint lays all emotions bare with a captivating, heart-string-tugging melancholy.

With this latest offering, Happy Abandon have shown themselves capable of creating truly thought-provoking offerings that’ll grab you with their rousing poignancy and emotion-rich splendour.

Facepaint is in stores now.

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