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TVD Radar: The Iron Giant 2LP Deluxe Edition with music by Michael Kamen in stores 8/5

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Varèse Sarabande Records is excited to announce the LP release of The Iron Giant (Deluxe Edition) Original Motion Picture Score with music by Michael Kamen. Varèse Sarabande has previously released Kamen’s The Iron Giant score as a 49-minute program single LP. The 2-LP Deluxe Edition is now available for pre-order at all retailers, with a green vinyl version exclusive to and The album will release August 5.

The 2-LP package taps directly into the ethos of the film, with a pull tab opening the Giant’s die-cut eyes on the front jacket. Depending on which inner sleeve has been slotted in the first position directly behind the cover, the reveal is different. Open the eyes in normal or defense mode!

Creating The Iron Giant’s beautiful, sympathetic score was Michael Kamen—one of his last major scores and his first animated film, miles away from the action blockbusters for which he had become known, but much closer to his heart. Kamen’s gorgeous score is full of melody, humor and sensitivity, grandly performed by the Czech Philharmonic. It scales as big as the threat of nuclear annihilation, and as intimate as the goodness that connects nine-year-old Hogarth Hughes to the alien machine—who decides he would rather be “Superman” than a weapon.

This Deluxe Edition adds an additional 13 minutes of alternates, outtakes and rare demos—including a piano-and-guitar attempt at an unrealized song, “Souls Don’t Die,” based on Kamen’s theme, performed by Kamen and Eric Clapton. Tim Greiving’s new liner notes feature new interview material with director Brad Bird, music editor Christopher Brooks and orchestrator Blake Neely, going deep into Kamen’s working process and their adoration for the gifted, late composer.

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TVD Radar: Liza Minnelli, Live in New York 1979 2LP red vinyl and 3CD in stores 7/1

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Liza Minnelli’s Live in New York 1979 (newly titled to avoid confusion with Liza’s 1987 Carnegie Hall album) will be available in two unique formats. On vinyl, its 2 LPs will be housed inside a gatefold jacket featuring the absolutely stunning original cover art by Andy Warhol. The insert has new introductions by both Ms. Minnelli and Great American Songbook champion Michael Feinstein, both of whom served as executive producers for this release, plus photos of the artist and liner notes from reissue producers Joe Marchese and Charles L. Granata.

The audio has been fully remastered from the original tapes by Mike Milchner at SonicVision for a front-row musical experience. But we have prepared something extra-special for the CD release. Liza also kept pristine multitrack tapes of all three nights recorded at Carnegie Hall. The tapes revealed a treasure trove of performances not included on the original double album including James Taylor’s “Everybody Has the Blues,” Kander and Ebb’s “Arthur in the Afternoon,” and “Mr. Cellophane” (the latter sung by future Dreamgirls star Obba Babatunde), a Minnelli/ Babatunde duet of Cole Porter’s “You Do Something to Me,” the funky disco jam “Dance Across the Floor,” and even a beautiful nod from Liza to her mother, Judy Garland, with a verse of “On the Atchison, Topeka, and the Santa Fe.”

These tapes have been painstakingly restored and beautifully mixed by acclaimed engineer Ted Carfrae (Doris Day, Cilla Black) for this first-ever complete presentation of Liza’s Carnegie Hall show from curtain up to curtain down.

Live in New York 1979: The Ultimate Edition is available on 3 CDs, all of which overflow with showbiz sizzle: one disc with Mike Milchner’s remastered version of the original vinyl release, which premieres on CD, and two discs with the never-before-released complete show. This deluxe edition also features an expanded booklet with additional photos, liner notes, and exclusive tributes from Liza’s friends and collaborators inside a gorgeous, 8-panel digipak boasting the Warhol portrait. Those little town blues will surely melt away as you relive this once-in-a-lifetime evening with an extraordinary artist at the thrilling height of her powers. Never before available at music retail.

