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TVD Radar: Sol Seppy, The Bells of 12 vinyl reissue in stores 4/13

VIA PRESS RELEASE | German label Groenland Records reissues The Bells of 12, the 2006 debut solo album from Sol Seppy, the project of British singer-songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, Sophie Michalitsianos. She was a member of the band Sparklehorse and toured with Radiohead. The Bells of 12 is out April 13 on vinyl for Record Store Day followed by a CD and digital release on April 19.

All of the songs on The Bells of 12 were written and arranged over two years by Michalitsianos, a classically trained pianist and cellist. Born in England, and growing up between there and Australia, she was raised with music in her blood, beginning to write songs as early as 5 years old.

At sixteen, Sophie wrote music for television documentaries and lent her vocal abilities for free studio time at the EMI studios in Australia. For the next few years, labels would approach her with offers, provided she shifted her image to fit their ideals and sing the pop songs their producers wrote. She politely declined and continued on her own path of exploration. Here Sophie reached a peculiar juncture and went to university with the intention of becoming a diplomat. She soon shifted courses and was accepted into the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, where she studied contemporary composition and orchestration. In due course, she began making a name for herself as Australia’s improvising rock cellist, touring with numerous acts, though the position soon wore itself out and Sophie decided it was time to move on.

At twenty-three she moved to the US and not long after received word that Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse had heard her music and wanted her to join them for their tour with Radiohead. Sophie obliged and contributed on Sparklehorse’s albums, Good Morning Spider and It’s A Wonderful Life.

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In rotation: 3/21/19

York, UK | Shoppers could lose York HMV ‘by the end of the month’: Shoppers in York are set to lose another high street favourite, with the closure of HMV. The Coney Street store was at risk just weeks ago, after HMV went into administration, but 1,500 jobs around the country were saved when Canadian retailer Sunrise Records bought 100 stores around the UK. Although the York shop was thought to be safe, staff were told on Monday, March 18, that the store would be closing. Signs appeared on Tuesday which announced the store was to close, and ‘everything must go’, while The Press understands workers in York expect their final shifts to be the weekend of March 30/31. HMV Managing Director Neil Taylor would not confirm the closing date, but said it “will be closing, despite our best efforts to keep this store open,” and praised “superb staff.”

Pittsburgh, PA | Who moves across the country to open a record store in Pittsburgh? Most people popping up with new record stores in Pittsburgh will tell tales of shopping at Jim’s Records, Eide’s or The Attic as a kid. Josh Cozby doesn’t have those stories. The owner of the Government Center, a new shop on East Ohio Street in the North Side’s East Allegheny neighborhood, grew up buying records in Southern California and was living in Salem, Ore., when he decided to move his vast record collection 2,600 miles to make them the basis of his first retail venture. What makes one quit his job and switch coasts to open a record store? “First,” he says, “I owned a bunch of records and came to the conclusion that I have more records than I was ever gonna use. And second, I was burned out on being a public high school teacher. “I was realizing the only thing I was interested in talking to students about anymore was what kind of music they were into and how that interacted with them trying to navigate adolescence. It was a good set of clues that it was time to figure out something else to do.”

Toronto, CA | Tokyo Smoke cannabis dispensary set to open in former HMV flagship store: The latest application for cannabis retail shows that one dispensary is moving into the former location of HMV’s flagship record store. According to the ACGO’s website, an application has been submitted for a cannabis retail location at 333 Young Street by Tokyo Smoke. The owner is listed as one of the five retail license lottery winners in the city, Colin Campbell. Tokyo Smoke itself began as part of the city’s cannabis scene in 2015 as a coffee shop owned by Alan and Lorne Gertner. Since legalization, the store’s parent company HIKU Brands, has been purchased by Canopy Growth, the country’s largest cannabis producer by market cap, and runs four licensed dispensaries in Manitoba and two cafe locations in Toronto. According to the AGCO, public notice period runs until April 2, which means this location will not be ready to open by April 1, the earliest date for cannabis retail locations to open in Ontario.

