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TVD Live: DeVotchKa at Clyfford Still Museum

The gist on Clyfford Still, one of the most celebrated Abstract Expressionist artists in American history, is that for over three decades, nearly his entire body of work has been sealed away somewhere far from public and scholarly view. Part of the agreement stipulated in his will was that none of his individual works were to be sold posthumously. The sale of individual Still pieces was rare even during his lifetime, making his work extremely hard to find, but his entire estate was instructed to be given to whichever American city creates a permanent home for the entire opus.

Jump to November 18th, the opening night of Denver’s Clyfford Still Museum, where 2,400 works entered into public viewing for the first time since Still’s death in 1980. Exhibits are arranged by states in which Still spent parts of his life painting, with really cute models (though they claimed to be volunteers) in ’50s airline stewardess costumes posted at the entrance to each new state.

The event was incredibly beautiful and incredibly exclusive, but TVD made it inside for Denver hometown heroes DeVotchKa, performing for that evening’s entertainment. Recently featured at the top of our Colorado’s Top 5 Bands, Devotchka is a gypsy punk pastiche of Spanish, Latin American, and Eastern European world music build atop modern rock arrangements, Grammy-nominated for the amazing soundtrack to Little Miss Sunshine and with a new album 100 Lovers in stores everywhere as of this year.

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TVD Live: Holy Ghost! with Jessica 6 and
Eli Escobar at the 9:30 Club, 11/23

“I got possessed by sound, and I didn’t want to be exorcised.”—Deanna, concert-goer.

The night before Thanksgiving, Holy Ghost! ensured that everyone would be thankful that they caught them at the 9:30 Club on one of the very last nights of their North American tour.

The Brooklyn-based DFA electropop duo of Nick Millhiser and Alex Frankel has filled out into a proper six-piece touring band complete with two DJs behind a candy-striped booth, a guitarist, the drummer from opener Jessica 6 (Jim Orso), Millhiser on bass/synth, and Frankel on vocals. I was thinking about naming this review “Holy Ghost! Fangirl Edition” because of all the wonderful people I met and ran into at the show, all of whom were ecstatic to have been there. Some were just seeing them live for the first time, some had been enamored by their opening set for Cut Copy last spring, and the devoted had been following them for years.

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TVD Recommends:
The BBiB Record Club
at The Church

Well, you’ve heard us sing the praises of the BBiB Record Club here before on TVD NYC, but I swear to God it was long before the guy who organizes the record clubs, ME, started working here!

Anyway, BBiB stands for Beyond Beyond is Beyond, which is the name of my East Village Radio show and my website. I like to explore and share what I call cage-free rock n’ roll. And the monthly BBiB Record Club is a fantastic way to do it with lots of other good folks who feel moved to do the same.

So come out to The Church in Williamsburg on Friday, December 2nd for a cage-free vinyl listening party of two far-out rock records. One record is chosen by BBiB and the other one is chosen by YOU. So send in your vinyl selection to: beyondbeyondisbeyond (at) gmail (dot) com. And bring some 7″ singles for the “Singles Mixer!”

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Folk Alliance to leave Memphis, Conference still on for 2012

The Folk Alliance Conference, held in Memphis since 2007, will pack its bags and relocate to Kansas City, Mo., beginning in 2014. The conference will be in Toronto in 2013, so next February’s event will be the last in Memphis.

The conference has drawn thousands of people to their events in Memphis by bringing together music industry professionals with workshops, panel discussions, and great musical performances.

The biggest reasons behind the move are logistical. The Memphis International Airport has one of the highest average flight costs in the country and the largest hotel in Memphis, the Marriott downtown, is too small to accomodate the conference.

“The Memphis airport is one of the most expensive in the country and there has been nothing to indicate that the situation will improve,” said Louis Meyers, Executive Director of the Folk Alliance.

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TVD Live: K.Flay at the Subterranean, 11/25

On Black Friday, after some pretty intense shopping, your TVD Chicago writers headed out to the Subterranean to check out multi-talented musician and rapper, K.Flay.

