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TVD Radar: The Wonderful World of Louis Armstrong All Stars, A Gift to Pops in stores 12/17

VIA PRESS RELEASE | While New Orleans native Louis Armstrong passed away in 1971 at the age of 69, today his legacy as the kingpin of jazz continues to grow.

The most significant example of this is the ensemble The Wonderful World of Louis Armstrong All Stars, comprised largely of top-of-the-line Crescent City musicians paying tribute to him with the brilliant album A Gift to Pops. The inventive re-envisioning of music associated with the trumpeter/vocalist during his five-decade career features new arrangements and new performances of stalwart tunes ranging from the “The Peanut Vendor” (recorded by him in 1930) to “What a Wonderful World” (recorded in 1968 and the most successful tune of his career). Special guests include Wynton Marsalis and Common.

Nicholas Payton—who arranged seven of the songs, plays emotive and thrilling trumpet with engaging solos throughout—takes the lead vocals on his modern arrangement of Fats Waller’s “Black and Blue” (available now), a tune about racial consciousness and prejudice that starts out wild and frantic before the bass and drums take it into an R&B-flavored groove. In the midst of the tune, Common delivers his rap poetry on the theme that includes lines such as, “Went through black and blue for the bright day,” and “My school of thought is black openness/To define and redefine what the culture is.”

Co-producer Wycliffe Gordon comments: “Common added a different spin to the tune. It seemed like things we had talked about as a country had changed, but they didn’t, which is why this is important.” Harris adds: “We’re hoping Common will draw young people into Louis Armstrong. We’re out to make changes.”

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In rotation: 10/20/21

San Antonio, TX | Batcave Vinyl offers records for every genre: Six-and-a-half years ago, Blaine Pendergraff began selling records out of his garage but was looking to open his own commercial space. After moving to different locations around the area, he settled in his location at The Alley on Bitters last year. Pendergraff said collecting records has been his passion since he was a kid trying to build his Beatles collection. Opening Batcave Vinyl was a way for him to share his passion with others while helping customers grow their collections, he said. “I collect every kind of record,” Pendergraff said. “I collect all kinds of things. My thing was The Beatles and going after that coveted butcher cover. I finally acquired one last year.” Over the last year, business at Batcave Vinyl has improved compared to previous locations, he said. The store receives regular customers who are building their collections and new customers who want to find something by their favorite artist.

Phoenix, AZ | Vinyl’s Never Out at Phoenix Record Shop The ‘In’ Groove: “My background is not in vinyl,” Mike Esposito told me when I called to talk about his record shop last month. “I owned furniture stores, and collecting vinyl was a hobby. I started out really just wanting first crack at records before other collectors got to them. I’d buy a $20,000 collection so I could get some of it for myself, and I ended up with a lot of leftovers. It got to the point where I needed a place to sell the leftovers.” That place became The ‘In’ Groove, Mike’s record store on East Thomas Road. I should probably be embarrassed to admit it, but the first time I walked into the place, my mouth actually watered. Here, at last, was a hyper-tidy, super-organized room full of records in extra-good shape. Sure, Mike’s prices are a little higher than a lot of other record joints, but I defy you to find much in his bins that’s not in near-mint condition. For many of us who’ve been collecting for a long time, that can matter.

Belfast, IE | Boneyard Records: The Omagh vintage record shop proving popular with music fans from near and far: “It amazes me that people travel from all parts of the island to visit the shop.” Avid record collectors Johnnie Lomax and Mark McCausland often discussed the idea of opening their own vinyl shop as they toured the country visiting others. The Co Tyrone men finally realised their dream in 2016 when they opened Boneyard Records in Omagh, which has now been placed on the map for vinyl collectors throughout the UK and Ireland. Johnnie’s love of music was triggered when he heard Bob Dylan sing ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ back in 1966, while Mark comes from a long line of local music legends from the town. Now the pair are glad to see the shop thriving with local music enthusiasts as well as those from further afield. “Being avid vinyl collectors for years or in my case many decades, we often discussed the possibility of opening a shop on our many road trips visiting record shops all over the country,” Johnnie told MyTyrone.

Why I Still Dig for Vinyl in Record Stores: A DJ explains her love of shopping for music in person. …DJs and collectors often refer to this seemingly endless pursuit for records as crate digging. There’s an archaeological connotation to this, like we’re excavating sites on our musical Holy Grail quests. There’s also an implied competition with crate digging, whether it’s finding the obscure track that will heat up a dance floor or a vinyl rarity that somehow ended up with a 99-cent price tag. I’m not completely interested in all that at this point in my life. The records I buy might be hard to find, but sometimes, like that Goldfinger soundtrack, they’re things I’ve encountered many times before but never bothered to grab until that moment when there was an almost instinctual move leading to a purchase. Ultimately, I’m adding pieces to an ever-expanding archive of a very personal history, where records hold stories of travels, friendships, and DJ gigs.