Summerland, BC | ‘Our sales are hurting’ Kelowna music hub takes hit after big competition moves in: Milkcrate Records still taking a hit after Sunrise Records moved into town 2 years ago. At least four nights a week, Milkcrate Records provides space for local musicians and artists to perform at one of the only remaining early shows in Kelowna. Record sales have fallen by 40 per cent at the record store since Sunrise Records’ opening two years ago in Orchard Park Mall. “Our sales are hurting… even though vinyl is still on the increase. We are also being hurt by online shopping. It’s something that everyone needs to be aware of. Even though it may be more convenient we need to be aware of how we are putting these brick and mortar business out of business,” said owner Richard Rafton, with Milkcrate Records. Milkcrate Records is not just a store in downtown Kelowna, it has grown into a cultural epicentre for the music and arts scene.

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TVD Radar: Ronnie Lane, Just for a Moment: Music 1973–1997 in stores 5/17

VIA PRESS RELEASE | “For me the music here brings a joyful tear. How wonderful to get a sense of the entire arc of Ronnie’s work, rough and smooth, lost and found.”Pete Townshend

Ronnie Lane, bass player for the Small Faces and the Faces—songwriter behind iconic songs such as “Ooh La La,” “Itchycoo Park,” “The Poacher,” “Annie and Debris.” In many ways Ronnie Lane remains an enigma in the story of rock ‘n’ roll. An artist who was determined to chart his own destiny and break free from the demands of the music “business.” His sense of disillusion with the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle led him to leave his hugely successful band for a ramshackle country farm (Fishpool) and a life on the road (of sorts…) He assembled a new band—Ronnie Lane’s Slim Chance—and would create The Passing Show—a now legendary circus tent tour of the country with assorted clowns, acrobats and comedians. To further his ambition to do as he pleased musically, he built his own recording studio—The Lane Mobile Studio—itself an icon in the history of rock recordings.

Ronnie created a sound that was unique in British music, a style that leaned heavily on an array of influences particularly folk, country music, and later r ’n’ b with welcome contributions from the band of musicians he surrounded himself with. Ronnie was not alone in his rural idyll—many friends would join him in his new artistic endeavours—Gallagher and Lyle, Kevin Westlake, Billy Livesey as well as Ronnie Wood, Pete Townshend, and Eric Clapton (the latter wrote “Wonderful Tonight” round the fire at Ronnie’s Fishpool Farm). Eventually the symptoms of MS would surface and in the ’80s Ronnie would move to Austin, Texas where he still wrote and performed up until his death in 1997.

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In rotation: 3/20/19

Murfreesboro, TN | The Great Escape used media store opens location in the heart of Murfreesboro: If you have used media you’d like to sell or you’re looking for new items to add to your collection, you’re in luck. The Great Escape media store has opened in Jackson Heights Plaza at 810 N.W. Broad St., Suite 200, in Murfreesboro. This is the fifth location for the store, which opened in 1977 in Nashville. “(We sell) new and used records, new and back-issue comic books, CDs, video games, toys, movies and many more items,” said Rob Baker, who co-owns The Great Escape with his wife, Candace Baker. The store also pays cash for collections and collectibles, or trades with people bringing in items to sell…The Bakers have been residents of downtown Murfreesboro since 2012 and wanted to open a shop close by in their hometown.

Hanover, PA | Hunting for vintage vinyl records? Head to Vinyl Visions in downtown Hanover: For Perry Musselman, part of the fun of collecting and buying records is the hunt to find the exact one you want. On April 3, Musselman’s own record shop, Vinyl Visions, will be open at 10 York Street in Hanover. “I am 60 years old, and I never put away my turntable,” Musselman said. “I have been playing record albums all my life.” In the new shop, Musselman will be selling CDs, DVDs, rock and roll posters and other miscellaneous paraphernalia in addition to vinyl records. Two-thirds of the inventory at Vinyl Visions will be rock and roll and “the music I grew up with in the 70s, only because it’s what I like and have a passion for,” Musselman said. However, there will be records going as far back as the 50s and more recent content, too.

