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HOWL NYE with Reverend Deadeye and Possessed by Paul James

For New Years 2011 I’m looking past all the dubstep poster parties, the furry boots, the sets by DJ D-BAG; I couldn’t care if Flux Pavillion is an artist or a venue, this year I’m taking refuge on the other side of Denver for a party worthy of the last New Years Eve mankind may ever to celebrate before doomsday.

Rounding it’s third year, HOWL is a united showcase of music, performance, and environmental design thrown by Betty Bluebird, who brought the Clyfford Still grand opening into being back in November. Each year’s HOWL borrows the aesthetic of a new era in history, with this year’s clock turned back to 1858.

A pastiche of pioneer-punk and that sexy delta sound, HOWL featured a photo booth and confession booth – both of which became the kissing booths – not to mention what we all came to call the love tepee, lit from within so as to cast incriminating sillouettes of it’s goings-on to outside. The showcase also held tarot readings with Andye Murphy, a gaslamp bar by Peach Street Distillers, and all the vaudville cosplay one off-street denver warehouse could contain.

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TVD TV: Tycho at Summit Music Hall and Signed Vinyl Giveaway

IDM musician, blogger, and industry famous graphic design artist Scott Hansen was in Colorado for the first time performing as ambient electronic title Tycho.  Backstage at Summit Music Hall, he met with The Vinyl District for this episode of TVD TV.

Hansen is deified nerd, an audio/visual authority/visionary with a palette for vintage analog.  As ISO50, he also maintains one of the most popular design blogs on the web. Saturday at a packed Summit Music Hall, Tycho stepped onto a Denver stage for the first time.

Low-lit Summit Hall could be the setting for the kind of  late ’80s cyberpunk b-film with teenage rollerblade gangs or celebrity hackers. (Actually, I think that’s a real film.) The crowd that filled the multiple levels of the hall that evening was an unusual solution of one part clean-cut graphic designers and one part psy trance festival hippies. The graphic designers looked better, but in the arena of scent the hippies had them overpowered.

Jakub Alexander, Tycho manager and A&R for Ghostly International, led us backstage and past some other band’s personal masseuse to find Hansen.  After geeking out over each other’s cameras, Hansen and I sat down, and he gave me the details on his creative process, his instrumental idiosyncrasies and his journey as an independent artist.

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TVD Live: DeVotchKa at Clyfford Still Museum

The gist on Clyfford Still, one of the most celebrated Abstract Expressionist artists in American history, is that for over three decades, nearly his entire body of work has been sealed away somewhere far from public and scholarly view. Part of the agreement stipulated in his will was that none of his individual works were to be sold posthumously.  The sale of individual Still pieces was rare even during his lifetime, making his work extremely hard to find, but his entire estate was instructed to be given to whichever American city creates a permanent home for the entire opus.

Jump to November 18th, the opening night of Denver’s Clyfford Still Museum, where 2,400 works entered into public viewing for the first time since Still’s death in 1980. Exhibits are arranged by states in which Still spent parts of his life painting, with really cute models (though they claimed to be volunteers) in ’50s airline stewardess costumes posted at the entrance to each new state.

The event was incredibly beautiful and incredibly exclusive, but TVD made it inside for Denver hometown heroes DeVotchKa, performing for that evening’s entertainment. Recently featured at the top of our Colorado’s Top 5 Bands, Devotchka is a gypsy punk pastiche of Spanish, Latin American, and Eastern European world music build atop modern rock arrangements, Grammy-nominated for the amazing soundtrack to Little Miss Sunshine and with a new album 100 Lovers in stores everywhere as of this year.

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TVD Live: Lykke Li at The Ogden, 11/11

Robed figures emerge from white light, her backing band like golems at her bidding fill the several levels of the stage. One figure in the center seems to move differently from the rest until, as she begins dancing forward, the crowd realizes it is Lykke Li and erupts into applause.

Aesthetically, everyone’s saying her new aesthetic was black magic at least a year before we decided dressing like a witch would be the next big thing. The best way to describe Friday night at The Ogden is that Lykke Li conjured her crowd into a frenzy. Even in the balconies there were crowds ten deep dancing wildly out of control.

