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TVD Recommends | The DC Rollergirls’ Garage/Soul Halloween Party

Is it me or are there a million things to do this Halloween weekend? From rallies to marathons to live shows, there’s no excuse to not be hyper-social over the next 48. And we’re going to toss another into your weekend mix: The DCRoller Girls Present The Garage/Soul Halloween Party!

The Blackberry Belles’ Tony Ferrari offers a subtle arm twist by way of background on the night:

This Saturday, October 30th, The DC Rollergirls are hosting a Garage/Soul Halloween Party at the Rock and Roll Hotel featuring Billy Woodward and The Senders, The Blackberry Belles, The Dirty Names, The Dupont Circles, and DJ MAC spinning to keep the party moving. There will be a costume contest with $50 – 3rd place – bar tab, $100 – 2nd place – bar tab, and $200 – 1st place – bar tab. Plus, the DC Rollergirls will also contribute prizes for the costume contest!!!

DCRoller Girls Present The Garage/Soul Halloween Party!
Saturday, October 30th | Doors at 8PM bands at 9PM | ALL AGES $10.00 | The Rock and Roll Hotel | 1353 H St NE DC

First up are The Dupont Circles. Shrouded in mystery, the seldom seen psychedelic garage pop outfit has been lurking about the District since 1988.

The Dirty Names take the stage next conjuring the dark art of pure rock and roll.

Light as a feather, stiff as a board, The Blackberry Belles go bump in the night.

And finally, with the voice of an angel damned to sing the devil’s music, Billy Woodward and The Senders will put a spell on you.

Won’t you join us? We have such sights to show you…

WE’VE GOT A PAIR OF TICKETS TO POUT IN YOUR HANDS! Scare our skates off in the comments to this post and the most frightening of the bunch will get in free on us and the DC Roller Girls. Remember to leave us a contact email address too – boo!

The Dupont Circles – Sarah the Weather Girl (Mp3)
The Dirty Names – Cadillac (The Way She Goes) (Mp3)
The Blackberry Belles – Love Me Not (Mp3)
Billy Woodward and the Senders – The One (Mp3)
All approved for download!

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TVD Live Tease | Yeah Gates’ Spooktacular

Arlington, VA indie label Yeah Gates is bringing a decidedly non-spooky trifecta of bands to the Black Cat this coming Sunday night—America Hearts, The Cheniers, and Foul Swoops—on the spookiest night of the year: Halloween.

Sunday’s ‘Spooktacular’ is also the 7″ release party for the Hearts and Swoops, so we wanted to be certain this show is in your bag of treats for the weekend.

We’ve got all three bands with us for the balance of the week sharing some truly nightmarish and horrific stories from the road in a series we’re calling “Creepshows.” (Because I can’t think of anything funnier.)

First up, the night’s headliners, America Hearts:

Mark Cisneros | A Freegan House Show
We were a little freaked out upon arrival and perhaps even genuinely scared when they told us how the ingredients of the food we were in the middle of eating, was procured. The show turned into a mini-Burning Man of sorts. Body piercings, dancing and lots of skin and sweat. Like a crusty-punk Woodstock, complete with bare, muddy feet. All in the living room. The same living room in which we had to sleep later that night. Great food and homemade booze though.

Justin Moyer | Tough Times?
In 2002, I played a show in Cheb, Czech Republic. Cheb is the ‘Wild West’ of Czech. It belonged to Germany until WWII. After the armistice, it was given to the Soviets, and everyone who could fled. Those who remained were not exactly an economic elite. We played in what’s best described as a Czech roadhouse.

Inside, there was no P.A. We sang and ran drum machines through our guitar amps. We played with a punk band that did goose steps and Heil-Hitler salutes. We couldn’t figure out whether this was ironic.

The promoter had just gotten released from Czech prison. He had served 7 years for possession of marijuana. We stayed at his house after the show and he grabbed our keyboardist and tried to pull his pants down. Luckily, he was handsome.

Jess Matthews | Southern Scales
There was a really weird house show in Little Rock. It was the middle of the week and everyone at the party was wearing 80s glam rock face paint. The house had pet tarantulas in a tank, but some of the shells the spiders had shed were lying around looking like fully formed or crushed spiders.