Berlin, DE | Inside the vinyl archives of Berlin’s biggest music library: Where almost everything is borrowable. Following our feature discovering incredible record libraries around the world, DJ and producer Max Graef uncovers an audio treasure trove at the Zentral- und Landesbibliothek BerlinZentral. The largest public music library in Germany’s capital boasts a huge range of sonic archives (salsa, Russian folklore, rap, medieval and more), music publications, over 43,000 CDs, over 95,000 pieces of sheet music, and a “piano room” where you can reserve your slot to tickle a Bechstein or Steinway piano ivories for up to two hours a week. As for vinyl? There are over 73,000 records in its collection, all housed in a closed storage container at the ZLB’s Berliner Stadtbibliothek location.

UK | Journalist Pete Paphides Launches New Label: Music journalist Pete Paphides has announced the launch of new label Needle Mythology. A noted scribe, Pete Paphides’ excellent Soho Radio show is a perennial spin in the Clash office, matching classics against lesser known gems. The latter certainly form the spine of new label Needle Mythology, with Pete Paphides aiming to bring sought after records to vinyl for the first time while expanding on the original CD format. The label’s name comes from a song by Stephen Duffy, with the indie legend’s 1997 album ‘I Love My Friends’ becoming one of the imprint’s first releases. Needle Mythology also launches with a rare 2004 solo record from Ian Broudie, seemingly recorded in a hotel in the wee small hours after he was finished producing The Coral. It sounds like an excellent project, with Pete Paphides giving a lengthy interview to Super Deluxe Edition about his motivations, and what lies ahead for the imprint.

Orrville, OH | Younger generation intrigued by technology from the past: Rotary telephones, 8mm video cameras and Atari video computer systems were once the talk of the town, but now they reside in places like the Old Technology Museum that was on display at the Orrville Public Library on Friday. Colin Daniels, a junior at Smithville High School, was shocked that some of the items in the museum, like the Nintendo GameCube, were ones he has actually used. “It is kind of cool how technology progresses,” he said. “The GameCube came out in 2002, I used it and I am not old. Even though it came out recently, it is now considered old.” …While some of the items on view appeared almost foreign to Daniels, he was drawn to the vinyl record display. “I have a record player,” he said. “There is a cool novelty about putting the record on the player and sitting back and listening to it. It even sounds better than digital music, it feels warmer and it is cool that people are getting back into (vinyl).”

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In rotation: 3/19/19

Bologna, IT | Popular Discogs seller, Background Music, opens record shop in Bologna. The storefront is part of Gallery16, a new concept music store with a bar and event space. Background Music, a popular Discogs seller for the past seven years, is now part of a brick-and-mortar music concept store called Gallery16, opened last week. Owners Massimo Mandrioli Peccia and Lorenzo Lerry Arabia say the joint venture is “not just a record shop, but above all, a meeting place with a bar and open to DJ sets, live shows, presentations and much more.” The shop specializes in alternative styles, and it stocks new and secondhand vinyl. Check out their Facebook page for upcoming music events and exhibitions this month.

Binghamton, NY | Hundreds of people find musical treasures at annual record fair: The Broome County Farmers Market opened its doors Sunday, but instead of selling food, it was selling music for Binghamton’s annual record fair. Hundreds of people from across the Southern Tier went to check out the selection of more than 100,000 vinyl records, CDs, and DVDs for sale. Vendors came from across the northeast to sell their collections to the public. Event organizer, Jack Skutnik, says he has put the show together for the past 30 years and says it is always a big success. “It’s nostalgia for a lot of people. They relive their youth, old songs, new music. Some people collect baseball cards, some people collect silverware, some people collect records and CD’s so we fill that need.”

Steve Perry Soups Up ‘Traces’ Album for Deluxe Edition: Re-release contains five bonus tracks — “some of my most favorite songs,” singer says. Steve Perry will not let the flame go out on his comeback solo album, Traces. He’s reissuing it this spring with five bonus cuts for a deluxe edition. The record will be available digitally, on CD and on two, 180-gram vinyl slabs; he’s even souping up one of the double-LP versions with a 3-D lenticular cover. The updated versions are available now. “These bonus tracks — ‘October in New York,’ ‘Angel Eyes,’ ‘Call On Me,’ ‘Could We Be Somethin’ Again,’ and ‘Blue Jays Fly’ — are some of my most favorite songs in this 15-song collection,” Perry said in a statement. “I’m so glad they will now be available everywhere.”