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TVD TV: Eisley at the Marquis Theater

When I first got into Eisley I could still sing the high parts on “Invasion” from their Combinations album. That made it all the more charming to sit down in the tour bus with the familial five-piece a couple years and a bit of puberty later at the outset of their ValleyScapes tour. 

Kicking off the tour at The Black Sheep in Colorado Springs, I got to see the newest incarnation of Eisley and the darker more visceral sound of The Valley album released this year. Moving the tour to The Marquis Theater in Denver the next day, I was invited aboard the big blue bus to ask the band the questions everybody really wants answered, like what color lightsaber would you have, and what’s your natural hair color? The answer is blond, for every one of them.

These kids were crazy fun, and the espoused Darren King of MUTEMATH, new hubby to Eisley’s Stacy Dupree, was there on the bus to be a welcome obstruction. They promised to be back in CO again, so look out for more to come from Eisley in the future.

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TVD Denver Kicks Off with Colorado’s Top
5 Bands

I’m excited and honored to represent the The Vinyl District as it opens up metaphorical shop here in Denver. Colorado has such an eclectic musical profile. It’s a mecca to electronic music culture as well as home to the world famous Red Rocks Ampitheatre, and of course you can’t properly articulate the culture of musicianship in Colorado without homage to its folk/traditional music scene, which will also be getting some of our love.

TVD Denver is your spot for reviews, interviews, giveaways, and upcoming shows around the Rocky Mountains. You can watch us for music news locally and nationally alike, with a focus on Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, and Morrison.

My co-editor Emily began with The Vinyl District in DC before coming to Colorado. She found me, and now we have the privilege of launching the latest addition to The Vinyl District family here in the Wild Wild West. I’m a filmmaker and former member of more over-ambitious and under-funded bands than I could count. In celebration of the new TVD Denver, my co-worker Emily and I have tag-teamed to list the Top 5 Most Successful Bands, love them or hate them, to come out of our beloved rectangle of a state.

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TVD Ticket Giveaway: Elbow at 9:30 Club, 9/22

Elbow’s sound lives somewhere between raspy swagger and sweet serenade.

They took the 2008 Mercury Prize for their celebrated last album The Seldom Seen Kid, and this year’s release, Build a Rocket, Boys! has recieved the highest position on the charts of any Elbow album to date.

Still, their greatest accomplishment of all is probably their beards.

If you love Elbow like we do, now’s your chance to go watch them perform from the new album. You and a friend can link elbows and go see them at 9:30 Club this Thursday.

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TVD Ticket Giveaway: Foo Fighters w/ Social Distortion and The Joy Formidable at Verizon Center, 11/11/11

WIN before you can BUY.

Things are good right now for the Foo Fighters, with a tour underway, a new album Wasting Light released earlier this year, and the award-winning Foo Fighters film Back and Forth, showing the world that Justin Bieber isn’t the only rockstar that gets to be on the big screen.

Their tour will soon join forces with punk arm tattoo staples Social Distortion and feel-good female-led The Joy Formidable, playing the Verizon Center November 11th. Tickets to see this unbelievable lineup go on sale this Friday, August 12th at 10AM. BUT since you’ve got a friend in the music biz (whose initials are T.V.D.)  you can win a pair of tickets right now. Dang, you’re cool.

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TVD Ticket Giveaway: Eels at 9:30 Club, 7/27

En route for DC on their North American Tour as of last week are Eels, the lo-fi rockers with an endless soundtrack repertoire and an uncanny fetish for the letter E, meaning this is your chance to expunge all erstwhile engagements and endeavor to experience the euphonious elicitations of Eels.

Now of course we wouldn’t dangle a carrot like this without giving you a chance to go for free… TVD has a pair of tickets to see Eels with The Submarines and Elvis E tomorrow at 9:30 Club.