Beforehand, we went to a nearby drive through beer distributor. It was a small, dingy building and it was hard to get the van around the corner to the drive up window. When we got to the window there was just a long set of fingernails coming out of a hand that was wrapping on the counter. We waited and waited. We asked for PBR, but the nails didn’t respond. When the woman finally appeared in the window she said, “I’m sorry. You know, I was just here looking at men on the Internet again.”

Mike Tasevoli | Nightmare on U Street
I can’t think of any gig-related spookiness, but last year I was having a re-occurring nightmare about being trapped in the Velvet Lounge for eternity.

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TVD First Date | Angie Mattson

“As we drive past the bayous and bays of the south, a lot of good tunes come to mind, as well as inspiration for new ones. Despite the fact I am on the road as I write this, my vinyl collection amasses. At the moment we are whizzing through Pensacola. Thrift stores along the way carry these priceless discs of black for less than $1, and the gum chewing, child-rearing clerks have no clue what they are parting with. They take my money and recognize me for the garbage collector that I am. I tuck them away in the truck, behind amplifiers and guitar cases, under boxes of merchandise and next to notebooks of lyrics and songs ideas. They hide there in the dark corners chatting with each other about gear and venues and chord changes. When I get home in a couple weeks we will all move into my studio apartment, and they will share a room with the other songs resting in their cardboard sleeping bags.

Just crossed into Alabama. The sound and feel of vinyl can’t be beat. If a new record that I want is available in vinyl, I will buy that first. My parents had a fantastic collection of records that traveled from our living room, to the basement, to my apartment, my car, storage units, and back to my apartment over the course of my life. I still use stolen milk crates to display them, but plans are in the works. The house in the clouds that I am currently building has 500 ft. high shelves with electric lifts and a 100-album record changer. There are a million speakers like mutant fly eyes around the rooms, and they sparkle in the night when the music plays. Galactic mobiles orbiting my crib.

The sun is getting big and low now, and it’s harder to drive west. I used to work at a record store that was slowly phasing out cassettes, it’s interesting how long it takes small towns to catch on to new technology, but why hurry? The music is the same and the technology always changes. That record store is now closed. We are passing a peaceful swampy river in Mississippi. Makes me want to buy a flat bottom fishing boat and an old radio to spend the day with. The sound of radio is right up there with vinyl for me. I will unapologetically say that right now most of the music on commercial radio is empty. It’s bleached and it’s bleaching me. I am a girl about interesting sounds and lyrics, about music that is living. Music with bones and bacteria, and fungus. Music that breathes and grows with you.

Welcome to Louisiana. Besides the sound of the vinyl it’s the size. A 12″ record is a piece of music meat. But I can’t take it fishing or on the road, it’s music for the home, for getting intimate. We just arrived in New Orleans, our destination for the evening. When it comes down to it, vinyl, CD, cassette, radio, mp3, I just love the music and the song and the voice, the medium is just the pan it’s heated up in.”
—Angie Mattson

Angie Mattson’s Official Site | Myspace | Twitter | Facebook

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TVD Takeover Week | Diego Garcia

I have to credit Jon Sidel who delivers TVD’s very own free form radio show/podcast, The Idelic Hour each Friday afternoon, for putting Diego Garcia on my radar.

I had been a fan of Elefant, Diego’s previous band and their Mc5 meets Bowie and Suede leanings (where 90% of my musical tastes reside.) I wasn’t aware though that he’d struck out on his own and in a wholly different direction.

Diego referenced Julio Iglesias to me as a marker for his new musical trajectories which at once seemed very appropriate upon hearing the tracks and at the same time a little limiting. Perhaps in tandem with the fresh material, it’s the production behind his new recordings which wraps Diego in the warm blanket of an entire era—the romantic, pop sensibilities of the 1960’s to be exact.

To my ears it’s somewhat similar to what The Clientele have achieved, which makes that band such a personal favorite and what has kept Diego on constant play over the past few weeks.