Special Doctor Who Releases for Record Store Day: This year’s Doctor Who releases for the eternally popular Record Store Day have been revealed. Leading the way is the classic, and largely lost, William Hartnell adventure from 1965 – Galaxy 4. Peter Purves, who played companion Steven Taylor, provides linking adaptation for the original soundtrack. Two Heavyweight 180g discs of orange vinyl with purple splatter contain the classic adventure. The Doctor and Steven, as well as Maureen O’Brien’s Vicki, encounters the beautiful Drahvins led by Maaga (Stephanie Bidmead). But should they trust them or the gruesome Rills as both groups attempt to escape a dying planet? It’s joined by Destiny of the Daleks – the soundtrack of the 1979 adventure with linking narration by Lalla Ward. Ward, of course, features in the story itself as Romana, alongside Tom Baker’s Doctor and Davros, creator of the Daleks, as played by David Gooderson.

It was 70 years ago this month that the 45 RPM record was introduced, accidentally helping to give birth to rock’n’roll: For the first fifty years of the recorded music industry, everyone had to make do with scratchy, fragile 78 RPM records. These 10-inch discs dating from the late 1800s and generally worked fine. It wasn’t until 1948 when Columbia Records came along with its long-playing albums pressed on a new plastic called polyvinyl chloride that things began to change. Vinyl was much tougher than the shellac-based material used to make 78s, meaning they didn’t wear out after about 100 plays. More importantly, though, vinyl allowed grooves to be cut closer together (about .003 inches), greatly increasing the capacity of a side of a record. Instead topping out at around four minutes, an LP could store more than 20 minutes of music before anyone had to flip it over.

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TVD Radar: Blind Faith’s self-titled LP, half speed master in stores 4/19

VIA PRESS RELEASE | April 19, 2019, sees the vinyl, half speed master release of Blind Faith’s self-titled and only album. This platinum selling album topped the charts in the U.K., U.S., Canada, Denmark, Norway and Netherlands.

Cut at half speed by Miles Showell at Abbey Road, one of a very few internationally renowned exponents of the technique, the album will be presented on heavyweight vinyl with high spec packaging, to create a thoroughly bespoke vinyl experience that, most importantly, will provide a sound quality superior to anything else currently available. Blind Faith were an English blues rock band, composed of Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, Steve Winwood, and Ric Grech. The band, which was one of the first supergroups, released their only album, Blind Faith, in August 1969.

Half Speed Mastering is an artisan technique offered by Abbey Road Studios, which results in the very highest quality sound reproduction. UMC have created a range of bespoke vinyl pressings of iconic albums utilising this process and have carefully selected Blind Faith to be a part of the series.

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TVD Radar: Dorothy Ashby and Frank Wess, In a Minor Groove neon green LP in stores 4/26

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Dorothy Ashby was probably the greatest—and certainly the most swinging—jazz harpist of all time, re-purposing an instrument best known for ethereal glissandos into a fully versatile voice in combo settings, capable of providing both instrumental embroidery and rhythmic drive.

But she was always fighting an uphill battle in terms of garnering critical and commercial success; both her gender and the exoticism of her instrument often prevented her from being taken seriously among the hidebound environs of late ‘50s and ‘60s jazz. But it is that very uniqueness of her sound and station in the jazz world that has made her one of the most collectible musicians of her era, as her music has been sampled and celebrated by modern-day hip hop and world music artists (e.g. Jurassic Five, Bonobo) alike.

In a Minor Groove is one of two albums she made in 1958 with flautist/saxophonist Frank Wess, and it is a marvel; backed by fellow Detroit native Herman Wright on bass and the great Roy Haynes on drums, she and Wess weave mesmerizing melodic threads through standards like “Alone Together” and “Yesterdays.” But perhaps the most amazing track is “Bohemia After Dark,” which displays Ashby’s uncanny ability to turn her harp into a rhythm guitar.