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In rotation: 5/27/22

For the Record: How Vinyl Got its Groove Back — to the Tune of a Billion Dollars: …A few weeks ago at the Music Biz conference, MusicWatch founder Russ Crupnick presented a new consumer research study on the topic, “Revelations About the Vinyl Revolution,” about where this growth is coming from and why – as well as how the business might expand. (The study was funded by the Music Business Association and the RIAA.) Based on more than 1,400 consumer surveys, including more than 900 vinyl buyers, the report segments the market of vinyl buyers according to how long they’ve been collecting (38% more than a decade, 30% between three and 10 years, and about a third less than two years) and how often and why they buy. Although we tend to think of vinyl buyers as a particular tribe, there are more of them than most people realize – 17.6 million in the U.S. That’s more than a third of the number of Americans who bought tracks as downloads at the peak of that market. And although 26% are “veteran and committed,” there are also consumers who focus more on packaging (26%) and artists (20%), as well as pop fans (12%) and “new occasionals” (15%).

What Nostalgia? Vinyl’s Biggest Boosts Are Coming From Pop Fans and Mass Merchants (Even if Indie Stores and Rock Still Rule): Much of the audience that is driving vinyl sales to new peaks consists of fans who are experiencing LPs as their first and only physical format. Luminate data shows Harry Styles, Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo are selling the format as well as themselves. “…Rock still controls the vinyl universe,” concedes Peter Krien, senior music analyst at Luminate. But with big surges for pop and country of late — not to mention the recent development of Tyler, the Creator’s album returning to No. 1 based almost entirely on a vinyl release — “it was just nice to see some increased diversity from a genre perspective over the past year.” The preeminence of pop in the vinyl format isn’t about to end any time soon. Tuesday, it was announced that Harry Styles’ “Harry’s House” had broken the record for vinyl sales in a single week — and more than that, it’d done that in just its first three days out, with LP sales of more than 146,000 just in the first weekend.

West Allis, WI | West Allis record store changes some business practices after being victim of alleged check fraud: Record Head in West Allis has changed some of the ways it operates its business after learning it was a victim of alleged check fraud earlier this year. The business doesn’t just sell records. It also buys a lot of merchandise from customers to re-sell. Anything from a $50 game system to a $10,000 guitar. “So, when an item is more expensive, rather than keeping that cash on hand, we issue them a check,” said Bill Sanders, Chief Operations Officer at the store on Greenfield Avenue. Sanders says Record Head has issued thousands of checks over the years and never had a problem until one day in February. “We were rectifying all of our books, and my accountant was like, ‘Hey can you explain some of these charges? They’re not typical. What’s going on?’ I was like, ‘Oh I have no idea what any of that is,'” Sanders recalled. According to court documents, there were “eight fraudulent transactions totaling $2,485.36.”

Everett, WA | Vinyl Hunters: Buy One Record, or all 10,000: While meandering through the Everett Flea Market recently, I stumbled upon Vinyl Hunters. If you hear some good jams emanating through the space, it’s likely coming from Paul Burr in the back left corner of the store where he hangs out with his large collection of vinyl records. Admittedly, I had mostly just wandered into the flea market in search of home goods. Yet I managed to wander out with three new records instead. I blame Paul; in the best way. …Paul’s got it all, he shared. “Blues. Jazz. Country. A lot of stuff from the 50s-90s. There’s at least 10,000 records here.” The average price point seemed to run around $15-20; which compared to new vinyl is very reasonable. Especially when you consider that these 50-year-old records can go up in value. Don’t be surprised to see certain records priced at $50 or $100+. Paul uses, “a 16-year-old book for the prices, and then I usually add a couple bucks to make a little money.”

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TVD Radar: John Mellencamp, American Paintings and Assemblages coffee table art book in stores 10/18

VIA PRESS RELEASE | “The art of John Mellencamp stretches the American brand of expressionism…Free in spirit, his work punches out at us. His is not a work that dabbles along the edges; it is every bit as strong-willed as the best of the American expressionists no matter the period with which we might make a comparison.”
Dr. Louis A. Zona

Before John Mellencamp embarked on a musical career, he seriously contemplated pursuing a career as a painter. While both outlets offered him creative expression, music knocked a bit louder and so started the path that made him the acclaimed singer-songwriter we have known for over four decades. Mellencamp never gave up his artistic aspirations however, continuing to paint as he wrote songs, recorded in the studio, and toured. His large-scale oil portraits and mixed-media assemblages document America’s heart and soul, revealing unsettling but beautiful truths with an anti-establishment frown and a rich sense of narrative.