We’ll be hanging out with Diego over the coming days here at TVD, dipping into his new music and into the bands that inform his background and tastes.

All this week, it’s Diego Garcia’s Vinyl District.

“My Plastic Jesus” | The Education of Diego

The following is my take on a quote from Tarkovsky: “The purpose of music should be to help people live, even if it sometimes causes unhappiness.”

“Peel Slowly and See,” the box set by the Velvet Underground released in September of 1995, months before my 19th birthday, should have come with the following warning: These 5 records listened to all at once will mess your brain up and you will sound like the “Velvet Underground” when you make your first record.

Add a little Bowie, the Ramones, Stooges, some Beatles, The Smiths, Stones and you pretty much start getting it…

Any relevant artist today had to have gone through at least one of these bands.

And then there are the records with songs made just for me. Records that I owned the only copy of.

1. “Plastic Jesus” from The Flaming Lips’ “Transmissions from the Satellite Heart.”

Fifteen when I first heard this record. And over the years I would play it on my guitar to anyone that might listen , and no matter how wasted or high I was, it always felt good.

Chapeau Mr. Wayne Coyne.

You changed my life with your cover of “Plastic Jesus.”

And continue to inspire.

2. “Weird Horses” from Teenage Fanclub’s “Thirteen”

Around the same time I got into the Flaming Lips, I heard the track “Weird Horses” and had the same kind of reaction. Had to learn it. Saying “fucked up” in the opening of this song was always fun… immediately drew people in…

3. “The Strange Effect” by The Kinks’ “The Songs We Sang for Auntie: BBC Sessions 1964-1977”

Important to note that I recently sang this song for Karl Lagerfeld at a dinner held in his honor… why is this important? I don’t know, but singing the line “you got this strange effect on me and I like it” to Karl while wearing a chef hat should not be left out….

Check out me and Zeke Zima from my new band playing it acoustically poolside in Miami a few months ago. Please note the mistake I make on the guitar at the 1:09 mark.

Goes to show a good song is really hard to mess up. Simplicity is key.

Maybe it was part of the discovery, or the vulnerable nature of the recordings that made these songs so special to me.

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Network broadcast test

This post should show up on all network sites.


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This is TVD Main

Welcome to the main site.

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TVD First Date | Saidah Baba Talibah

Saidah Baba Talibah hit our radar recently upon the release of her ‘Phone Demos.’ The low-fi, gritty, raw quality of her phone demos apparently came about by accident while she was in a writing session. With no studio or tape recorder to record the songs created, the only device available to document the new material in progress was—a cell phone.

The sessions, recorded as wave files, easily converted to mp3’s to burn them to CD. The reactions to the sound of the recordings were described as reminiscent of old blues recordings (eg. Robert Johnson, Bessie Smith). Inspired by countless reactions, releasing the phone demos was a way to include people in on an entire journey—starting with the raw beginnings of the songs—just voice, guitar …and a cell phone.

Despite her McGuyver-like abilities, Saidah remains true to our favorite format.

I can’t remember my childhood without the record player playing. When you walked into my house, you were greeted with the sound of music. The living room (which was located at the front of the house) was where we entertained with the family’s go-to records, because we couldn’t fit the entire collection in our living room, the remainder were in the basement in my mother’s music room with the reel-to-reels and her upright piano.

My mother (a singer, actor, and writer) was onstage doing the musical Don’t Bother Me I Can’t Cope when she was pregnant with me, hence why I probably gravitated towards musicals in the beginning, I think for the drama. I vaguely remember watching it, but I know for a fact that I was deeply moved by the Broadway production of The Wiz and then to have the record in my possession, in my own living room. In my solitude, I’d push the coffee table off to the side to create my own stage to choreograph my own The Wiz. I swirl around the four corners of the room transforming myself into the powerful tornado that took Dorothy out of Kansas or I’d get on my hands and knees and act as the Mean Ole Lion, roaring and singing gruffly. And times when I’d feel a little scared or lonely at school or in my young life, I’d sit in a corner comforting myself, rocking myself back and forth singing the song that Dorothy sang when she was scared and lonely:

“When I think of home,
I think of a place where there’s love overflowing…
I wish I was home,
I wish I was back there with the things I’ve been knowing…”

Needless to say, musicals pulled at my heartstrings. My record player and I were very good friends during that time. And when I started to branch out from musicals, I still gravitated towards music that held me emotionally. See, listening to a record for me was a full body experience. Rarely, even at a young age, did I not listen to the entire record from top to bottom, over and over and over again, learning each nuance, creating my own production, playing each character with fervor and serious dedication.