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Louise Aubrie,
The TVD First Date

“I’m so thrilled about the resurgence of vinyl—it’s back, and it’s back with a passion!”

“Of course, it never really went away – it was more hiding in the corner in disguise, having been bullied by the bright young CDs, who themselves got beaten down by MP3s, which is kind of hard as you can’t even see an MP3. So, how do you fight something you can’t see? Well, I think vinyl decided to take off its hat and dark glasses and come out in its bright colours, printed picture discs, gatefold sleeves and show them what they’ve been missing!

I’m lucky that I’ve always been around vinyl. I was handed down some fantastic records by my family. We had Bowie’s Hunky Dory, Blondie’s Parallel Lines and of course dozens of collections from Sinatra and Elvis. The vinyl was so seductive—it wasn’t just the music, it was the whole package—the artwork, design, sleevenotes, sometimes the lyrics printed, and if you’re really lucky a note from the artist or band, and if they mentioned someone, trying to work out who that person was.

It was the whole story that captivated me. When I was young, I didn’t even realize that the music could be disconnected from the physical vinyl—my mum told me that when I heard ‘Starman’ on the radio once, I got upset because I thought that a stranger must be in our house playing it!

Speaking of the artwork, one thing I really loved was picture discs. We had a 7” disc of “Road To Nowhere” by Talking Heads which I loved because I think it had a photo of the band with some kind of children’s drawings or cartoons that I tried to copy. Also Devo’s Are We Not Men? We Are Devo! which was this bright blue vinyl. I remember thinking how amazing that was—that it wasn’t black—simple pleasures!

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In rotation: 3/18/19

Portland, OR | ‘It’s been a real roller coaster ride for us’: Music Millennium celebrates 50 years: Music Millennium is the largest and oldest record store in the Pacific Northwest. In 1969, The Beatles released Abbey Road, the final album they recorded together before breaking up. That same year, in a small shop on East Burnside, Music Millennium opened their doors and 50 years later, they’re still selling records like Abbey Road. “It’s a little surreal, you know there’s not many record stores in the country that have made it to 50. It’s been a real roller coaster ride for us,” current owner Terry Currier said. “There’s been a lot of changes over the years.” That change has not only involved trends and technology but new owners as well. In 1979, the original owners, the MacLeod and Lissy families, sold it and within 5 years that owner almost filed to file for bankruptcy. The MacLeod family assumed a half a million-dollar debt and took the business back over. Currier bought out the MacLeod family in 1996 and has owned the store ever since.

Kingston, ON | ‘It’s about time’: Flood-damaged Kingston record store to reopen: Community rallied behind Brian’s Record Option after 2018 construction mishap. After a months-long repair and renovation project forced by a freak summer flood, a much-loved record store in Kingston, Ont., is opening its doors again. Construction work near Brian’s Record Option inadvertently flooded the Princess Street shop early last August, destroying tens of thousands of vinyl records, cassettes, CDs, posters and books. Owner Brian Lipsin wasn’t sure if he’d be able to reopen, but he said money from his insurance and community fundraisers covered the cost of the rebuild. The shop opens back up at 9:30 a.m. this Saturday. “It’s about time,” Lipson told CBC Radio’s Ontario Morning on Wednesday. “I’ve hated being in limbo for so long.”

Dayton, OH | Omega Music introduces “Skip the Bag” initiative to positively impact community: Omega Music is taking steps to become more sustainable and make a positive impact on the community. Their “Skip the Bag” initiative aims to help the environment and also support local charities. “We give customers an option to choose a bag or skip the bag. If they skip the bag, we give them a puzzle piece they can drop in one of our charity boxes,” Inventory Manager Mike Cooley said. Each puzzle piece represents the cost of the bag which is 10 cents. “At the end of the month, we total up the puzzle pieces and donate that amount to each charity,” Cooley said. Each month, Omega chooses different charities to support. “10 cents may not seem like much, but after 30 days it really adds up,” Cooley said.