London, UK | Queen Launch Collectable 7” Vinyl Releases At Their Carnaby Street Pop-Up Store: Music lovers and Queen superfans worldwide are set to rejoice as Carnaby Street’s newest addition ‘Queen The Greatest’ store launched the first of four limited edition 7” Vinyl releases on Friday, 8 October at 11am (BST). With only 1,000 copies in circulation – 500 available instore and 500 online – the tracks on each of the records have been personally chosen by Brian May and Roger Taylor with the A-side representing a hit song and the B-side a deep cut written by each individual band member. Launched to celebrate five decades of music, this experiential pop-up store was created in partnership with Bravado, Universal Music Group’s merchandise and brand management company. ‘Queen The Greatest’ is designed to take you on a visually immersive journey through one of the world’s most iconic bands’ contributions to music, culture, and fashion.

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TVD Radar: Calvin Keys, Proceed with Caution reissue in stores 12/3

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Bay Area jazz guitar legend Calvin Keys released his debut solo record, Shawn-Neeq, in 1971, and it remains one of the most beloved albums on the Black Jazz label. But that record was mere prelude for 1974’s Proceed with Caution; this time around, the arrangements were more complex, the instrumentation more diverse.

In short, a quantum leap forward; indeed, as Calvin tells Pat Thomas in his liner notes for the release, “I started going to the Los Angeles School of Music studying orchestrations and I was putting it to use!” And he recruited the band to fulfill his ambitious musical visions to their fullest, including legendary drummer Leon “Ndugu” Chancler, fellow Black Jazz mainstays Henry Franklin on bass, Kirk Lightsey on keyboards, and Charles Owens (Horace Tapscott, Buddy Rich, Terry Callier, John Mayall) on sax and flute.

Despite being hugely collectible, Proceed with Caution has never been reissued on vinyl before; our newly remastered edition is available on CD, black vinyl and orange with black streaks vinyl limited to 750 copies and exclusive to independent record stores.

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In rotation: 10/19/21

Albuquerque, NM | Nob Hill Music survives economic hardship by selling old-school sounds: Walking through the heart of Albuquerque’s Nob Hill can be a dispiriting exercise, passing, as you will, the emptied-out storefronts of ventures felled by the one-two punch of the Albuquerque Rapid Transit project and pandemic restrictions, not to mention the challenges faced by small businesses in the best of times. That Italian ice cream place is gone, as are the Asian restaurant and a couple of other food places. The gallery that used to be here — the one with the quirky lowbrow art — has moved to Algodones. Bummer. But then, just up ahead, fluttering in a light autumn breeze like a gaudy beacon of defiance is the rack of Hawaiian shirts Steve Schroeder displays in front of his Nob Hill Music store. For $10, you can buy a piece of Paradise or a ticket to Margaritaville. And if the shirts are out there, the store — boasting a treasure trove of vintage vinyl records, CDs, cassette tapes, framed album covers, record-label coasters and related items — is open. “This is an essential business,” Schroeder said. “Vaccines take care of the body, but music takes care of the soul.”

Burlington, NJ | He brought Flock of Seagulls to America 40 years ago. They just performed at his N.J. shop. For a little while, I was falling in love. (If you were near a radio in the 80s, you’ll get the reference.) English new wave band A Flock of Seagulls, formed in Liverpool in 1979, enjoyed the peak of their international success in the early 1980s with hits like “Space Age Love Song,” “Telecommunication,” and “I Ran,” to name only a few. Their first show in America happened when DJ/promoter Randy Ellis, a.k.a. Randy Now, brought them to legendary nightclub City Gardens in Trenton in the early 1980s. The club, which saw performances by a plethora of noted bands and where Jon Stewart was once a bartender, closed in 2001 and remains unused. “The first time they played at City Gardens…I remember taking the guitar player in my car to WTSR to do an interview with, I believe it was DJ Karen Ray Heller, and so we interviewed him,” said Ellis, whose mind is a locked safety deposit box full of music history. “He’d never been interviewed before.”

NY | Twisted Sister’s Jay Jay French To Sign Copies Of Memoir In New York City And West Babylon: Jay Jay French, founder, guitarist and manager of the world-famous heavy metal institution Twisted Sister, has scheduled in-store appearances to promote his new “bizoir” — part memoir and part business primer — “Twisted Business: Lessons From My Life In Rock ‘N’ Roll”, in New York City and West Babylon, New York. Join French on Saturday, November 6 at 4 p.m. at New York City’s Generation Records. The appearance will include a discussion with French, moderated by the New York Hardcore Chronicles Live! host Drew Stone. On Sunday, November 7, French will appear in West Babylon, New York, with a signing at Looney Tunes record store beginning at 4 p.m. Purchase copies of the book now to receive a wristband. In addition to founding Twisted Sister, a world-famous heavy metal band that has sold more than 20 million records worldwide, French is one of the top entrepreneurs in entertainment. After taking over as manager in the 1970s, French developed Twisted Sister into the most heavily licensed heavy metal band in history, leading the group to perform more than 9,000 shows in forty countries.