John Mellencamp: American Paintings and Assemblages is the definitive survey—curated by the artist himself—of Mellencamp’s oeuvre as an expressionist painter, grabbing our attention through the canvas. For example, Mellencamp’s 2005 ode to Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. titled Martin Luther King shines a spotlight on how society has fallen short on King’s renowned dream by incorporating the text “Martin Luther King Had a Dream and This Ain’t It” into the painting. Full of self-portraits made over the years as well as portraits of other well-known subjects—including Marlon Brando, Johnny Cash, and Meg Ryan—as well as a variety of everyday people, Mellencamp’s art is storytelling at its finest.

John Mellencamp is an award-winning singer-songwriter whose music career spans over 45 years. As a painter, collector, and longtime activist he has exhibited his work in galleries and museums across the United States. He is a member of the Rock and Roll and Songwriters Halls of Fame, a recipient of the John Steinbeck Award, ASCAP Foundation’s Champion Award, The Woody Guthrie Award, the Americana Music Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award, and most recently, the Founders Award, the top honor assigned by the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. His latest studio LP Strictly A One-Eyed Jack, out now on Republic Records, reached #1 on the album charts upon its January, 2022 release.

Dr. Louis A. Zona is the executive director and chief curator of the Butler Institute of American Art, in Youngstown, Ohio. David L. Shirey is a former foreign correspondent, critic, and editor with Newsweek magazine, a critic and cultural writer for The New York Times, and former chair of the MFA Fine Arts program at New York City’s School of Visual Arts. Award-winning editor and publisher Bob Guccione, Jr. has created and managed some of America’s most iconic publishing brands, including SPIN and Gear.

©John Mellencamp: American Paintings and Assemblages, Rizzoli New York, 2022. All artwork ©John Mellencamp

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TVD Radar: Paul Weller, 22 Dreams 2LP reissue in stores 7/22

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Paul Weller’s Platinum-selling 22 Dreams album is to be reissued on vinyl. The double-LP set will be available on July 22 and is available to pre-order now.

22 Dreams is Weller’s ninth solo studio album. At the time of release (2008) the album received huge critical acclaim—The Guardian calling it “… a triumph of the most unexpected kind,” Uncut… “​​easily Weller’s finest solo album to date,” Q magazine saying “…constantly rewarding musical odyssey,” Rolling Stone “…a genre-leaping set of 21 tracks,” Allmusic “…it’s rich in sound and feeling, possessing a shimmering dreamy quality,” and the Observer Music Monthly “…a set of distinctive, strangely addictive songs”—to name but a few.

Featuring a host of guest appearances throughout including Noel Gallagher, Gem Archer, and Graham Coxon, it went straight in at number one in the U.K. album chart. A double-LP with gatefold sleeve, this first-time-on-vinyl version includes a 12″ x 36″ black and white poster with printed lyrics, tracklist, and credits on the back side and includes an 8-page booklet titled “The Missing Dream AKA Dream # 22” by Simon Armitage. It can be pre-ordered from here.

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In rotation: 5/26/22

Danbury, CT | Connecticut record store relives memories, revives collection: In this day and age of music apps and MP3, there are few who have missed the magic of vinyl. Vinyl records give you a sense of classic nostalgia and bring back memories for many. It’s not just the melodious sound of analog you hear, it’s the feeling like you’re listening to music in a recording studio as if you were getting a personal concert from your favorite artist, these records are a memory for many. can bring back. I’m so glad I was part of a generation that has grown up listening to and collecting vinyl records and the recent resurgence in popularity has me looking to build a collection back. I searched and found some great record stores around the Greater Danbury area and here are some that I found.

Bull Moose President and CEO steps down after 33 years: Bull Moose has been a name well known throughout Maine and New Hampshire as the place to go when you’re looking for music, movies and games. Today it was announced that its founder and CEO, Brett Wickard, is stepping down after 33 years of building Bull Moose into what it is today. Originally founded by Wickard in Brunswick in 1989, Bull Moose began to add more and more stores as its popularity began to grow. Frequent appearances on News Center Maine’s 207 by Wickard to promote the new record and video releases, Record Store Day and even making Oscar predictions, also helped put them in the spotlight. Today Bull Moose has 11 stores throughout Maine and New Hampshire. in January, Bull Moose became 100 percent owned by its over 170 employees. In a press release, Bull Moose announced that although Brett Wickers will be stepping down as CEO, he will still remain Chairman of the Board at Bull Moose, probably a position Wickard never imagined Bull Moose would have when he first opened up in Brunswick.