Dundee, UK | ‘Phenomenal demand’ for tickets as city record store brings Foals and Idlewild to Dundee: As reported in SeeDundee, Foals will play two shows at Fat Sam’s on Sunday, May 26. And Scots rock band Idlewild will hold an acoustic session at Clark’s on Lindsay Street on Monday, May 27. The shows are being hosted by Assai Records, which is based in Broughty Ferry. The shop has attracted a string of major acts to the city in recent times with Tom Walker playing in their King Street premises in early March and Snow Patrol packing out Church in June 2018. The Foals gigs will celebrate the release of the band’s new album, Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part One. It will be played in its entirety at the Dundee shows. Their late show in Dundee has already sold out following “phenomenal demand” for tickets. Idlewild’s gig at Clark’s on Lindsay Street will coincide with the launch of their new album Interview Music.

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TVD Radar: Poppies: Assorted Finery from the First Psychedelic Age red vinyl in stores 4/13

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Craft Recordings has revealed the full details on their upcoming title, Poppies: Assorted Finery from the First Psychedelic Age, a compilation of 1960s-era psychedelic rock featuring cult-classic artists such as Buffy Sainte-Marie, Circus Maximus, and Southwest F.O.B.

The album will be available on translucent-red vinyl as a 2019 Record Store Day exclusive on April 13. A CD and digital wide release of the collection is slated for April 19. The set curates an eclectic selection of songs from the Vanguard, Stax, and Original Sound catalogs, and also offers detailed liner notes from five-time GRAMMY®-nominated writer and producer Alec Palao. All versions will include the previously unreleased track “When Will You Happen to Me” by The Human Jungle, which will be available as an instant grat track coming April 12.

As the liner notes point out, the psychedelic genre has come a long way since the early 1970s when it had a negative reception, particularly when it came to pop and rock music. “A half-century later, the vintage clichés of mind expansion are less of an issue, and psychedelic influences are widely identified in most aspects of culture: film, television, literature, the visual arts and beyond. In much the same way, musically, psychedelia is also no longer considered the sole province of rock, although that is where it perhaps remains most firmly rooted.”

The artists and songs selected to appear on Poppies: Assorted Finery from the First Psychedelic Age come with histories as interesting as that of the genre itself. The notes tell the story of how a cross-country journey taken by Jerry Jeff Walker included a chance meeting with Bob Bruno that eventually led to the creation of Circus Maximus.

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TVD Radar: Warner Music Group’s Record Store Crawl returns for fourth year

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Audiophiles, record enthusiasts, and music lovers are invited to join Warner Music Group’s fourth annual series of official Record Store Crawls, happening over the next few months in various cities in the U.S.

The first of this year’s crawls will take place in New York City on Record Store Day, April 13th, while the remainder of the crawls will take place from June through October. Participants will enjoy live performances as they’re escorted by bus to some of each city’s best record stores while enjoying food and beverages, a gift bag including a mystery vinyl LP, and other limited-edition gifts. The New York crawl will take place across Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens and feature performances by Hollis Brown and Sophie Auster, whose forthcoming album, Next Time, is expected to be released the day before the event.

Other Warner Music artists confirmed to perform at select Record Store Crawl dates include: Skating Polly in Seattle, Run River North and WILD in Los Angeles, Betcha in Nashville, and Chief White Lightning in Austin. Attendees will be among the first to have access to limited-edition vinyl released to coincide with the crawls, including exclusives from Ray Charles, and more to be announced.

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In rotation: 3/15/19

Calgary, CSA | Westleaf Receives Development Permit Approval for its Flagship Prairie Records Cannabis Store in Banff, Alberta and Provides Retail Update: Westleaf is pleased to announce the Town of Banff has approved its development permit for a flagship retail location in the heart of Canada’s most visited national park. The location on Caribou Street just off famed Banff Avenue, will be developed as a flagship in the Prairie Records brand of cannabis stores. The town located one hour west of Calgary, attracts more than 4 million visitors annually and is Canada’s most visited national park and one of the top tourist destinations in the country. Westleaf remains on track to open approximately 20 locations in Alberta and Saskatchewan by the end of Q3 2019, subject to receipt of required regulatory approvals including receipt of cannabis retail licenses from the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis and the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority.