PH | This 22-Year-Old Music Lover Will Make You Fall Back in Love With Vinyl Records: Gab Saulog, through his online vinyl record store Acetate Music, is here to bridge the past and present through music. Sour by Olivia Rodrigo, Happier Than Ever by Billie Eilish, and Gaucho by Steely Dan are quite the mixed bag of records. The latter sticks out as a more vintage title compared to the two 2021 releases, but these are what came to 22-year-old Gab Saulog’s mind when prompted to name three albums off the top of his head. Like many of his Gen Z peers, not a day goes by without him pinning his ears to his favorite tunes. Though, he prefers to do so without putting on earphones or opening Spotify. Instead, he sets up his turntable, chooses a title from his vast collection, and with the touch of the needle to the revolving disc, allows the vibrations from the machine to engulf him in glee. Ever since he picked up his first 12×12 disc back in his high school days, Gab has been in love with listening to his favorite tracks on the turntable—and it’s something he doesn’t hesitate to rave about. You ask him one question about vinyl, and he goes on a tangent about the history, science, and culture behind it, only halting once he realizes he’s been rambling.

FI | There is a shortage of vinyl records and books are late for a lack of paper: production problems caused by the pandemic are also visible in Finland: Rising commodity prices and increasing demand for records are affecting the availability of vinyl records. In the book industry, the shortage of paper makes it particularly difficult to react to unexpected sales blows. The sotka pandemic production facilities around the world: vinyl records would be bought more than can be made. The book industry, on the other hand, suffers from a shortage of paper. However, in the case of vinyl records, this is in itself a long-standing positive problem: production is not keeping up with the huge increase in demand. New statesman According to the magazine, vinyl popularity is currently at its peak since the early 1990s. Rising raw material prices also slowed production. Combined with the spike in demand caused by the pandemic, supply challenges are eroding the growth potential of the record business. Delivery problems and congestion in factories are also reflected in availability problems in Finland. Record Shop X released on the subject blog post in the month of September.

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TVD Radar: Chuck Berry, Live From Blueberry Hill in stores 12/17

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Today—on Chuck Berry’s 95th birthday—Dualtone Records announces the December 17 release of Live From Blueberry Hill, an indelible document of the rock & roll icon’s legendary hometown shows at St. Louis’ Blueberry Hill. Taken from performances recorded between July 2005 and January 2006, Live From Blueberry Hill features Berry tearing through classics like “Roll Over Beethoven,” “Sweet Little Sixteen,” and “Johnny B. Goode” on the stage that he played more than any other in the latter decades of his life.

By 1996, Chuck Berry had conquered the world and, after his seminal “Johnny B. Goode” was included on the Voyager Gold Record and sent into space, the stars. But one evening, in a conversation with Joe Edwards—longtime confidante and owner of the beloved St. Louis restaurant Blueberry Hill—Berry commented “You know, Joe, I’d like to play a place the size of the ones I played when I first started out.”

A lightbulb went off and a scheme was hatched. “Let’s do it at Blueberry Hill,” they decided. On a new stage that Edwards had christened The Duck Room after Chuck’s signature onstage move, Berry would give 209 performances over seventeen years. Chuck Berry shows at Blueberry Hill became a rock & roll talisman, inspiring pilgrimages from all sorts of luminaries: the Band’s Robbie Robertson, Motorhead’s Lemmy, Lorde, fellow St. Louisans Nelly and Bob Costas, to name just a few.

Berry’s hand-picked backing group for the Duck Room shows evolved over time, but eventually became codified as the “Blueberry Hill Band,” a combination of family members, longtime Berry collaborators, and stars of the St. Louis scene, including daughter Ingrid Berry on harmonica, son Charles Berry, Jr. on guitar, bassist and band leader Jimmy Marsala, pianist Robert Lohr, and drummer Keith Robinson. Together they formed the longest-running band of Berry’s 60+ year career.

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In rotation: 10/18/21

Austin, TX | Breakaway Records offers Austines a place to buy, sell used records: Breakaway Records co-owner Josh LaRue lived in the North Loop neighborhood in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s as a student at the University of Texas. Despite exponential growth that has changed the city in the decades since, to him, the neighborhood where he now operates Breakaway Records has remained much the same. “Change is inevitable, but this little pocket has not changed nearly as much as some of Austin,” LaRue said. The record store, adorned with a ‘60s-style sign and colored disks that create a stained glass look, shares a parking lot with a vintage clothing store and Epoch Coffee—an easily recognizable strip mall with the coffee shop’s large mascot donning the corner. The business’s location, in the vintage, artsy corridor, has been part of its long-term success and an even more essential component to the shop’s survival during the pandemic, LaRue said. “I’ve been a lifelong music fan and have been collecting records since I was a kid,” LaRue said.

Bristol, VA | New Bristol, Va., store to offer new and used vinyl record albums: One would think that an abundance of record stores would populate the Twin City that is branded the birthplace of country music. But no. It’s been nearly a decade since a store dedicated primarily to the sale of pre-recorded music existed in downtown Bristol. That one, Sessions 27, was on the Virginia side of State Street. Now comes another. Shane Church plans to open Ceremonial Sound on Euclid Avenue in Bristol, Virginia. Dedicated to the sale of new and used vinyl record albums, Church’s store will open at noon on Saturday, Oct. 23. “For our town to have such a rich history in music, it’s just a shame that we haven’t had any resource for buying music until now,” said Church, owner of Ceremonial Sound. …“We will sell only vinyl,” said Church, 45. “We will be offering other favorites and special editions, but we are in the business of selling vinyl because I love records so much.”