Sitting on my living room floor was like story time for me, my own private adventure. And each time I gingerly took the record out of its sleeve to place it on the turntable, set the needle on the record and prepared myself for my story, I’d always learn or hear something new. Or I’d fall deeply in love all over again like it was the first time. And the album artwork, liner notes, lyrics…all the information! Pictures and drawings, the love and care that would go into tying all the images in with the story of the record…I was in HEAVEN!!

So naturally, I would very easily get stuck on certain records, playing them over and over, learning, feeling, tasting each nuance, each hue, never wanting to miss anything. Sometimes that took days, sometimes weeks. And it was like prying teeth for me to open up to a new record, like leaving all of your friends at your old school for a new school with a new set of friends. I spent many a day with Stevie Wonder’s albums, namely Fulfillingness First Finale with one of my favourite songs, ‘Too Shy To Say’ (which I vowed, as a young girl, to sing this song to my true love.)

Another album I spent a lengthy amount of time with, was Andy Bey & The Bey Sisters’ Now, Hear! (which, as a bonus, was my family – my mother, her brother and sister). I’d listen ever so attentively to how my family blended. I especially loved ‘A Taste Of Honey’ and it was when I’d lived with this record that my musical curiosity opened up. The songs they were singing were standards, sung in a jazz style. This opened my mind to questioning who were the writers of these songs and who else had sung these songs. So, off on another adventure! Listening to records were like a, ‘choose your own adventure’ book at this stage in my life. How exciting to find Michael Jackson singing ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ to find out that Bill Withers wrote it and to search through the records to find Bill Withers singing his own song!

Yes, I’m still that person that prefers the physical representation of music in my hands with the artwork, liner notes and all, and CD’s have all of the above, but they’re not the same. I remember buying the CD of The Wiz, and while it was nice to have, I missed the warmth and individuality that each record held.

Find Saidah on her Blog | Myspace | Facebook | Twitter

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TVD Vinyl Giveaway | Mt. Desolation

Mt. Desolation, the new alt-country side project of Keane’s Tim-Rice Oxley and Kesse Quin, release their self-titled debut album, Mt. Desolation today on Cherry Tree Records and we’ve got vinyl copy to put in one winner’s hands.

Here’s how you win it: check out the two videos below…

…and share your thoughts and comments in the comments section of this post along with your plea for the LP. We’ll choose the smartest of the bunch as winner of Mt. Desolation’s freshly minted debut.

We’ll choose one winner a week from today (10/26) and remember to leave us a contact email address so we can actually, y’ know, let you know you won the record. Now – go!

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TVD Fall Vinyl Giveaway | Hurray for the Riff Raff

We were sitting around TVD HQ the other day and it struck us that we hadn’t done a vinyl giveaway in weeks, so we’re going to remedy that over the next number of weeks – beginning today!

In line with introducing you guys to KITTEN earlier, we’ve got the new release from Hurray for the Riff Raff, Young Blood Blues. I confess that until recently I hadn’t heard of them, but on this I’ve been quite late to the party it seems. For example:

“Sweet tender folk music boasting lovely, loping melodies.”

Alynda Lee Segarra sings with a huskier version of Judy Garland’s voice, a wavering crescendo twinkling at the corners, which are still caked with somberness and a sober tone.”

Young Blood Blues is a stark, stirring, and evocative modern folk masterpiece.”

Songwriter Alynda Lee’s voice seems to emanate from some deep, wooded, dark Appalachian past.”
—Mojo Magazine

No faint praise there, hm?

