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TVD’s The Idelic Hour with Jon Sidel

Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

How many of us have at one time or another made a “playlist” for a journey of some sort? I would never suggest “road-trip mixtapes” are a lost art, but with i-phones, “cloud tech” and assorted “gizmos,” it’s never been easier to access a record collection at a finger’s touch.

Every now and then I’ll stumble upon a beat up CD or even a cassette, often loosely marked. It’s these road trip mixtapes that are the muse for this week’s Idelic Hour.

Earlier in the week I was in NYC so I posed a simple rock and roll question—what do I want to listen to on my plane ride back to LA? I set out to create a playlist of songs that are really set in the “clouds.”

Jets, planes, and flying have have always been rock and roll themes. While The Rotary Connection is teaching you how to, Peter, Paul and Mary are taking off, The Horrors are “skying,” Eno is feeling warm ones coming, Be Bop Bill Nelson is waking to them. The Flaming Groovies are high flying babies while Judy Henske is unquestionably the stoned queen of the Beats.

At this end of this Fall day, Idelic “Jetplane” is a simple mixtape to be enjoyed in transit—preferably on a flight. The handful of new records come courtesy of a new breed of female vocalists. Irish singer Lisa Hannigan, Julia Stone and female fronted groups Friends and Dum Dum Girls are all high flying birds.

Relax, buckle up, recline, and dig.

The Idelic Hit of the Week: Friends – My Boo

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The Warm Up with
The Memphis Dawls

We were super excited to have our really good friends The Memphis Dawls stop by Ardent Studios today to record an episode of The Warm Up. We’ve been following these ladies’ musical careers for the last half decade and are thrilled about this new incarnation. 

You may know Holly Cole from her other project, Holly and the Heathens, Krista Wroten as the violin player in Amy Lavere‘s backing band, and Jana Misener from Giant Bear. And if you live in Memphis and don’t recognize Nahshon Benford’s horn playing, we don’t know where you’ve been the last decade since he plays on just about every Memphis album of note that has been released the last few years!

But even if you’ve never heard of any of their other projects, we urge you to take a listen to The Memphis Dawls. They’re fabulous musicians and so good looking! If you are in Memphis, you can catch them play TONIGHT at Otherlands!

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TVD Vinyl Giveaway: Caveman’s CoCo Beware Test Pressing

Caveman, the Brooklyn five-piece hailed by Fader as “the kind of wistful, windows-down driving music you want to listen to as you hightail it out of the city for summer’s last gasp,” will release their debut LP CoCo Beware on November 15th via Magic Man! Records / ORG Music.

Recently touring with War on Drugs, Caveman left a colorful impression on TVD, and their live sound has also been doted on by Consequence of Sound as “shifted between lolling atmospheric ditties and galloping tom-heavy compositions, with every band member contributing innumerable amounts of dreamy ideas to every song.”

Caveman’s ten-song debut was produced by Nick Stumpf (French Kicks) and shows front man Matt Iwanusa’s ability to craft melodies and lyrics that tackle topics of life and love, reflections on hope and joy, as well as moody observations, all sung in grandiose four-part harmonies, wrapped in timeless melodies.

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TVD Remembers:
Sylvia Robinson,
“Mother of Hip Hop”

Sylvia Robinson may be gone, but her legacy and influence continues like a looping sample.

Yesterday, September 29th, Ms. Robinson—the “Mother of Hip Hop music” and producer behind “Rapper’s Delight” and “The Message”—died of congestive heart failure. She was 75 years old. Ms. Robinson had craftily recycled her career—from singer to record company executive—and stayed relevant into the present, contributing to a subculture that now dominates pop music.

Robinson, born Sylvia Vanterpool, was born in New York City in 1936. By the time she was 14, Sylvia’s progressive vocal range had already reached maturity. At the time, she was student at Washington Irving High School. Despite her age, Robinson begin making records thanks to a staffer at Columbia Records. Her first hit in the early ’50s was a collaboration with swing trumpeter and band leader Hot Lips Page.

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Schuba’s Presents Pig, Swig & Record Dig, 10/1

Chicago loves it’s music, booze, and swine! Fast on the heels of last weekend’s Rock & Roll Pig Roast, Schuba’s bring us it’s first annual Pig, Swig & Record Dig.

This free event kicks off at 11 a.m. tomorrow at Schuba’s tavern. In addition to roasting pig, and cheap drinks, some of Chicago’s favorite record stores will be providing crates of new and vintage LPs that are just waiting to be scoured.

If you’re not completely sold yet, check out the full event details below.
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TVD Ticket Giveaway: Bryan Ferry at the Strathmore, Monday 10/3 (Sold Out!)