Atascadero, CA | Traffic Record Store: Local business owners share significance of Hispanic Heritage Month: The walls of Traffic Record Store are covered with music posters, vinyl records and cassette tapes. The music store, located at 5850 Traffic Way in Atascadero, is owned by Manuel Barba. As a Latino business owner on the Central Coast, he sees Hispanic Heritage Month as a way to recognize the community. “The significance is to shine a light on the Latino community,” Manuel Barba said, “and the contributions and successes the Latino community has had. The diversity and challenge and minority struggle.” Nate Santos, owner of Rancho Los Santos Entertainment in the Paso Robles area, says family is a key factor in what he does. “It’s a lot of pride, embracing our culture and our heritage,” Santos told KSBY. “From our parents, coming from Mexico, we’re here in pursuit of the American dream.”

Savannah, GA | Throwing bones to the wind: Graveface Records & Curiosities celebrates 10 years in Savannah: Graveface Records & Curiosities has been keeping Savannah creepy for ten years this month, and to celebrate they are hosting a block party in Starland with Two Tides Brewery on Oct. 16. Owner Ryan Graveface began his Graveface record label in 2002, but since moving to Savannah and opening a record store, he has been gradually building an empire of the macabre that includes other record labels (Never Not Goth, Terrorvision), an arcade, several bands, and the Graveface Museum – one of the most unique oddities museums in the country. “I moved here not knowing anyone,” Graveface said of opening his record store in 2011. “I didn’t have a wife or a girlfriend here. I was literally isolated. It was awesome. It’s weird to think that that worked. I opened it thinking there were no other record stores, and I figured there was a reason for that, meaning there is no interest.”

Missoula, MT | Do you love vinyl? Missoula’s rad new record store is now open: There I was, calmly cooking a pot of potato soup for my family on a chilly fall day when my buddy sends me a text saying that Missoula has a new record store. I had NO idea, hadn’t heard one peep about it, I even drive past the location literally every weekday, how did I miss it!? They must have gotten that Lou Reed picture up in the last 24 hours though, I swear there’s no way I could have missed that gem. In fact, when I got to their Facebook page they only had 13 “likes,” so they’re super new.The place is called Slant Street Records and it’s directly next to Great Harvest near the “Grizzly Grocery” roundabout on Higgins. It had to be the smell of Great Harvest’s cinnamon bread that distracted me from noticing the new shop before. Slant Street, obviously named after our infamous jaggedy mess of confusion between the University District and Russell Street, is owned by two locals, Mike Steinberg and Collin Pruitt.

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TVD Radar: Show Me The Picture: The Story of Jim Marshall documentary screening now

VIA PRESS RELEASE | New to digital platforms, feature documentary Show Me The Picture: The Story of Jim Marshall celebrates the legendary photographer’s captured moments of the rock ‘n’ roll gods and goddesses who changed the world and introduces viewers to the man himself.

Told through more than 850 iconic photos and interviews, the film chronicles the infamous photographer’s life behind and outside the camera. A child of immigrants and a life battling inner demons, Marshall fought his way to become one of the most trusted mavericks behind a lens, with an all-access pass to the musicians, music, and seminal events that defined the ’60s.

A passion for music led him to capture defining moments in the lives and careers of iconic figures including The Beatles, Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin, Johnny Cash, and Miles Davis. Throughout his groundbreaking career, Marshall crossed boundaries to record images of protest, civil unrest and poverty along with the American jazz scene, San Francisco’s Summer of Love, and the early New York folk scene.

Synopsis: Photographer Jim Marshall captures the heights of the Rock and Roll music era, from the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix, to the civil rights movements and some of the most iconic moments of the ’60s.

Show Me The Picture is available on AppleTV and Altavod now and playing at select theaters nationwide courtesy of Utopia.

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In rotation: 10/15/21

St. Louis, MO | Best Record Store: Planet Score. St. Louis is loaded with extraordinary record stores. Picking the best can boil down to what exactly you’re looking for — be it based on your favorite genre or the format you love to devour your favorite albums on. While it isn’t as immense as the record stores of legend, Planet Score (7421 Manchester Road; 314-282-0777) has established itself as worthy of joining the ranks of St. Louis music retail history over the last six years. The shop’s used and new LP selection is well rounded no matter what genre you’re flipping through. During non-COVID times, it’s an excellent destination for Record Store Day. The owners are always ready to help suggest what may become your next obsession, and for any Guided by Voices fans, Planet Score has you more than covered!

