TVD Kickstarts: Mutts

If you’ve been following TVD-CHI in the last few months, you may have noticed that Mutts have quickly become one of our favorite local bands for their explosive energy and unmatched originality. Within the last year, they have been recognized in publications like The Huffington Post and Alternative Press magazine, and are now working on their most ambitious project to date.

Mutts has recorded a double LP called Separation Anxiety & Object Permanence. Both running 10 tracks, Separation Anxiety is the plugged-in, heavy record you’d expect from the group as a follow-up to the incredible Pray For Rain. Object Permanence, on the other hand, gives an unplugged, emotional, and raw performance.

Having already paid for the recording, mixing, and partial mastering, Mutts is looking for help to cover the costs of the final mastering, and production of CDs and vinyl. Shooting for just under half of the total $20,000 expense, Mutts is hoping to raise $9,999 by 6/17.

“Crowd-funding gives artists a chance to present art the way they dream it, without sacrificing parts of the vision due to budget restraints or *gag* whether a corporate executive thinks a product is commercially viable — and specifically — it’s because now that we’re grown-ass men, after so many bands, so many breakups, so many recording sessions, so many tours, so many jobs, so many failures, a few sweet sweet successes, so many moments questioning what the hell we’re doing with our lives, and so many moments where it’s abundantly clear why we do it… we’ve been thoroughly humbled, and as a result I believe we’ve come up with an album that is all-encompassingly special. (Spell check is yelling at me that “all-encompassingly” is not a word. But I like it, and I am not a computer. Anyway. Our dreams have exceeded both our expectations and our means on this one, and that’s why we’re asking your help.” —Mike Maimone

With less than a week to go, Mutts is over half of the way to reaching their goal. $50 will get you the “Vinyl Early Bird” package, which includes a limited edition, advance test pressing of one of the LPs, along with a copy of the other, and a whole pile of other goodies.

For a full list of the pledge tiers and their corresponding rewards, check out Mutt’s Kickstarter page, and be sure to watch their campaign video.

If successful, Separation Anxiety will head to press immediately to be ready by August, and after final mixing on Object Permanence, it should be on your turntables by November. Both LPs will be pressed in an edition of 500 at United Record Pressing.

As a final push on the campaign, Mutts is doing a 10 day countdown and releasing a new track from Separation Anxiety everyday until 6/17. Check out all of the currently released songs under the updates tab on their Kickstarter.

Mutts Official | Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp | Kickstarter

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