Bryan Ferry will be playing a SOLD OUT show at The Music Center at Strathmore as part of his Olympia tour this upcoming Monday, October 3rd.

We have a pair of tickets to give away for the glam-rock turned adult contemporary star’s show.

Ferry began in the early ’70s with the Roxy Music group as their lead vocalist. In his forty-year career he’s contributed to Art Rock, Pop, Glam Rock, New Wave and currently New Romanticism. After Roxy Music broke up in the early ’80s, Ferry continued as a solo artist, though since their reunion in 2001, he has maintained both acts. He has contributed to almost two dozen albums between his Roxy and solo careers. Among his more popular albums were For Your Pleasure and Boys and Girls.

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Weekend Shots!

As September fades into October, the music scene continues to heat up in New Orleans even if the weather hasn’t really cooled down. Here’s a look at what’s happening around town this weekend.

Free Show of the Week­: We start things off the right way, by hipping TVD readers to a gig that you most likely won’t read about anywhere else. This afternoon, the Stooges Brass Band makes an appearance on the main quad of Tulane University. The band has been tearing it and this show, which begins at 4 PM, will be no exception.

Another free show: Buffa’s on Esplanade Avenue on the edge of the French Quarter has new ownership and has been quietly booking some interesting talent. Tonight at 8 PM, Raphael Bas, Jack Fine and Norbert Slama perform in the bar’s music room. This group could go anywhere musically as Bas performs amazing acoustic guitar, Fine is an octogenarian trumpeter with chops musicians half his age would die for and Slama is another veteran who plays a mean accordion.

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TVD Live:
Matt Nathanson at
the 9:30 Club, 9/27

Matt Nathanson, armed with a full band and arsenal of vulgarity, returned to the 9:30 Club for two sold-out nights on his All Night Noise tour.

The San Francisco singer-songwriter took to the stage before 10 PM, kicking off nearly a two-hour performance with “Mercy,” of off his 2011 release, Modern Love. Ditching his guitar for the album’s title track, Nathanson busted out the moves of Patrick Monahan of Train, with whom he toured this summer. The night included many an F-bomb, the discussion of Jon Bon Jovi’s penis and how it resembles R2D2 (don’t ask…), an impromptu cover of “La Bamba,” shout-outs to divorcees, Whitesnake and Prince covers, oh and his popular hits, “Faster” and “Come On Get Higher.”

Check out the images of “Mark Nickerson” (apparently a common name shouted by drunk meet-and-greet attendees on the Maroon5/Train tour):

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Weekend Shots!

Looking for some live music in Chicago this weekend? We’ve got you covered. Check out this weekend’s featured show along with a more extensive weekend list below!


April Smith and the Great Picture Show, named by Rolling Stone as one of the “30 Bands to Watch” at Lollapalooza, have recently released their latest effort, Songs For A Sinking Ship. The track “Terrible Things” was even used in a promo for Showtime’s Californication.

The entire record is incredible, and you can pick up a copy of Songs For A Sinking Ship on vinyl through their online store.

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That Metal District
with Jim Florentine
and Don Jamieson

That Metal Show’s Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson are in DC tonight (9/29) and tomorrow night (10/1) at DC’s shiny new Riot Act Comedy Theater and as such we’ve spent this week at TVD getting Don and Jim on the record—on METAL records. 

We’ve got their Top Five Favorite Metal LPs on VINYL in a countdown that’s not too different from a That Metal Show Top Five List. 

It’s our last day with Those Metal Heads and we’ve got their picks for their favorite Metal LPs on VINYL – of all time. Just try to argue with their choices…y’can’t.

JIM FLORENTINE’S #1: Ozzy Osbourne – “Blizzard of Ozz / Diary of a Madman”
I remember as a young teenager being heartbroken that the original Sabbath broke up. I was a huge Ozzy fan so I was really rooting for his solo music to be on par with Heaven and Hell which was out 6 months earlier then Blizzard.

I remember going to an import record store in Sunrise, Fla an ordering the album from England before it was out in the States. I saw the cover and thought at first Ozzy was a chick. I went home and put in on my turntable and heard the opening chords to “I Don’t Know” and it changed my life.

I also throw in Diary Of A Madman because that came out pretty soon afterwards and I remember I couldn’t go to school in the morning unless I listened to the title track because I was so miserable being stuck in a private Catholic school with a bunch of rich yuppies. Plus, none of the girls wanted to have sex with me because I had Ozzy written on my knuckles in magic marker!

Nothing cooler in the world than opening up that gatefold and seeing the KISS stage show in all its glory. Peter up on the giant drum riser, tons of fire, Gene, Paul, & Ace on their rising platforms.

The ultimate live extravaganza! Of course we know now that the album isn’t “exactly” live but still killer anyway.