We’ve got a copy of Hurray for the Riff Raff’s Young Blood Blues in exchange for your comment the the appropriately named ‘comments section’ of this post. Stream and/or download the track above and share your thoughts with us and the one with the most mettle finds the LP in his or her own mailbox.

We’ll give you a week to gather your thoughts and close this one next Monday, 10/25. Remember to leave us a contact email address so we can notify you as the winner.

Hurray for the Riff Raff are in Baltimore TONIGHT (10/18) at The Wind Up Space!

Hurray For The Riff Raff – Slow Walk (Mp3)
Approved for download!

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TVD Takeover/CMJ Spotlight | Kitten

What were you doing when you were fifteen?

Chloe Chaidez is fronting L.A.’s Kitten, a band that hit my radar at some point last Winter when a rep from Atlantic shot over a demo of “Kill the Light” for my reaction – up or down?

I loved it.

So much so that the track was up on TVD in no time and my enthusiasm for the band was confirmed when more than a few who caught their set at this year’s SXSW wrote to underscore that my immediate reaction was spot-on. They simply killed.

That demo is posted below and the balance of the demos on their Myspace made it clear that “Kill the Light” wasn’t a fluke—channeling Cat Power via the Cure—with an edge and an urgency that vocalists twice Chloe’s age would kill for.

So, the stars have aligned and the band is off to NYC this week to play several CMJ showcases, and if I haven’t been clear, we think this is the band you fans and industry suits should go check out. (Then you’re free to write and let us know how right we remain.)

‘Til then, we’ve handed over the keys to Chloe all this week here at TVD. It’s Chloe’s and Kitten’s Vinyl District:

Hey Vinyl District. What’s up in vinyl land.

Let’s just start with me saying how flattered I am that a respected music blog would actually want to broadcast the rambling diary of a 15 year girl. Prepare for catty histrionics, silly insecurities, heavy drama, shameless selfishness, and Justin Bieber. Mostly Justin Bieber. Just kidding. Maybe.

Anyways, we just finished our first EP “Sunday School” and when I say “just”, I really mean 3 1/2 months ago but I’m pretty sure that’s what you’re supposed to say when it’s finally out there. The time between actually finishing a record and getting that little black disk is usually longer than you’d ever expect. It was a tedious but most definitely rewarding process.

Now we’re ready to jump in our sweaty Dodge Sprinter and live on rest stop Taco Bell again. Oh, the glamour. That said, if I could just live my life on the road playing stinky beer soaked bars every night, I’d do it faster than you can say illegal minor.

Though there will be no fast food for Kitten these next two weeks in New York and London. Only crazy cabbies (NY) and lots of classy black guys in pea coats (London) with even classier accents. ” You are depressed, but you’re remarkably dressed…”

I’ve been to New York but never for CMJ. If it’s anything like SXSW, I know I’m going to have a blast.

And London! Home of the tasteful, yet non-pretentious music lover, or to quote Morrissey, (again) “Home of the brash, outrageous and free.” Not to mention clean, chilly air (a nice break from the LA sun) fabulous haircuts and a show with Pitchfork’s latest sweet heart, Twin Shadow!

I really dig his sound. Kind of like The Smiths and The Cure meet Prince with a drum machine. I had a chance say hello at a Drums/Surfer Blood show in LA and then later caught his show at Bardot. Live he definitely hits the Prince vibe more. Full band, epic 80’s solos awash in delay…

We did a warm up show for NY in our garage Friday night. A little party for friends and the stray homeless guys that might want to hear a little Kitten. It was cool. A couple of DJ’s hitting the Crystal Castles/Washed Out vibe, us and our angry neighbors.

Which leads me to the Dave Sitek Kitten mixes that’ll be out soon. Stoked on that. He’s without a doubt one of my favorite producers ever, which is why I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that he’s working on my music. It’s going make a rad 7″…

Funny. All the label folk warned us that he was going to be this “mad professor” type. Twiddling knobs and lacking in basic social skills as only a genius producer could. Couldn’t be further from the truth. Dave’s a cool guy. A straight talker who grew up in hardcore bands and actually working for a living. I though he’d be non stop about the latest underground electronic band, instead he’s shooting the shit about Nina Simone, Prince and his favorite cooking recipes.