Ayr, UK | End of era as popular Ayr music shop shuts down: Big Sparra Vinyl in Ayr has announced its closure following a recent flood at the New Bridge Street store. It’s the end of an era for a much-loved record store which has touched the hearts- and ears- of many across the country. Big Sparra Vinyl in Ayr has announced its closure following a recent flood at the New Bridge Street store. The record shop has been selling golden oldies and modern mixes for half a decade. And Big Sparra has had its fair share of the limelight as it featured as one of the main filming locations in a TV advert as part of the National Trust for Scotland’s campaign, For the Love of Scotland. The store have been big supporters of annual Record Store Day in the past and even opened at 8am to allow vinyl collectors to get their hands on limited-edition discs. But it seems it’s not the end for co-owners Robert McKain and Ian Wallace as the pair move on to new ventures, with the latter half of the duo hoping to reopen in the same unit.

Auckland, NZ | In a spin for music charity: Ever wondered how music is created and captured on a vinyl record? With the renaissance for affection of the vinyl record in mind, a unique event is giving music enthusiasts the chance to see great original Kiwi songs played, recorded — and that work cut on a vinyl record – in three hours. Musician, songwriter, producer and now vinyl-cutter Jesse Wilde, is staging Journey to My Vinyl Destination, on Saturday, March 16, from 1pm. “It’s for vinyl record lovers and anyone who enjoys good music,” says Jesse, a former long-time Bucklands Beach resident. “You will see a live music performance recorded, mixed, and mastered and cut to vinyl right before your very eyes. The whole process of vinyl lathing, mixing and mastering for vinyl will be explained in this three-hour event.”

Stroud, UK | Groove Armada DJ Tom Findlay to perform at Stroud record shop: One of the world’s best DJs has chosen to celebrate World Record Store Day in Stroud this year. Tom Findlay, one half of the UK electronic dance and chill-out duo Groove Armada, will be playing two intimate DJ sets on Saturday, April 13 as part of the celebrations in the town. The famous DJ, who has released eight studio albums and singles such as I See You Baby and Superstylin with his musical partner Andy Cato as part of Groove Armada will be joined by Stroud’s own DJ superstars Mr Mulatto and Frank Situation from Situation Sounds to celebrate their own collaboration. Love on the Attack will officially be released by Tom AKA Sugar Daddy on Record Store Day, and he will be taking to the decks alongside Mr Mulatto and Frank Situation at Trading Post Records at 3pm to the delight of fans.

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TVD Radar: POPOL VUH, The Essential Album Collection Vol. 1 6LP set in stores 4/26

VIA PRESS RELEASE | On 26 April 2019, BMG will release the most important works of POPOL VUH from the ’70s, a period regarded as their most productive phase: ‘Affenstunde’, ‘Hosianna Mantra’, ‘Einsjäger & Siebenjäger’, ‘Aguirre’ and ‘Nosferatu’ will be available as high-quality CD digipacks. The CD digipaks have been remastered by POPOL VUH’S members Guido Hieronymus and Frank Fiedler. They include bonus tracks, as well as a detailed, illustrated booklet and liner notes. On the same day, a 6-LP, high-quality collector’s box “The Essential Album Collection Vol. 1” will be released for the first time, containing all five groundbreaking albums, which have been remastered as audiophile 180g vinyl pressings, including original tracklistings and bonus tracks.

The band POPOL VUH is one of the pioneers of electronic music and progressive rock. Far beyond the Krautrock-movement and any other genre, their music combines rock with electronics, integrated ethno and world music elements, and experimented with the synthesizer at an early stage. Founded in 1970 in Munich, POPOL VUH was the first German group to use the Moog-synthesizer, creating new worlds of sound that were groundbreaking for ambient and trance music. Florian Fricke, composer, keyboard visionary and founder of the group, contrived his own realms of sound with the legendary MOOG III for their first album ‘Affenstunde’, thus creating a landmark in the world of new music.

In 1972, renowned filmmaker Werner Herzog and POPOL VUH entered into a long-lasting creative partnership, during which Fricke would write soundtracks for some of Herzog’s most important films and received several Oscar nominations for his work. The band’s history ended in 2001, with the death of POPOL VUH’s mastermind Florian Fricke.