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Frank Turner:
The TVD Interview

I was able to sit down for a few minutes before the Ottobar show last Friday to talk with Frank Turner. I found him to be just as his songs portray him: funny, outspoken, passionate, and sincere. His good taste in music and his lack of pretention about it was something I found particularly endearing and refreshing, as well. Among other things, we discuss some of his favorite bands, his bringing Lucero to the U.K., and what it’s like to play increasingly larger venues. Oh, and guess what, y’all? He totally gets what it’s like to be a fan. He’s even got a band tattoo himself.

So you’ve been playing some older stuff on this tour?

Yeah, it’s not going to be like the entirety of the new album [England Keep My Bones] or whatever. The first record I did, Sleep Is for the Week, hasn’t really been properly released in this country, so I don’t feel as bad only playing a few songs off that record. That seems legitimate to me. We’re playing a fair amount of stuff from Love, Ire & Song forward. It occurred to me during sound check we haven’t been playing a lot off Poetry of the Deed, so we’re playing more of those songs too.

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Cranium Pie: 21st Century psych from Wiltshire

The wonderful Cranium Pie were brought to our attention by their equally superb label, Fruits De Mer. We caught up with Rob from the band, who proved to be a fascinating interviewee, and a knowledgable music fan himself.

Here also is their frankly twisted version of Madman Running Through The Fields:

Wiltshire: is there something in the water? XTC, Dukes Of Stratosphear, Cranium Pie…

Yes, there’s a pig rendering plant near Tim (the water table’s very high round there), and Hinckley Point Nuclear power station near Steve. Dan lives in a museum and drinks King Bladud’s urine (least that’s what he likes to believe), Rob eats homegrown vegetables brought up on Fukushima rain, and Julian, well, he’s not from these parts, but he does fill his car radiator from the chalice well in Glastonbury, if that counts.

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That Metal District
with Jim Florentine
and Don Jamieson

That Metal Show’s Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson begin a three night stand TONIGHT (9/29) at DC’s shiny new Riot Act Comedy Theater and as such we’re spending this week at TVD getting Don and Jim on the record—on METAL records. 

We’ve got their Top Five Favorite Metal LPs on VINYL in a countdown that’s not too different from a That Metal Show Top Five List. 

And we’re not leaving you guys out of the loop either. We want to hear your Top Five Metal LPs on VINYL in the comments to all of Don and Jim’s posts this week and the one commenter who makes a solid case for his or her Top Five list will win a FREE PAIR OF TICKETS to see Don and Jim on a night of their choosing this week. 

It’s Day #4 which means we’ve got the guys’ #2 on their Top 5 List. (Which sounds sorta…distasteful.)

DON JAMIESON’S #2: Iron Maiden – “Killers”
The first Maiden album I ever bought. I didn’t even know who they were at the time. I just saw their mascot Eddie on the front cover with his axe and I knew I had to have it. Still my fave Maiden album to this day.

JIM FLORENTINE’S #2: AC/DC – “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”
My 2 older brothers turned me on to AC/DC when I was a teenager and of course I gravitated to songs like “Big Balls,” “Love At First Feel,” and “Problem Child.” I loved Bon Scott’s tongue-in-cheek lyrics and the hard rock sound coming from the rest of the band.

I would stare at the album cover for hours and wonder who would stay at a sleazy hotel like that. I guess I have come full circle because as I am writing this, I’m staying in a sleazier one right now!

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TVD Live: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart with Big Troubles, 9/24

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart were formed in 2007 by Kip Berman, Peggy Wang, Alex Naidus, and a drum machine. (I don’t know its name/model no.) They released a 5-song, self-titled EP under the Painbow label and two of those songs were re-recorded by the band after Kurt Feldman took the drum machine’s place and released on their breakthrough self-titled LP in February of 2009 through Slumberland Records.

That April, they came to Cleveland for the first time to a packed show at the Beachland Tavern. That night Berman asked whether the Browns should go with Anderson or Quinn, the Afternoon Naps played a great set, and the whole show was a terrific experience.

In June of 2010, touring behind their Say No to Love 7”, the Pains came back to the Beachland Ballroom with Surfer Blood and Hooray for Earth (whose records you probably have heard already, and if you haven’t, you should). The crowd didn’t seem nearly as packed, which makes sense due to the size of the room, but it was still a good show.

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TVD Ticket Giveaway: Childish Gambino at the New Daisy, 10/5

Famed comedian and underappreciated hip-hop phenom Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) is gonna be in good ole Memphis TN, rocking no place other than The New Daisy. So, yea…Yo, I got these tickets man… you want ’em?

Point your mouse to the ‘read more’ link and hit the jump for all the details on getting them!

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