TVD Recommends: Butchers & Bakers at
the Pinch, 9/6—with a vinyl giveaway!

Our pals in Butchers & Bakers have finally found themselves in the nation’s capitol for a show tomorrow night (9/6) at the Pinch. Joining them are She Keeps Bees and East Ghost—and wouldn’t you know it, the show’s absolutely, 100% free.

But we’re nothing but givers in these parts, so the band has delightfully offered us a copy of their brand new 7″ single, “Brunch” b/w “Emulator” to award to one of you whether or not you’re front and center at tomorrow night’s show.

“‘Brunch,’ the A-side is the first song we wrote with Eli Jacobowitz, our new guitarist (as of a year ago), and it came together pretty easily in a few practices,” B&B’s Rebecca Keith tells us. “It’s also the first song we harmonize on, which has been a rad addition and so much fun for me to get to sing with someone instead of wailing on my own.”

“I’ve always loved boy-girl vocals in bands, from X to Dean & Britta to Black Mountain, so now we get to do some of that in Butchers 2.0. After suffering a zillion line-up changes in a few years, it feels like we got something right.”

“The title came way after the song was done. I decided “Brunch,” and all the meal’s nonsense summed up the line “I don’t live here, I’m not one of you.

We recently stumbled on a whole crew of dudes who work in food service and have tattoos that say “Brunch”– they apparently also have strong feelings and some disdain for the meal. Also, someone’s been tagging “Brunch” around Brooklyn. I’d like to say it’s in response to our song, or I’d like to say it’s us, but I’ve let my tagging skills lapse since 1996.

As for “Emulator,” you tell me. That song is a mysterious beast…”

Enter to win Butchers & Bakers new 7″ single, “Brunch” b/w “Emulator” but telling us what the B-side “Emulator” says to you in the comments below. The most insightful response wins the single!

We’ll choose one winner with a North American mailing address next Tuesday, 9/10!

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  • pancake in flux

    The vocals sound amazing.  “I don’t live here, I’m not one of you”…sigh, so true.  Poor brunch — it’s the most polarizing meal.  Babies crying, couples performing.  Let’s all just stay in and make toast.

  • thatwasmejpm

    Loving these songs and loving that it’s on vinyl!

  • shadedavid

    I love the song “Emulator”.  Great vocals and guitar work. Should be the A-side

  • dbenchimol

    People still use vinyl? Is that like paper books?


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