Kristine Flaherty, AKA K.Flay, has played shows all across the country and shared the stage with groups like 3OH3!, Snoop Dogg, and MC Lars. Taking the stage with a live drummer, and a small stand of equipment, K.Flay put on an incredible show that featured a mix of music from across her discography.

Before the show, we got a chance to sit down with K.Flay and chat about vinyl records and her upcoming EP.

Mp3 or Vinyl?

I think it depends on the occasion; on the daily, obviously mp3. If I had a record player in my Honda Civic I might utilize that, but I think vinyl is great for when you’re at home and you’re trying to create an atmosphere because there is something very old fashioned about the way a record plays and the fact that you can’t skip a song super easily after twenty seconds. I think it promotes more of “album as concept and experience.” It’s like being home and making dinner, and then mp3 is the after party.

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Vinyl Vision at
The Vinyl District

Vinyl Vision is an original weekly series at TVD produced by

Since a kid, Ferris O’Brien has been attacted to vinyl—the cracks and crinkles or the album and the feeling of the grooves as the needle hits the record. He’s been a record collector his whole life, and now, as owner of his own independent, online radio station,, he dedicates much of the music played to the vinyl stuff he grew up on.

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The Historic Joy Theater to Reopen
New Year’s Weekend

The far reaches of Canal Street in downtown New Orleans will get another boost of much needed commerce when the long-shuttered movie house opens as a live entertainment venue.

The Joy Theater first opened in 1947 (as seen in this photo from the Times-Picayune archive) and closed eight years ago before the floodwaters engulfed the Saenger Theater, which is located across the street, and much of the surrounding neighborhood. The Saenger was the last remaining opulent theater in downtown New Orleans, which boasted four such facilities during the late 20th century.

The building was a lingering symbol of the decline of Canal Street. It also reflected the shift in the motion picture business from grand, single-screen movie palaces to suburban multiplexes. The photo above shows the sorry state of the property before the renovation began.

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Mason Jennings:
The TVD Interview

Mason Jennings is my generation’s answer to Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and Leonard Cohen all rolled into one. His voice is distinctively one of a kind, his lyrics are intimate yet witty, and his songwriting is absolutely brilliant. From the crowd pleasing “Your New Man” to the hauntingly gorgeous “The Field,” Mason continues to create remarkable music that is celebrated by critics and fans alike.

His latest release, the aptly titled Minnesota is no exception. It’s his most personal record to date, and yet another stunning masterpiece of modern folk music that reminds the listener there are still great songwriters AND storytellers in the world today.

Mason took time during his recent tour to chat with The Vinyl District about touring, Minnesota, hearing his music in a mall, and having Prince watch his set at the legendary First Ave.

Do you have a most memorable touring moment past or present?

Oh man, no I don’t really. Anytime I get to play music is memorable for me.

Where’s the most unusual place you have heard your music?

Anytime I hear my music in a mall, that’s kind of weird. It’s like, wow, my music is on in a store. It’s always fun when I’m in a new city and someone drives up next to me and I hear my music.

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Diggin’ In The Crates:
McDonald and Giles,
Rodney P

‘Diggin’ In The Crates’ is brought to you by Ben Lewis, designer and record obsessive from Brighton. Ben can usually be found in a dusty corner of one of the country’s many second-hand record emporiums, rooting around in search of rarities and hidden gems.

McDonald and Giles – Tomorrow’s People

King Crimson’s rhythm section gets busy on a digger’s favourite. I love the sleeve, it looks like it was released in 1995, not 1970. Even the typeface (Eurostile bold extended? It isn’t is it)? is forward looking. And the first track on the LP is about Turnham Green in Chiswick.

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TVD Vinyl Giveaway: The Smashing Pumpkins’ Siamese Dream Reissue

If you could have a record of any band whose name is synonymous with destroying fruit, which would it be? The Smashing Pumpkins, of course!

