UK Artist of the Week: Roma Rose

Roma Rose embraces the high and lows of motherhood on her charming new single “In My Head,” out now. With all the negativity in the world at the moment, Roma Rose’s latest cut is a breath of fresh air.

The Scottish artist reminds us to be true to ourselves on her poignant new single “In My Head” and it’s just rather lovely in all honesty. Roma’s soulfully sweet vocal compliments the celestial musicality perfectly and her highly relatable lyrics reminds us instantly of the likes of fellow singer-songwriter Maisie Peters. The track has an added adorable surprise feature from Roma’s one year old daughter, so get ready to gush appropriately.

“Her interwoven, joyous sounds also speak to the inner child inside all of us, who we so often push down and don’t let burst through the surface,” Roma explains. “I love being a mum more than anything, but never felt I fitted the mould of who a mother should be. I wanted so badly to connect with other new mums at awkward baby groups (who were probably feeling similar things!) but didn’t know how to connect my real self with this new life and this new person I had become—a mother.”

“In My Head” is in stores now.

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