TVD Live Shots: My Morning Jacket at the Chicago Theatre, 6/9, 6/10, 6/11

My Morning Jacket scorched their way through three sold-out shows at the historic Chicago Theatre, proving to all who witnessed that they are still one of the greatest live bands ever to grace the stage.

No matter how many times I see this band live, they do not cease to amaze and impress me. Each night was unique and special—not one song was repeated throughout the course of their most recent Chicago residency. But a couple of things were consistent every night: they jammed their asses off for 2.5 hours and their light show was spectacular (like, DAZZLING).

These guys are true masters of their craft and damn it’s truly something special to see. Between Jim James’ gorgeous, swirling voice (which sounds stronger than ever, I might add), Carl Broemel’s backing vocals and guitar solos (and don’t forget about his sexy sax solos!), Patrick Hallahan’s commanding presence (best hair ever) and extraordinary drum skills, (Two Tone) Tommy Blankenship’s thumping bass and debonaire suits, and Bo Koster’s piano wizardry (clearly the keyboardist with mystique), the men of My Morning Jacket filled the historic venue with their songs and—more importantly, spirit.

If you haven’t yet, go see this phenomenal band.

June 9th Setlist | Believe (Nobody Knows), The Dark, Heartbreakin Man, First Light, X-Mas Curtain, Rollin Back, Like A River, Knot Comes Loose, Sooner, Nothing to It (The New Basement Tapes cover), Master Plan, Slow Slow Tune, Stir It Up (The Wailers cover), War Begun, Outta My System, Golden, Only Memories Remain, Off the Record, I’m Amazed
Encore | Circuital, The Way That He Sings, Phone Went West, Run Thru

June 10th Setlist | Spring (Among The Living), It’s About Twilight Now, Wordless Chorus, It Beats 4 U, Evil Urges, Old Sept. Blues, I Will Sing You Songs, Lowdown, Big Decisions, I Think I’m Going to Hell, Easy Morning Rebel
Encore | Dancefloors, Smokin from Shootin, Dondante, Hillside Song, I Will Be There When You Die, Wonderful (The Way I Feel), Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Pt. 1, Highly Suspicious, Cobra, Compound Fracture, Anytime

June 11th Setlist | Mahgeetah, Evelyn Is Not Real, Lay Low, Down on the Bottom (The New Basement Tapes cover), The Day Is Coming, In Its Infancy (The Waterfall), Strangulation!, What a Wonderful Man, O Is the One That Is Real, Where to Begin, Thin Line, Carried Away (Carl Broemel song), Tropics (Erase Traces), Holdin On to Black Metal, Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Pt. 2, Steam Engine
Encore | Bermuda Highway, At Dawn, Victory Dance, Gideon, Honest Man, One Big Holiday

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