2011 saw a revival of POPOL VUH’s legacy, with a tribute remix album by renowned musicians and DJs such as Ame (Dixon/ Innervisions), Stereolab, Mouse on Mars, Thomas Fehlmann (The Orb) and Peter Kruder (Kruder & Dorfmeister), who had all dedicated themselves to the group’s legacy.

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In rotation: 3/14/19

Tokyo, JP | The tenth floor of Shinjuku’s Tower Records store will specialize in vinyl from the end of March. A new record store called Tower Vinyl Shinjuku is set to open inside of Tokyo’s flagship Tower Records store. From March 21st, the tenth floor of Tower Records will stock more than 70,000 vinyl records. 30,000 of those will be new inventory, including new releases, reissues and limited edition items from both Japanese and Western artists. The other 40,000 records are secondhand, a collection that ranges in style but will have an emphasis on soul and rock. The new space’s interior is covered in glass and features a large vintage speaker for an enhanced shopping experience. There will also be in-store events and vinyl pop-up shops in the future.

Paris, FR | 10 of the best independent record shops in Paris: As a major music exhibition opens in Paris, a local DJ uncovers these treasure troves for collectors, offering new recordings, rare gems and, in some cases, live events too. Paris has a vibrant secondhand record scene, with stores all over the city stocking rare vinyl of everything from Ghanaian Highlife to calypso, classic chansons françaises – Edith Piaf, Charles Trenet, Georges Brassens, Serge Gainsbourg – plus electronic music and techno. With a new exhibition, Music Migrations (, until 5 January 2020), dedicated to the multicultural influences that transformed the Paris and London music scenes from the 1960s to the 80s, this is a good time to discover the top disquaires unearthed by local DJ and record dealer, Gwen Jamois.

NY, FL | VP Records Retail Locations Now Official Record Store Day Locations: On Saturday April 13th, VP Records will celebrate Record Store Day 2019 with VP Record’s annual Sound System Showcase at its retail locations in Jamaica, Queens and Miramar, Florida. This year, both VP Records retail stores have received the distinct designation as official Record Store Day Locations. To commemorate the annual celebration of vinyl culture, the free event is a day for fans and consumers to experience authentic Jamaican Sound Systems while being able to purchase classic, new and exclusive titles. For the first time, the event will be streamed on the VP Records YouTube channel and archived for future viewing.

UK | Beatles ‘Love Me Do’ demo worth £20,000 handed to a charity shop by unwitting owner who gave the ‘not for sale’ vinyl to British Heart Foundation: A rare Beatles record thought to be worth £20,000 has been put up for auction – after its owner unwittingly donated it to a charity shop. British Heart Foundation staff were shocked to uncover the 7in demo of The Beatles’ first single Love Me Do, which had been placed in a carrier bag with 25 other vinyls and given to the store in Midhurst, West Sussex. The record features a misspelling of Paul McCartney’s name, with the words ‘Lennon–McArtney’ appearing on the label instead. The words ‘Demonstration Record’ and ‘Not For Sale’ are also on the label. Around 250 of the demos were pressed by Parlophone Records and sent to the BBC for radio airplay when the Fab Four were virtually unknown.

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TVD Radar: Cleopatra Jones OST starburst vinyl in stores 4/26

VIA PRESS RELEASE | One of the great Blaxploitation film scores of the ‘70s, finally back on vinyl where it belongs! This 1973 feature introduced one of the great characters in the whole genre, starring the indomitable Tamara Dobson as Cleopatra Jones.

In this film, she thwarts an L.A. drug lord as played by Shelley Winters, all accompanied by the musical efforts of what is pretty much a ‘70s soul/ jazz/ funk dream team. On vocals, you had the leading male and female lights of the Spring label, the great Joe Simon (performing the hit title theme) and Millie Jackson. And on the instrumental side, jazz trombone giant J.J. Johnson (in collaboration with the underrated Carl Brandt of Mod Squad score fame).

The result: a prime example of the symphonic funk that became the siren song for Blaxploitation soundtracks throughout the ‘70s.

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