Valencia, SP | The oldest record store in Spain is transferred: In a secluded street in the center of Valencia, a few meters from the gigantic FNAC premises, the Oldies record store still stands, against all odds. Some people… In a secluded street in the center of Valencia, a few meters from the gigantic FNAC premises, the Oldies record store still stands, against all odds. Some would say that entering it is immersing oneself in that old smell that inevitably refers to the past. But they, Vicente Fabuel and José Salvador, would judge that smell as that of a certain sexual act, the one in which the relationship with music is lived by caressing a vinyl. That smell and that touch, that fetishism, explain today that the oldest record store in Spain is looking for a new owner. Someone to take over for a “healthy” business that is far from in the doldrums, but needs a new personal boost. …To avoid the final closure, they have proposed to transfer the business to whoever wants to pay 175,000 euros and is willing to “come home late” after work.

Salt Lake City, UT | Randy Stinson, Owner of Randy’s Record Shop In Salt Lake City, Is Retiring: A small record store in Salt Lake City that sells vinyls and has managed to survive 40 years despite records long ago being eclipsed by CDs and streaming music is starting a new chapter as the owner hands the business over to his son. Owner and founder Randy Stinson, 76, is retiring after four successful decades and will let his son run the store, Randy’s Record Shop, The Salt Lake Tribune reports. Stinson opened the store in 1978 with just $3,000 and his personal inventory of about 60,000 records. He said it gave him focus after he served in Vietnam, and helped him overcome heavy drinking and smoking habits. In the 1980s, he feared he would have to close the store as CDs started being sold everywhere and interest in records waned. But, the store experienced a revival in the 2000s when vinyl records started making a comeback and has held steady since.

RS Recommends: These Bluetooth Turntables Make It Easier to Play Your Collection: Your playlists aren’t the only thing you can stream on your Bluetooth speaker. These turntables let you play your collection all over the house. Let’s get one thing out of the way: the latest Bluetooth turntables might not be for everyone. Though Bluetooth record players can help cut down on the amount of cords needed to play your vinyl collection, many audiophiles might recommend going with a more traditional turntable setup for the ultimate high-fidelity sound experience. But for someone who wants a convenient and easy way to spin their records right away, there are a ton of affordable, great-sounding Bluetooth turntables worth considering. Better yet, they make it simple to hear your vinyl records anywhere around your home. Popular audio brands, from Audio-Technica to Sony, have released Bluetooth turntables for connecting your player to a separate speaker or device. And while they come with convenient Bluetooth connectivity, they still often give you the option to curate your vinyl system with speakers and other gear. Here’s your full guide.

Atlanta, GA | Atlanta Braves organist celebrates 1000th game performance with new vinyl record: Who’s the most consistently performing team member of the Atlanta Braves? It could be the organist, Matthew Kaminski, who just celebrated his one-thousandth game. In commemoration of the milestone, he released a new vinyl recording called “L.A. Connection,” an album of music for jazz organ accompanied by some serious heavy-hitters in the California jazz scene. Kaminksi joined “City Lights” host Lois Reitzes to share some impressions from his new collection of music, and tales from the best seat in the stadium. Not confined just to “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” Kaminski’s a connoisseur of the classic jazz organ sound. “Jazz organ was really popularized by Jimmy Smith in the late ‘50s, ‘60s, and the sound of it kind of comes from church… but in jazz, it could go a lot of different ways,” said Kaminski. “What Jimmy Smith did, was he brought a little bit of Charlie Parker and a little bit of soul jazz, like Art Blakey, into playing jazz on the organ, and that’s the sound I grew to love.”

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TVD Radar: Daryl Hall & John Oates, Live At The Troubadour 3LP, 2CD in stores 11/26

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Rock and Roll Hall of Famers and the number-one selling duo in music history, Daryl Hall and John Oates, are releasing Live At The Troubadour for the first time ever on vinyl.

The album, which will be gracing the shelves in 3LP vinyl format on November 26th (Black Friday) is a collection of live, stripped-back classics, including hits such as “You Make My Dreams’” Maneater,” “Sara Smile,” and many more. Alongside this, the album will also be released in 2CD format and is available to stream on DSPs.

John Oates explains; “Playing the Troubadour in LA has been a “rite of passage” for live musicians for 64 years and Daryl and I played our first show there opening for the late great Harry Chapin in 1973. Over the years I always loved seeing shows and hanging out there with musicians and friends…returning to play again in 2008 was a full circle moment for me and the vibe was amazing.”

Live At The Troubadour was initially released in CD and DVD format in 2008, however this is the first time the album will be available for fans in vinyl format—and it’s sounding bigger, better and more iconic than ever! This release adds to Daryl Hall and John Oates’ extensive and highly successful discography, which is still resonating with existing and new fans across the globe. Reflecting on the recorded shows, Daryl Hall whimsically adds; “It’s always interesting to return to the scene of the crime.”

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TVD Radar: Blondie, ‘Yuletide Throwdown’
3-song holiday EP in stores 11/5

VIA PRESS RELEASE | As the summer months come to a close, one can’t help but look ahead and begin daydreaming about the holidays to come. And this year, legendary New York rock band Blondie are bringing a little more fun to the holiday season with the release of their EP “Yuletide Throwdown.” The 3-track EP, released digitally October 8th, and on 12” limited edition vinyl in both magenta and black, on November 5th (via UMe-Capitol/Numero Group) features the ultra-rare ’80s Christmas-inspired track “Yuletide Throwdown,” co-written and performed with Fab 5 Freddy, along with a new, exclusive remix of the song by Cut Chemist.

