TVD Live Shots: The Budos Band with Rogê
at the 9:30 Club, 8/3

I love telling the story about how I discovered The Budos Band, because it was, for me, like finding a unicorn. A special event that only happened by chance. In 2011, I was in Milwaukee for a conference and stepped out one evening for a stroll. My feet led me to a park across from the Milwaukee School of Engineering. My instincts served me well; The Budos Band just happened to be there, playing a free show. Captured by the band’s funky, Afro-soul sounds, I fell hard and remain a Budos disciple to this day, attempting to convert the uninitiated any chance I get.

Over the last year, these lords from Staten Island (Jared Tankel, Thomas Brenneck, John Carbonella Jr., Mike Deller, Daniel Foder, Andrew Greene, Rob Lombardo, Brian Profilio, Dame Rodriguez) have played a few dates here and there; much to my frustration, I was unable to attend shows in Seattle and Chicago in the fall and spring. So I was thrilled when the summer tour was announced—the band’s longest in four years—and joined many others for a Budos party at the 9:30 Club Wednesday night.

The band crowded the stage which had been fully stocked with beer (beer that was generously shared with the audience), and launched into “Old Engine Oil,” from their 2019 album, simply titled V. It was a good thing the photo pit set up by the 9:30 Club was narrow that night, otherwise it would have been impossible not to use it as a personal dance floor.

The great thing about a Budos Band show is they could pick songs out of a hat and the setlist would still be great—their catalog is just that good. However, they were careful to choose tunes from across the band’s history, from 2005’s Up From the South, to 2020’s Long in the Tooth. As usual, I was happy to hear “Chicago Falcon” and “Black Venom,” two songs I can honestly say I listen to daily.

An extra special treat came in the form a new song, “Frontier’s Edge,” which will be released on a forthcoming EP. It was another fun, funky song that wove in well with the rest of the set. Of course it did—The Budos Band can do no wrong. Like all good things, this party had to eventually come to an end but not before we were led by one Budos in an f-bomb laden serenade of the other guys to lure them back onstage for an encore. Finally, after the last beer had been thrown into the audience and the keyboard player wrestled his instrument off the stage and onto the barrier to play while fans cheered right into his face, it was over. Hell of a Wednesday night.

Brazilian guitarist Rogê is along for the party on this tour. Alone and perched on a stool, Rogê guided the still-assembling, Wednesday night crowd through his relaxed set of samba music, the jazz or blues music of Brazil. Rogê, who only goes by one name, has a knack for combining samba with reggae, R&B, funk, tropicália, and Brazilian popular music. In 2014, his talent got the attention of ESPN, who tapped him to be the “musical ambassador” for the World Cup that year, appearing in several short documentaries about Brazilian culture. He has released several albums, the latest being a collaboration with fellow Brazilian musician Seu Jorge (known outside of Brazil for his appearance in 2004’s The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou) titled Seu Jorge & Rogê.

The Too High to Fly tour is over, however The Budos Band will be playing The Big Stomp in Louisville, Kentucky in October.


Old Engine Oil
The Sticks
Long in the Tooth
Chicago Falcon
Black Venom
Gun Metal Grey
Peak of Eternal Night (Six)
Burnt Offering
Frontier’s Edge
Magus Mountain (Nemesis)
Ride or Die
Unbroken Unshaven
Budos Rising (Bam)
Up from the South

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