If you’re a true True Blood fan, you will probably recognize Eels by their infamous song “Fresh Blood.” It was played in the end credits of the third season, in the episode “Fresh Blood” of the series. Clever title, right?

Being the soundtrack shoe-ins EELS are, with more onscreen accompaniment moments than I can count (including songs featured in Six Feet UnderUnited States of Tara, Hot Fuzz, and American Beauty), for this giveaway let’s hear your favorite soundtrack song. Mine goes to the UK TV’s Skins Theme by Fat Segal.

The deadline is tomorrow (7/27) at noon. The winner must confirm via email by 3:00 PM.

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TVD Ticket Giveaway: The Big Boom at UHall, Sunday 7/3

The Big Boom is presented by Fort Knox RecordingsCapitol Hemp, and TVD, Sunday, July 3rd (9pm – 3am) at U Street Music Hall. Come celebrate your freedom with us!

The Big Boom is about to blow, and you plus a friend could be walking in for free.  TVD is looking to line your pockets with a pair of tickets to this musical extravaganza.

Sunday, July 3rd
9pm – 3am
U Street Music Hall

Tickets available through Ticketfly
Ages 18+

DJ Nu-Mark

Fort Knox Five

AsheruMustafa Akbar


Rex Riddem of Nappy Riddem

Deadline to enter is Friday (7/1) at noon, and the winner must confirm the tickets by 5pm that day!

The winner will be the one who comes up with the most patriotic song for July 4th. Leave your entry in the comments below.

I’ll set the bar high at Neil Young’s “Rockin’ In The Free World.”

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TVD Vinyl Giveaway: The Ultimate Fort Knox Recordings BIG BOOM

Ho Ho Ho Kids, TVD is taking the reigns this summer while Santa Claus is in the off-season.  We’ve got wax on wax to give away courtesy of Fort Knox Recordings and The Big Boom artists, and one lucky boy or girl can win it ALL today

We’ve got Fort Knox Five’s Radio Free DC (double LP)

See-I’s Eponymous release (double LP), which drops tomorrow!

Nappy Riddem’s new 12″ single “Rastar”

Fort Knox Five’s “Radio Free DC Remixed” 12″ single featuring Asheru on “Insight”

We want to know what you’re gonna blast while you’re on your way to The Big Boom… Tell us the name of your favorite driving song in the comments below for a chance to WIN! Other than tracks from the artists above, I shall be listening to SBTRKT’s “Wildfire.”

Deadline to enter is Friday (7/1)! Winner must have a mailing address in the continental US or Canada.

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Top Ten Sexy Songs: The Perfect Make-Out Mix

The undeniable Barry White, if I’m entirely earnest, is just too much.  He’s sex ad-absurdum, a fertility idol covered in phalluses, and I just can’t see two people sharing a moment with his chocolaty baritone in the background.

The sexiest music is soft yet strong, rhythmic but unobtrusive. It serves the purpose of the moment, while going in for that first kiss, when every inch toward each other’s lips becomes a vaster expanse than the last. For moments like these, I’ve assembled the perfect Make-Out Mix, codename M.O.M. (which should serve as a conscious reminder in the heat of the moment to treat every girl in a way that’d make your mama proud). Handle these songs with care… With great power comes great responsibility…

10. Mazzy Star – “Fade Into You”
Mazzy Star vocalist Hope Sandoval bewitched early alternative ears with a voice like a gypsy violin. The sound is so ‘90s, yet it’s aged so well. Made to be played in the dark, PopEater calls it “the soundtrack to candlelit dorm-room grope sessions across the country.”

9. Fever – “Little Willie John”
Fever is a classic that drips swagger. Since originally recorded in 1956, the fever has caught with countless other artists… Look for a sugary yet sizzling rendition by Peggy Lee, and a sultry noiresque affair by Meiko.

8. Chris Isaak – “Wicked Game”
Chris Isaak doesn’t wanna fall in love, but he can’t expect any two people listening to this song to keep their hands off each other for long. Also, not to ruin anything for anyone born in the early ’90s, but being a 1989 release, there’s a sizable chance you were conceived to this song.

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