Well, its Sunday morning and I’ve got to ready for an 8 hour red eye and some crazy shows. And when I say crazy, I mean CRAZY because we just got two new members (bassist, keyboard) and I don’t think that Sam and Chris know how I like to body slam my fellow musicians when I’m in the “moment.” For realz. Get ready for a fist fight NY….

Until next time,

Kitten – Kill The Light (Demo) (Mp3)
Approved for download!

Kitten also has the new Sunday School EP out tomorrow and all week we’ll be giving away all the tracks free here at TVD – one a day. Keep checking back.

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TVD Label Spotlight: Yep Roc Records | A chat with Alessi’s Ark

Since January, Yep Roc Records has been operating under the expanded guise of the Yep Roc Music Group (YRMG). Founded in 1997, the veteran indie label been marketing and promoting UK-based Bella Union Records’ releases in the United States, with Denton TX indie rockers Midlake leading the charge with their critically-acclaimed album The Courage of Others. Since then, Yep Roc Records has continued to turn up the volume on its work with developing artists (Jukebox the Ghost, Drink Up Buttercup, Peggy Sue, Darren Hanlon) the Yep Roc label as well as continuing to expand its relationship with Bella Union with albums by: John Grant, Lawrence Arabia, The Kissaway Trail, The Acorn and Alessi’s Ark.

The musical avatar of Alessi Laurent-Marke, Alessi’s Ark might begun as homework but the 20 year old’s quirky, blade-sharp folk pop is mature far beyond her years. Required to play an instrument in school, Laurent-Marke took up the drums at age 11 and by her 17th birthday she had quit school to focus on music, become a Myspace sensation and signed with Virgin Records. Her debut album Notes from the Treehouse was produced by Bright Eyes/Monsters of Folk member and Rilo Kiley producer Mike Mogis, and was released on Virgin in 2009. Alessi reaped word-of-mouth support and acclaim, touring relentlessly and receiving plaudits for some stand out appearances at South by Southwest in Texas. Following parting ways with Virgin, Alessi signed with UK indie label Bella Union in 2010. Her new EP Soul Proprietor signals a new beginning for an already unusually experienced young artist.

I’m afraid I missed the vinyl boat growing up. Cassettes, CD,s and listening to the chart show on the radio every Sunday night are what I remember best.

When I started secondary school I picked up playing the drums and joined the school bands. Discovering live music and being excited by it, I started a zine inspired and encouraged by my family’s love of music.

A special memory I hold close is of the afternoon my parents dug out old records from a cupboard under the stairs and showed us (patiently) how to lay the needle down carefully on their record player.

Seeing their hands handle records with such ease was lovely. I could imagine them playing these very same records in their bedrooms and it was such a warm feeling.

With shaky hands I persevered and eventually felt more comfortable choosing tracks and setting up the songs to play. Every detail is so special. Even slipping out vinyls from their sleeves and being able to read album credits and see the artwork on a bigger scale in the big booklets got me excited. CD booklets are minute in comparison!

Together, we got through a big stack of their favourites but the discoveries that really stuck with were ‘On My Mind’ by the Marine Girls (chosen by Dad) and ‘Trouble’ by Lindsey Buckingham (chosen by Mum.)

Parents know the good stuff!!

Though still more comfortable handling CDs and cassettes, I look forwards to sharing favourite albums with friends and family in the future, sat on the floor around the player with albums stacked around us – a picnic of sounds.

Some favourite songs of late:
Give Us Your Blessing – Shangra la’s
Don’t Mind Me – O Emperor
If You Can Wait – Jake Bellows
Goldfish – Roy Harper
Elephants Swimming – Rachael Dadd

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TVD’s The Ardent Sessions Presents: Jamie Randolph and the Darkhorse

Ardent Studios is a time capsule thousands of miles below the earth’s surface…or at least that’s the way it feels every time I have the privilege of walking through the door. I love everything about it. The smell (which they should bottle and sell in both spray and rear view mirror hanging formats) the random echoing conversations you catch the beginning, middle, or end of that make you stop walking and pause for brief reflection on what was just said, the ridiculousness that is the way that on any given day some super famous person is just roaming the halls. And that’s all before you start setting up your gear because you’ve gotten the magical phone call from Rachel Hurley that you are scheduled to play The Ardent Sessions!