The ultra-rare 1981 holiday flexi-disc, now being reissued for the first time on 180gram vinyl, was originally given away by the UK magazine Flexipop and then rediscovered as the band was researching and reviewing material from their personal archive for their forthcoming box set, to be released in August of 2022.

If it sounds familiar, here’s why: the track was actually the original recording for what would later become one of Blondie’s biggest hits, “Rapture.” After shelving this version because the tempo was recorded too slowly (it was later recut into what became the global hit song), Chris Stein decided to go back into the studio a year later with the original track to record Debbie Harry and Freddy’s “Throwdown” vocals for this cheeky, holiday masterpiece.

“It has been an impossible amount of time since I believed in Santa Claus, but I could very well believe again if he was Freddy Brathwaite!! Some of my best times have been making music with Chris Stein and Freddy B,” notes Debbie Harry, with Chris Stein adding: “Freddy has done as much as any multi-platinum selling Hip-Hop star to promote rap culture.”

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TVD Radar: Death Cab For Cutie, The Photo Album 20th anniversary LP/EP in stores Spring 22

VIA PRESS RELEASE | This past weekend marked the 20th anniversary of Death Cab For Cutie’s The Photo Album, which was released on October 9, 2001 via Barsuk Records.

In celebration of the record’s anniversary, the band and Barsuk will release a special deluxe edition of DCfC’s third studio album. The Photo Album (Deluxe Edition) is a 35-track reissue featuring a newly remastered version of the original album, and includes the three bonus tracks released with its first CD pressing, which were later released in 2002 as “The Stability EP.” The extensive reissue includes covers of Björk’s “All Is Full of Love” and The Stone Roses’ “I Wanna Be Adored,” previously unreleased tracks, rarities and UK B-sides which have never been available on digital services and, finally, all of the band’s original demos for the album.

The deluxe edition will be available on all digital platforms on October 29th, and a limited edition LP+12” EP version of the album, also newly remastered for vinyl, will be released in the spring of 2022. The gatefold vinyl will include the original album on one disc and “The Stability EP” on the second disc. “The Stability EP” has only been issued on vinyl once, as part of the long out-of-print limited edition 2013 Death Cab for Cutie: The Barsuk Years box set released by Artist in Residence. The vinyl reissue will be on clear 180-gram vinyl and limited to 5,000 copies worldwide.

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In rotation: 10/14/21

When is Record Store Day Black Friday 2021? Dates, full list of vinyl releases and more: Record Store Day Black Friday 2021 is one of the most-anticipated events on the popular shopping day. Fans of exclusive and one-off vinyl can get their hands on limited-edition releases, while supporting independent businesses. This year’s Record Store Day Black Friday will take place on 26 November, with independent record stores across the globe taking part in-store and online. There’s more than 100 records being released from the likes of, Fleetwood Mac, Lana Del Rey, Kali Uchis, Evanescence, Dusty Springfield and Jimi Hendrix Experience. With local record stores, including Rough Trade, taking part, you can find out everything you need to know about Record Store Day Black Friday 2021 below.

Amesbury, MA | Mel’s Record Shop shares space in downtown Amesbury: While growing up in Haverhill, Mel Webster remembers hanging out at the local record store. “Tuesday was always the new record release date, and so we would rush there each week,” Webster said. “I have so many great memories growing up amongst the vinyl, and I used to say how great it would be to open a store of my own.” While record store ownership was a dream of a young man, Webster ended up going to college and majoring in English/ journalism at UMass Amherst, briefly spending time as a newspaper reporter before pursuing a decades-long career in marketing and public relations. “I worked for technology companies like IBM and Hewlett-Packard,” Webster said in a press release. “And so, I always had the best stereo systems.” He retired from the marketing world in 2019, the same year he and his wife moved to Amesbury. Webster stepped up to volunteer on the Amesbury School Committee. But with the newfound free time that came with retirement, he found himself thinking more and more of his long-held dream of entrepreneurship.

Dam Swindle releasing steel record cube, booth, and cover artwork frame: Part of the duo’s collaboration with Robuust Amsterdam. Dam Swindle are releasing a new record booth, cube, and frame this November, combining sleek design sensibilities into products for vinyl lovers. Created with Dutch design company Robuust Amsterdam, the three products mark the first in their Minimalist Living | Maximum Volume collection. Record Booth °01 is made of bamboo and steel, featuring 8 storage compartments tailored to record size. The booth also features powder coated steel speaker stands which can be purchased separately. Made of steel, Record Cube °01 can hold up to 70 records and is designed “to keep your most used records close.” It is available in black, sage green, sapphire blue, and ivory. Like the cube, Record Frame °01, which measures measures 35.5 cm x 35.7 cm, is also made of powder coated steel. It is available in black, sage green, sapphire blue, and ivory.