Forget Streaming. McIntosh Just Debuted Its Most Ambitious CD Player Yet. When conversations at cocktail parties stall, talk often gets kick-started by harmless subjects like automobiles or local restaurants. Musically aware folks, especially younger ones, might confess their newfound infatuation with vinyl. I always congratulate them, with the caveat that record collecting can be a slippery slope, and, like a baby pot-bellied pig, is manageable at first but can become a large, all-consuming burden. It’s true, I always add, that the best analog rigs can be more rewarding to listen to than any other playback medium, sonically and certainly for the tactile and aesthetic perks that come with LPs. But when I mention the other thing that spins, and that I still actively buy and collect compact discs, listeners are often rendered speechless, as if I’d suggested that spats and gaiters are still fashionable men’s footwear.

Harry Styles’ ‘Harry’s House’ Breaks Modern-Era U.S. Vinyl Sales Record: After only three days on sale, Harry Styles’ third solo album, Harry’s House, has broken the modern-era record for the largest sales week for a vinyl album in the U.S. The vinyl edition of the album, released on May 20, has sold over 146,000 copies in the U.S. through May 22, according to initial reports to Luminate. That beats the previous single-week sales record, set by the debut week of Taylor Swift’s Red (Taylor’s Version), when it sold 114,000 vinyl copies in the week ending Nov. 18, 2021. It’s assumed that the first-week vinyl sales of Harry’s House will grow in the coming days, as the tracking week ends on Thursday, May 26. The set’s final sales number is expected to be announced on Sunday, May 29 – along with its expected robust debut on the multi-metric Billboard 200 albums chart. If Harry’s House debuts at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, it will mark Styles’ third straight leader – the entirety of his solo albums. Harry’s House is available in a number of vinyl variants, including a standard black vinyl pressing, a Target-exclusive yellow-colored vinyl and a sea glass green-colored edition exclusively sold through Styles’ webstore.

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TVD Radar: The Gun Club, The Las Vegas Story 2LP, 2CD reissues in stores 6/17

VIA PRESS RELEASE | With a howling and unholy mix of punk rock and the blues, Jeffrey Lee Pierce and The Gun Club exploded on the L.A. club scene in the early ’80s. By 1984, the band had gone through a few lineup changes and expanded their musical palette to deliver The Las Vegas Story, their most diverse effort to date.

Now the album is back as a super deluxe two-CD/DVD and double-vinyl set, containing a digitally remastered version of the original 11-track album produced by Jeff Eyrich. Both the vinyl and CD versions feature a bonus disc with 10 live tracks recorded at Scorgie’s in Rochester, New York on August 8, 1984. The CD package includes a DVD of rare footage of the band both on and off stage. This isn’t your typical high-gloss concert footage, but rather appropriately rough and raw footage that’ll make you feel as if you’re watching the iconic band in a club. The LP will include an exclusive download link for the video footage featured on the DVD.

For The Las Vegas Story, Pierce’s original Gun Club co-conspirator guitarist Kid Congo Powers returned to the fold after quitting The Cramps to find that Pierce had now become an accomplished guitarist in his own right. Original drummer Terry Graham also was back behind the kit, with his former Bags bandmate Patricia Morrison recruited to fill the bass slot vacated by Rob Ritter (who coincidentally had played guitar in the Bags alongside Morrison and Graham). This is the only Gun Club album to feature this classic lineup.

The CD version includes a 24-page booklet with liner notes by Terry Graham, Kid Congo Powers, and Patricia Morrison as well as producer Jeff Eyrich, and guest musicians Dave Alvin and Phast Phreddie Patterson. It also includes rare photos and ephemera. The LP version, housed in a gatefold package, also includes those liner notes, photos and ephemera.

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In rotation: 5/25/22

CT | Connecticut record stores rekindle memories and resurrects record collecting: In this day and age of music apps and MP3s, there are some that have missed out on the magic of vinyl. Vinyl records give you a sense of classic nostalgia and bring back memories for many. It’s not just the sweet crackle of the analog you hear, it’s the feeling like you’re there in the recording studio hearing the music as if you were getting a personal concert from your favorite artist, these records can bring back memories for many. I am so glad I was a part of a generation who grew up collecting and listening to vinyl records and the recent resurgence in popularity has me looking at building back a collection. I searched for and found some cool record stores around the Greater Danbury area and here are a few that I found.