This ’90s necessity of a band hit it big ten years ago with the monumental success of Siamese Dream. This album, one of the most influential of the ’90s, along with 1991’s Gish, are re-released today on vinyl. It is remastered and reissued for the first time, so we’re here today to celebrate such an occasion and want you to get in on the good vibes! We have in our possession the 180-gram, double gatefold 2xLP of Siamese Dream and are more than thrilled to be giving it away.

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Captured Tracks Launches Shoegaze Archives

Today, Captured Tracks is making, and slightly tweaking, music history with the launch of their Shoegaze Archives. For those who still have doubts about the resurrection of vinyl, the Shoegaze Archive series will shut them up.

If the words “never before released on vinyl” make your mouth voraciously water, then it is strongly advisable you check out The Shoegaze Archives. The collection encompasses all the indefinable, loud, melancholic, motley recordings of the late ’80s and early ’90s—great music that has been collecting dust in an obsolete vacuum of abandoned CDs.

Many Shoegaze original recordings were denied the pleasure of a stylus’ doting caress—an unfortunate consequence of the renouncement of vinyl in the early ’90s. Captured Tracks, with the support of the original artists, is righting this odious wrong by resuscitating these off-the-shelf recordings through remastered vinyl releases. Each album will be remastered with extensive liner notes and delectable bonus tracks.

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TVD Recommends: Shayfer James Release Party at Bowery Electric, 12/1

Raise your glass and tip your bartender well this Thursday (12/01) at Bowery Electric. New Jersey’s noir-pop mastermind, Shayfer James, will be showcasing songs off his new release, Counterfeit Arcade, out today. It’s a very special release party where bringing a friend gets you a signed copy of the record, beginning at 9pm.

Shayfer James’ music recently nabbed the attention of MTV Hive, with an interview last week and the premiere of an early fan favorite, “Diggin’ Up Hatchets.” Today FILTER also debuts the video for lead track, “Weight of the World,” a video shot in Metuchen, NJ that depicts James and his band getting slashed during a game of poker. The actual owner of The Raconteur book shop is seen playing villain.

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Piano Players Rarely Play Together Showing at the Zeitgeist

Tonight and tomorrow night one of the most important films of the last 30 years will be presented in a new digitally restored format at the Zeitgeist Community Theater. The showings are at 7:30 PM. Tickets are $7.00 but are free with a purchase of the DVD.

This groundbreaking work by Stevenson Palfi features three generations of piano players, Allen Toussaint, Professor Longhair (pictured above) and Tuts Washington, and is considered to be one of the best documentaries every made about New Orleans music.

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TVD Vinyl Giveaway: Mannequin Men

On November 8, Chicago rock quartet, Mannequin Men, released their new self-titled album through Chicago’s Addenda Records. This Saturday, December 3, they will be taking over the Hideout for their official Record Release show.

Tickets are available online for just $10, and in anticipation of the show, we are giving away a copy of Mannequin Men’s brand new album on vinyl!

Hobby Girl | Mannequin Men

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TVD Sets Sail with Bruise Cruise Records!

…and we also have a special discount for TVD readers who book a cabin for 2012’s tour on the high seas!

So sure, you’ve heard of the Bruise Cruise if you weren’t on it earlier this year, and you’ve read about the rock and roll vacation at one million media outlets—but did you know they embrace vinyl just as much as the land-locked writers over here at TVD?

The festival has its own record label, Bruise Cruise Records, which will bestow on every cruise-goer one 7” in their complimentary gift bags. The Cruise will be premiering the unreleased Fucked Up track, “I Hate Summer.”

The single with be part of a split 7” with The Dirtbombs with cover artwork by Rob Corradetti. The 7” is part of a limited edition vinyl collection featuring artists from the 2012’s lineup.

We cornered Jonah Falco of Fucked Up to get his thoughts on a few of our favorite things:

What’s the first record you ever bought?
I think it was officially either a Nat Adderly 12″ or a Blanks 77 5″. Either way a graceful entrance to vinyl.

What’s the best record you’ve bought this year?
Anti System “In Defense of the Realm” og. Hardly at the level of bonzer status or even “all time classic” but I really needed it. The intro to “Service/1000 Rifles” is a charged lil stunner.

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