Denver, CO | Step Inside Denver’s First HiFi Listening Bar: ESP, a HiFi bar and cafe, offers audiophiles a curated music experience like nothing else in the city. On the northern edge of the Santa Fe Arts District, you might notice a door marked with a tree-ring imprint and the letters “ESP,” subtly welcoming you into a cozy space filled with cafe tables, vintage rugs, and records. Belly up to the custom bar, where you’ll find a musical host spinning records at a built-in turntable, the sounds of Ella Fitzgerald, James Brown, or Phoebe Bridgers reverberating throughout the space. You’re at ESP, Denver’s first HiFi cafe and bar—and one of only a handful of listening bars in the country. Co-owners Mitch Foster and Will Minter opened the bar in September, filling a void in the city’s music scene and giving guests a place to relax, unplug, and simply listen to tunes while enjoying barista-crafted beverages by day, and highballs and natural wines by night. “Our whole idea with the cocktail menu was to keep things simple and beautiful,” Foster says. “We opted to exclude any shaken drinks from the menu to help keep noise below the music, since the music is the focus of everything we do.”

Two David Bowie pop-up shops are opening in London and New York: The two “curated experiential” stores are part of ‘Bowie 75’, a year-long celebration marking Bowie’s 75th birthday. A pair of David Bowie pop-up shops are opening in London and New York later this month to celebrate the late artist’s upcoming 75th birthday. A year-long celebration of Bowie’s 75th – which will fall on January 8, 2022 – is being planned by his estate under the name ‘Bowie 75‘. Two special ‘Bowie 75’ locations are now set to open at 14 Heddon Street in London – the location where the cover of ‘The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars’ was shot – and 150 Wooster Street in New York City, close to where Bowie lived in the city. …Exclusive fine art photography, including gallery installations documenting Bowie’s different eras, will also be available to view. New Bowie merch will be on sale at the pop-up shops, as well as a limited run of LPs and CDs from both the Warner/Parlophone Records and Sony catalogues.

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TVD Radar: Bernard Purdie, Soul is … Pretty Purdie reissue in stores 12/17

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Bernard “Pretty” Purdie is an American drummer who needs little introduction. At an early age he began hitting cans with sticks and learned the elements of drumming techniques from overhearing lessons being given. Considered an influential and innovative soul-jazz-funk musician, he is known for his precise musical time keeping and his signature/unique drumming techniques—considered one of the greatest drummers of his generation, in 2013 he was inducted into the Modern Drummer Hall of Fame.​

In 1961 he moved from his hometown to New York City where he was contracted to play session work for James Brown (Purdie can be heard on the albums ‘It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World’, ‘Cold Sweat’, ‘Say It Loud-I’m Black and I’m Proud’ and ‘Get on the Good Foot’). These JB sessions display some of the most sophisticated and driving shuffles ever recorded for Brown’s catalogue. Purdie then started working with Aretha Franklin as her musical director in 1970 and held that position for five years as well as drumming for Franklin’s opening act, King Curtis.

Bernie Purdie was credited on countless albums (spanning several decades) by legendary artists like Nina Simone, Herbie Hancock, Isaac Hayes, Quincy Jones, Miles Davis, John Lee Hooker, Steely Dan, Cat Stevens, B.B. King, The Rolling Stones and Gil Scott-Heron.​

Purdie recorded his first solo album Soul Drums as early as 1968 and other milestone solo albums include Purdie Good (1971), Soul Is … Pretty Purdie (1972) and the soundtrack for the blaxploitation film Lialeh (1973). With such an extensive body of work (Purdie laid down the beat on over 3,000 recordings) it comes as no surprise that his rhythms have appeared as samples on groundbreaking tracks from high profile acts such as The Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack, Beck, DJ Shadow, The Prodigy and many others.

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TVD Radar: Eva Cassidy, Live At Blues Alley 25th anniversary 2LP in stores 12/3

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Live At Blues Alley, the only solo album released during the late singer Eva Cassidy’s short lifetime, will be released on December 3, 2021 as a specially remastered 25th Anniversary Edition from Blix Street Records via its new distribution agreement with ADA. It will be available in CD and digital formats as well as a 180g 45rpm double LP set created to fully showcase the recordings’ phenomenal sound. This will mark the recording’s first appearance on vinyl.

Eva Cassidy’s now legendary concert at Washington, DC’s Blues Alley nightclub on January 3, 1996 was in some ways a happy accident. Although Eva had spent years in the studio with producer Chris Biondo creating an eclectic body of work, the pair decided that a live album was the quickest way to achieve their immediate goal of creating a CD to sell at live shows.

Eva cashed in a small pension from her day job at a local nursery, her Aunt Claire contributed toward the venture, the Blues Alley venue booked them during their slowest time of the year (just after the New Year’s Eve blow-out), as was a live recording truck with a goal of generating enough profit to purchase a proper PA system for future shows. The result was Live At Blues Alley, released locally a scant few months before Cassidy’s untimely passing from melanoma at the age of 33. Her first studio album, Eva By Heart, was in the works at that time, but would not be completed until after her death.