Cork, IE | 6 of the best record shops in Cork for a dig through the crates: For a music fan, there’s nothing quite like vinyl. Sometimes we have to try out all the new, cool, and shiny before we can appreciate what we had the first time around. Over the last few years, the vinyl revolution has dominated music lovers’ imaginations and increasingly, their collections. Vinyl has clawed its way back from near extinction; due in large part to the commitment of record collectors and DJs. Luckily for us, there are plenty of dedicated record shops in Cork that cater to every taste and budget. Whether you’re eager to get on the vinyl property ladder or just want to add to your collection, head on down to these record stores and flip through the bins

Portland, OR | Too Many Records opens brick-and-mortar Portland store: What started as a tribute to old vinyl records on YouTube has now become the newest music store in Portland. Too Many Records held their grand opening Sunday at their store, 1854 North Lombard. Owner Matt Kessler, who started the YouTube channel that has more than 5 million views, said the brick-and-mortar store will be more than just a place to buy records. “I want to have live performances so I want to give local artists a chance to play music in an intimate setting,” Kessler told KOIN 6 News. “I want to build a music community out here in Portland where people can come in and listen to music and (have) listening parties.” Kessler also started a record label that has released 14 albums. They show off his love for the analog style of listening to music.

Stockton-on-Tees, UK | Attention music lovers: Record Fair returns to Stockton: Records, CDs and music memorabilia will all be on offer when the Record Fair returns to Stockton High Street this weekend. The specialist market, organised by in partnership with Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, will be held in Stockton town centre from 9.30am to 3pm on Saturday 28 May, in its new location on the High Street Car Park. Entry is free of charge. Music fans can pick up new and vintage vinyl, CDs and DVDs, as well as books, magazines and memorabilia from a wide range of genres. Councillor Jim Beall, Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Health, Leisure and Culture, said: “After two years away, the Record Fair will be back on Stockton High Street with plenty for music enthusiasts in the Borough to enjoy. “The marquee in the High Street Car Park space will jam-packed with traders selling new records as well as collectable rare vinyl and memorabilia that can’t be found anywhere else, but even if you’re not an avid collector it’s still a brilliant day out so come along and browse the stalls.”

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TVD Radar: The Libertines, “What A Waster” 7-inch reissue
in stores 6/3

VIA PRESS RELEASE | To mark its 20th anniversary, The Libertines’ era-defining debut “What A Waster” is being repressed on seven-inch single (backed by original b-side “I Get Along”), while the new “What A Waster Live From The ICA” EP will be made available on streaming services.

This digital only edition features live versions of “What A Waster” and “I Get Along” recorded during the band’s legendary show at the iconic venue just up the road from Buckingham Palace on the original day of release, 3rd June 2002. Preorder here.

Part calling card from the stars, part postcard from the gutter, “What A Waster” dropped you straight in the middle of the energy and chaos that surged through the lives of Pete’n’Carl’n’Gary’n’John. It wasn’t a song to help you get your bearing with a new band, it was a clarion call that made you realise The Libertines would become your whole world.

Produced by Bernard Butler, “What A Waster” came out of the blocks at full pelt, but there was a preciseness and a thought behind its ramshackle charms. Twenty years on from its release, The Libertines’ opening salvo retains a freshness that is as much down to its wisdom beyond its years as it is the youthful exuberance it inspired. Available for the first time, the live recordings of “What A Waster” and “I Get Along” from the ICA show capture the first fruits of a band destined to make a long and enduring impression.

The single and digital EP will be released on 3 June 2022. Stay tuned for Up The Bracket anniversary releases.

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In rotation: 5/24/22

Colchester, UK | Colchester’s Best Days Vintage launches vinyl venture: The owners of an independent business specialising in retro clothing have said they “believe in the power of records” after launching their new vinyl venture. Steve Hurdle and Jez Dixon are the familiar and friendly faces of the ever-popular Best Days Vintage, located in Eld Lane, Colchester. Since opening their shop in 2013 the fashionistas have prided themselves on kitting out the town’s younger generation in a range of cool and unique garments. In recent years the store has started to offer counselling sessions in addition to a safe space in which customers can enjoy tasty hot beverages and a calming chit-chat. Steve and Jez have now founded Best Days Vinyl, a new project which will see them offer both new and second-hand records from established and local artists.

