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Nicole Atkins’ new
Mondo Amore

We looooove us some sultry folk rock from Jersey Girl Nicole Atkins, whose new LP Mondo Amore just came out earlier this week. (Have we mentioned that she’s from the same town as TVD Jon? At least, today?)

As part of our Eleven Weeks of Record Store Day Vinyl Giveaways, we’re counting down to April 16thRecord Store Day, with at least one vinyl giveaway each week, and we’ve got a copy of Mondo Amore that should be in your grubby little hands.

Nicole Atkins recently went record shopping with us at Tropicalia in Furs in NYC. To enter to win the contest, simply comment below, what is the your best vinyl shopping find, and why. The contest ends in one week on Thurs 2/17.

Nicole Atkins | Vultures

I’ll start with this confession: My best vinyl find was at the DC Record Fair last summer, where I found a mint copy of Andy Gibb’s Flowing Rivers. It is also by far the most ridiculous record I have in my collection, but I gasped when I saw it because my mom used to play this record when I was a very small child, and I used to twirl around to Gibb’s angsty “I Just Want to Be Your Everything.” This is my first memory of records.

Maybe you’ll find your “best find” at this weekend’s DC Record Fair

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  • Kelly

    I was so excited about this one that I almost started writing without looking at the rules. Just last night, I thought, “Man I wish Vinyl District would give away Mondo Amore.” Seriously. I must be psychic.

    Anyway, my shopping find is from the $1 bins at Second Story Books Warehouse in Rockville, MD. I live about 5 minutes away, so I like to go there a couple times a year and look through all those beat up LPs, bring them home and try to give them a little love until they aren’t so scratched and unplayable.

    Last year, I found She Still Comes Around (To Love What’s Left Of Me) by Jerry Lee Lewis. As long as I’ve listened to Jerry Lee, I’m not as familiar with his country work as his rockabilly, so I wanted to check it out. As I was cleaning and organizing my stack of new LPs at home, I picked up this album again and was disappointed that it had writing scribbled on the cover that I hadn’t noticed at the warehouse. But, as I pulled out the sleeve, I realized that the scribble on the front, back and sleeve was actually SIGNED…”Sincerely Yours, Jerry Lee Lewis.”

    Of course, I couldn’t wait to share my excitement with everyone from Vinyl District:

    I’ve been over the moon to find LPs that I remember playing as a child, or ones that still have posters inside, or ones from my favorite bands that I hadn’t had in my collection, but it will be pretty hard for me to ever top this $1 treasure.

    See y’all at the Record Fair on Sunday! Hope you find something amazing!


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