25 years after its release in the summer of 1996, Live At Blues Alley is known the world over, becoming the cornerstone of a posthumous career. To celebrate this milestone, the original album recordings have been carefully re-mastered by Robert Vosgien, who mastered the original album, from the “first generation” unprocessed mixes. Vosgien elected to master in the digital domain to preserve the clarity and dynamics of Eva’s incredible vocals, which now, more than ever, transport the listener back to the time and place.

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In rotation: 10/13/21

Long Island, NY | Record stores are coming to life on Long Island as vinyl rises in popularity: In a world full of technology, where everything is a few clicks away, here on Long Island, the age-old tradition of shopping in record stores is flourishing thanks to the vinyl revival. Sure, there is easy access to music via iTunes, YouTube, Pandora and Spotify, but they do not provide the physical connection. Here are five local shop windows throughout Nassau and Suffolk that keep the flame lit. …The Groeger family opened Looney Tunes in West Babylon back in 1971. Karl Sr. has since passed on the business to his sons Karl Jr. and Jamie. Today, the Groeger brothers have balanced the store’s inventory with new and used vinyl and CDs plus turntables. Karl Jr. seems, however, vinyl is making a comeback because the listening process is more fun. “Listening to music as a stream uses only one of your senses – hearing,” he says. “With vinyl, you use three of your senses – hearing to listen to the music, sight to see the liner notes and touch to feel the cover in your hands. This will give you a different emotional experience. Listening to an album from the beginning to the end is like reading a story. “

The Woodlands, TX | Sawdust Road record store Volume Music nears two years of sharing a love of vinyl: Within months of opening the record shop Volume Music with her husband, Joel, in November 2019, owner Tiffany Cochran had concerns about staying in business due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, Cochran said business has improved since the store reopened in May 2020. “We were moving right along, and in March nobody was coming into the store,” Cochran said. “In May when we were opening back up, things just started going up from there. I think we … were not terribly crowded, you could easily keep your distance from somebody else.” With plans to continue to grow and expand in the future, Cochran said her store grew from a lifelong passion for music. Cochran said she began appreciating music from a young age. At the time, she said she would check the credits on the albums to see which producers and artists had worked on the albums. “I got to learn where I could go to a record store or online, and follow that producer or artist and see what they were working on,” she said. “I would usually really like them.”

Watertown, MA | Record Store in Watertown Square Has Drawn a Crowd in Its First Year: Calling all vinyl lovers, if you haven’t heard yet, Watertown is now home to a record store! Wanna Hear It Records opened during the COVID-19 pandemic in early December and has been operating a successful business ever since. Located right in Watertown Square at 7 Main St., Wanna Hear It sells records for a variety of interests. Many Watertown residents noticed a line around the block to get into the store on a few occasions throughout the summer, sparking curiosity about the new shop. Owner Joey Cahill described the store’s inventory as, “A mix of everything,” saying “our main focus is Indie Rock, Punk, Hardcore, Emo, some Top 40, hip hop [and] metal.” The shop also does record trading and has “about half and half new and used [records]”. Aside from vinyl, the store carries merchandise ranging from canvas bags to enamel pins to coffee grounds. While Wanna Hear It is an independent store, Cahill also owns a record label and second record store in Richmond, Va., which share the name 6131 Records.

Flint, MI | Record store moving to new location in downtown Flint: At the end of October, downtown record store Jack’s Record Stache will be moving to a new location—but not very far away. “We’re just going next door,” said owner Jerry Crago. Jack’s will be relocating to a larger space about 20 feet west of the current storefront of Healthy Dollar. “I don’t have to worry about losing my customer base by moving there,” he said. “I mean, at least I hope no one says ‘I can’t find your shop!’” The added space is really Crago’s reason for the move, he said. Jack’s Record Stache is currently under 300 square feet. Crago said he hopes the nearby, larger location will allow him to begin offering vintage clothing and showcase even more vinyl without upsetting regulars. Crago has made use of every square inch. Wooden custom-built drawers of records slide under tabletops full of yet more vinyl, an area near the front door highlights newer inventory, and music memorabilia coats the space’s beige walls from shelves to ceiling. But he said there just isn’t enough room to give people a good look at his inventory of over 150,000 records.

Birmingham, UK | Swansea’s Oldest Record Store Derricks Music Launches New Website Developed by Ballyhoo: Earlier this week Ballyhoo launched an updated website for their loyal client Derricks Music, a Swansea-based music and events ticketer and record seller with a shopfront on Oxford Street in Swansea city centre. Derricks Music have worked with Ballyhoo, a Birmingham web design agency, for over a decade to help sell their products online and keep their website up-to-date. This year, Ballyhoo has been working with Derricks Music to bring their website in line with modern web design techniques and introduce new functionality for admins and users. Derricks Music’s website was originally created by Ballyhoo in 2011, and after being live for over 10 years, the website had a well deserved refresh earlier this year. The website needed to be made mobile responsive, and the branding has also received a refresh – removing the old three-dimensional elements and textures, and replacing them with brighter and cleaner elements.

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