Klang Valley, MY | 7 Record Stores In The Klang Valley For All Your Vinyl Needs: In the age of Spotify and free digital streaming platforms, you would think that vinyl records are a thing of the past. But as it is with fashion, it’s all cyclical, and the vinyl movement in Malaysia is making a solid comeback. Some may argue that it never left, but that’s a conversation for another time. Not into the oldies? You’ll be glad to know that vinyl records extend beyond the sounds of the 70s and 80s. Most respectable modern musicians still release their albums on vinyl because it simply sounds better. It isn’t just the nostalgia of listening via turntable either, as vinyl playback is the closest one can get to what the musicians intended for their songs to sound like. But don’t just take our word for it, head on over to one of these record stores in the Klang Valley area to pick out an album or two and listen to them for yourself.

MY | Stream time: Talking vinyl collecting in Malaysia, beat of the mridangam: This Aswara (National Academy of Arts, Culture and Heritage) mini documentary, presented by its faculty of creative writing and film, gives viewers a glimpse of vinyl culture in Malaysia. The localised views definitely sets it apart from the usual international vinyl chatter. In the last 10 years in Malaysia, there has been a big revival in record collecting, and a healthy secondary market for used local vinyl has emerged. The arrival of several independent record shops (since 2014) and online vendors has added to the buzz. But the days of affordable records and cheap digs are rare now. Prices have shot up due to various factors (mainly the weak ringgit) and there have been question marks if young collectors can sustain this hobby, which can be an expensive one.

Worcester, MA | Worcesteria: A trek in search of retail shopping downtown: …That was certainly the case at Joe’s Records on Friday. I didn’t even intend to buy anything, I just found myself in the neighborhood and realized I hadn’t browsed there in ages. Honestly, I don’t even own a record player, but I still love the look and feel of vinyl. I don’t have a lot of deep sense memory connections, but the feel of a vinyl record is definitely one of them. As to the rest of the merchandise, do I have use for a Johnny Cash lunchbox? No, I do not. Do I really want the Johnny Cash lunchbox on display? Yes. Yes, I do. I also had to stop myself from buying a Rush T-shirt for the sole reason that someone posted an old pic of me from the ’90s wearing one on Facebook, and I kind of miss it. I left with a set of Police pins, because I was starting to feel guilty about not buying anything and I’ve been listening to the album “Ghost in the Machine” a bit lately.

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TVD Radar: Beastie Boys, Check Your Head 4LP box set reissue in stores 7/15

VIA PRESS RELEASE | To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Beastie Boys’ multi-platinum album Check Your Head, on July 15, UMe will release a limited-edition reissue of the rare 4LP deluxe version of the album, originally released in 2009 as an artist store exclusive.

The long out-of-print and much sought-after box set features the 2009 remaster of the original double album, plus two extra LPs of bonus content including remixes, live versions, and B-sides. All four LPs are pressed on 180-gram vinyl and housed in a fabric wrapped, stamped, hardcover case. The Check Your Head 4LP box set can be purchased at participating independent retail outlets and will also be available to pre-order exclusively through the Beastie Boys online store, HERE.

Originally released in April 1992, Check Your Head was a milestone for Beastie Boys on multiple levels: It was their first album to be produced, in its entirety, by Beastie Boys with Mario Caldato Jr. and to feature keyboard player keyboard Money Mark, as well as the first to be recorded at the band’s own G-Son studios in Atwater Village, CA. Most significantly, however, Check Your Head marked the return of live instrumentation to the forefront and backbone of the Beastie Boys sound, with the bulk of the album featuring Mike D on drums, Adrock on guitar, and MCA on bass for the first time since the band’s early 1980s hardcore punk recordings.

Featuring the now-classic tracks “So What’cha Want,” “Pass The Mic,” “Gratitude,” and “Jimmy James,” Check Your Head stormed the U.S. Top 10, ultimately returning Beastie Boys to hard-touring, platinum-selling status, and setting the band up for the pop cultural dominance it would achieve in the decade to come.

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New Release Section: Suede, “She Still Leads Me On”

VIA PRESS RELEASE | The London Suede return with the announcement of Autofiction, their ninth studio album, due for release on September 16, 2022 via BMG and available to pre-order HERE.