We setup in studio C, which is my personal favorite of the 3 studios at Ardent. It’s the furthest away from the “hubbub.” For being a decade Memphis music person with mixed reviews, to be able to be on sacred ground with the ghosts of greatness all in the name of rock ‘n’ roll, is pretty f@#$*&% cool. We had a wonderful turnout of close friends, family, and fans that thought they were at a different band’s session…ha.

We played rock ‘n’ roll and it felt like a really rad sleepover or lock-in or like we were in a tree fort planning our late night invasion of wherever the girls we knew were (which we would always chicken out of and I never had a tree fort). Somewhere between the Goonies and walking around Hobby Lobby (which I love) is the best way I can describe the feeling of playing the Ardent Sessions. I guess what I’m getting at is it felt right and good and like home and, I’m sure all other performing artists can relate, rarely ever happens.

I’ve spent many unforgettable hours in Studio C. I always tell my friends or anyone that will listen that I want to either a: in the middle of the night, hire a crew to airlift all of studio C and set it in a super secret location, where I would spend the rest of my days recording and eating (if they still had snacks…c’mon guys!) mini Oreos, mixed nuts, and Cheez-its or b: hire an amazing studio architect and Hollywood set designer to build an exact replica of it.

The layout, the feel, the lighting, and again…the smell is all just perfect and it pulls out of me the best I have to offer the world in music. Most artists either never find that place or kind of do And…..they film it and put it on internet radio for you after your Disney experience! Like those rides where they take your picture at the scariest moment and then sell you your picture of your ugly face and your family’s ugly faces to you in a frame for $30, surely that’s not what Walt had in mind.

To hear more great Ardent Sessions please visit Ardent Presents. And to continue to hear the Ardent Sessions in the future, please consider donating to Ardent’s Kickstarter Campaign to raise funds for the series.

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TVD Recommends | The Backyard Boozarre

Sure, sure…some of you will be there for the vintage clothing, vintage cookwares, vintage furniture, handmade jewelry, artist prints and refurbished vintage clothing from local artisans. OR the funky furniture and home decor—big items like couches, beds, tables, lamps, chairs, armor, mirrors, bedding, quilts, ottomans, art and an awesome FOOZE BALL table. All in good shape, mostly vintage, reasonably priced.

But we’ll be there for the music: 12:00 Brandon of Laughing Man | 1:00 May of Pree | 1:30 Vanessa of Frau Eva / Pree | 2:00 Aaron Thompson | 2:30 Vince of Army of Me / River James | 3:00 Lightfoot

The Backyard Boozarre | Saturday, October 16 · 10:00am – 5:00pm | Hotel Fairmont, 1200 Fairmont St., NW Washington, DC

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TVD Fresh Track | New from The Joy Formidable

The Joy Formidable play the Black Cat on November, 11.

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Ticket Giveaway! | School of Seven Bells, Thursday (10/21) at the Rock and Roll Hotel

School of Seven Bells have been on the road since early September, touring in support of their latest release Disconnect From Desire and a newer digital EP Heart is Strange. The tour stops at the Rock and Roll Hotel this coming Thursday night (10/21) and as such we’ve got a few things to throw at you—free.

First up, in addition to the Mp3s below, we’ve got Phantogram’s remix of SVIIB’s “ILU” for you right here.

And oh yea—we have a pair of tickets to give to one of you for Thursday night’s show…

Let us know why you should be chosen for the pair of tickets in the comments to this post and the most convincing of the bunch will take home the pair.

We’ll choose our winner on Monday (10/18) at noon—and remember to leave us a contact email address with your entry.

Remember, we’ve teamed up with ReadysetDC for all of our ticket giveaways so you can enter to win either here at TVD or at ReadysetDC.

School of Seven Bells – Windstorm (Mp3)
School of Seven Bells – ILU (Mp3)
Approved for download!

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