Later today, The London Suede will debut the brand new single “She Still Leads Me On” live on stage at a headline performance in Belgium at Brussels’ Cirque Royal. Fans can livestream the performance HERE from 4 PM EDT. Following a premiere on Steve Lamacq’s BBC 6Music show this afternoon, the new single is available to listen to now, HERE.

As The London Suede began work on the songs that would become Autofiction, they decided to go back to basics. In a move that recalled their most formative days, Brett Anderson, Mat Osman, Simon Gilbert, Richard Oakes, and Neil Codling schlepped to a rehearsal studio in deserted Kings Cross to collect a key, hump their own gear, set up and start playing.

Speaking about Autofiction, Brett Anderson said: “Autofiction is our punk record. No whistles and bells. Just the five of us in a room with all the glitches and fuck-ups revealed; the band themselves exposed in all their primal mess.” Autofiction was recorded live at Konk studios in North London with long-time The London Suede collaborator, Ed Buller. Ed first worked with the band producing their debut single “The Drowners,” which sees its 30th anniversary this month.

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In rotation: 5/23/22

Bendigo, AU | Record shop ready to lower the stylus: Vinyl enthusiasts are in for a treat when the city’s newest independent record store opens this Saturday. Regular attendees of the Sunday Showgrounds markets would recognise Bendigo Vinyl co-owners Paul O’Farrell and Sam Edmonds, but now the pair are preparing to take their business to the next level at 333 Hargreaves Street.“We’re feeling nervous, we’re gathering all the stock so that we’ve got plenty on offer for day one,” Mr Edmonds said.“We really hope that it’s a safe place where people can come and hang out. There’s a lot of little shops like this now coming up on Mitchell Street and it’s really exciting.“We hope that we can fit in there and be another option for people to come and hang out, talk music and buy some music. People are really enjoying the vinyl revolution, so we want to help them with that.”

Stroud, UK | Bigger and better – Sound Records is on the move: Formed in Stroud in 2018, Sound Records has gained an enviable national reputation amongst vinyl connoisseurs and music lovers. Last year they released Patched In: Sounds of the Stroud Underground on their own record label, also called Sound Records. The business was established by Tom Berry and Sean Roe and is currently situated at the top of Stroud’s High Street and is a mecca for music enthusiasts. It was named Best Small Shop in 2020 by the Independent Retailers Association. “We moved from Gloucester Street after our first year to the High Street,” said Tom. “Sean left the business earlier this year so I’m now taking Sound Records into its next phase. “The current premises are fantastic and beautiful to look at, but there isn’t the scope to develop some of the projects we want to develop – we’re keen to develop our record label and we need office space for that; we want to be able to host live events and talks and discussions, and we just want a bit more room for more stock. We’ve also got plans to sell books and CDs.”

Seattle, WA | Seattle record store hoping to find neon sign that was sold by accident: The 32-foot sign, which once hung outside the store’s Lower Queen Anne location, was accidentally sold after being in storage. The owner of Easy Street Records is searching for the person who purchased a neon sign that once hung outside the store’s original Lower Queen Anne location. He says it was sold on accident and he’s looking to buy it back. “I cannot find the sign. The case of the missing 32 foot neon sign,” said Easy Street Records owner, Matt Vaughan. The sign reads “Easy Street Records” in neon green and features a neon red star above the letters, in the middle. Vaughan described what happened as a ‘comedy of errors.’ He said the sign was being stored at the National Sign Company. When the company moved locations he said the sign was mistakenly taken to a secondhand store and sold. He’s now trying to find who bought it. “I know that it’s a man that got it, and that he collects cars and that he has a big garage. Those are the only clues that we have,” said Vaughan.

Chicago, IL | New horror-themed coffee shop opens in Avondale with adjoining record store: The Brewed is a horror-themed coffee shop that is connected to Bric-A-Brac Record store. The Avondale neighborhood is quickly gaining a reputation as the mecca of the horror movie community in Chicago. The latest addition, the Brewed, is a horror-themed coffee shop brought to the neighborhood by the same owners (and internally connected inside the building) as Bric-A-Brac Records. The new coffee shop is named after David Cronenberg’s horror classic “The Brood” as an homage to the cult-classic godfather of horror. It serves as a labor of love for owners Nick Mayor, Jen Lemastersa, and Jason Deuchler. With years of collecting items, the collection is truly unique and very personal to the owners. It’s presented in a welcoming way, carefully curated to bend between the owner’s admiration of the genre while creating a unique coffee experience.

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TVD Radar: Faster Pussycat, Whipped! ‘whipped cream’
vinyl in stores 7/1

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Any band that names itself after a Russ Meyer film has a reputation to uphold.

And with tracks like “Big Dictionary,” the fourth track on their 1992 album Whipped!, Faster Pussycat did just that, along with other blasts of Sunset Strip braggadocio like “Out with a Bang” (not to mention the dominatrix on the front cover). But a closer listen reveals a band hitting its hard rock stride right at the wrong time, when grunge flannel was supplanting eyeliner and big hair in the hearts of American youth. The minor hit “Nonstop to Nowhere” had a classic, country-ish Stones vibe, and “Mr. Lovedog” was a heartfelt tribute to deceased Mother Love Bone singer Andrew Wood; those were just two highlights on an album that was funny, surprisingly varied, and tuneful.

In short, Whipped! got largely ignored in the wake of the early ‘90s Nirvana-inspired craze but it deserved a better fate. For its first- ever U.S. vinyl release (the European vinyl release is real rare and pricy), we’ve whipped up a milky clear “whipped cream” vinyl pressing limited to 2000 copies, nestled inside a jacket with inner sleeve sporting lyrics.

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In rotation: 5/20/22

Cleveland, OH | One Year Later: How This Cleveland Record Store Continues To Thrive: In 2021, GOBankingRates featured “Small Business Spotlight” nominee A Separate Reality Records, a record store in Cleveland started by music industry vet and cancer survivor Augustus Payne. At the time, Payne shared how he adapted his business during the pandemic to keep it going through difficult times. Now, one year later, we’re checking back in with Payne to talk about what he’s learned over the past two years and what his hopes are for the future of his business. “…It’s an amazing feeling when people love the records you’re selling. This is not only a business for me but a true labor of love.”

Mumbai, IN | For the record: vinyl is back: Analog music in India is growing steadily, with both Millennials and General Z collecting records, releasing albums with labels, and even a vinyl bar is now in the mix. Couldn’t be worse than this. Fifteen days after Record Store Day (April 23), Apple announced that it was discontinuing production of the iPod. The iconic gadget that changed the way we listen to, store and share our favorite songs has gone silent. If someone had a scorecard on May 10, it would have written Analog: 1, Digital: 0. While it is true that most of us stream songs on our phones and computers, the standard stream of music enthusiasts around the world converts music to algorithm-based music for the close and definite pleasure of vinyl. The form that rose in the 70s, declined in the 90s, almost disappeared with the arrival of the new millennium. It must have been ruined, à iPod, but it’s interesting

Washington, DC | From Pat Boone to the Sex Pistols: Inside the secret White House record collection: It all started on a Carter family vacation, around 2008-09. John Chuldenko’s uncle, Jeff Carter — the son of former President Jimmy Carter — was talking about a night at the White House during his dad’s administration in the late 1970s. Uncle Jeff wasn’t sure if it was a state dinner, but it “was something fancy,” Chuldenko remembers him saying. Later in the evening, presumably after the fancy dinner, Uncle Jeff snuck upstairs to the residence with a couple friends and they started playing records and “drinking wine and stuff.” They were playing The Rolling Stones, specifically the song “Star Star” off their 1973 album Goats Head Soup. The song is not rated PG, and it drew the attention of Uncle Jeff’s mom, Rosalynn Carter, and then-second lady Joan Mondale. They apparently did not stay long.

St. John’s, CA | Vinyl hunting: St. John’s woman trying to recover her father’s record collection stolen and sold while he was hospitalized. GoFundMe set up to help with potential recovery costs as the N.L. vinyl community rallies to support one of its own. Any serious collector, whether it be of books, records, sports cards or any of a thousand other things, will tell you their collection is priceless to them, no matter what the actual book value. That’s why April Miller was so upset when she discovered someone went into her father Gary’s home in St. John’s, stole his collection of thousands of vinyl records while he is hospitalized in the ICU with a severe lung condition and sold them. “Mine and my family’s hearts are so broken over this, as music is my dad’s whole entire life,” Miller wrote in a social media post. “And where I get my love for music as well. I’m gutted this person could do this to my dad.”

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