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TVD Radar: Gene Clark, The Lost Studio Sessions: 1964–1982 in stores 4/20

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Beyond his achievements as a founding member of The Byrds, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Gene Clark was one of the most gifted and prolific singer-songwriters of the rock era.

The Lost Studio Sessions 1964–1982, which first surfaced on Sierra Records in 2016, is a connoisseur’s collection of lost recordings from pivotal points in Clark’s career, including: “She Darked the Sun,” first recorded by Dillard and Clark, represented here by a previously undocumented version cut in 1970 with the Flying Burrito Brothers (featuring Gram Parsons, ex-Byrds Chris Hillman and Michael Clarke, and future member of the Eagles, Bernie Leadon); tracks from the 1972 Roadmaster sessions (featuring Roger McGuinn); and five tracks from 1982’s Nyteflyte project which saw Clark reuniting with Hillman and Clarke.

Now Liberation Hall, in association with Sierra Global and the Gene Clark Estate, is re-releasing The Lost Studio Sessions 1964–1982 on CD, download, and limited-edition translucent tan, gatefold double vinyl. These historic recordings are presented with the best possible sound quality, mastered from the original analog monaural, stereo, and multitrack tapes.

Both LP and CD include a deluxe booklet with rare photos, production and recording information, and extensive liner notes by compilation producer John Delgatto and Clark experts Johnny Rogan, John Einarson, and Domenic Priore.

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TVD Radar: Big Sugar, 500 Pounds reissue in stores now

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Third Man Records, in partnership with Canadian-born and bred blues rocker, Gordie Johnson, and his group Big Sugar, has reissued the band’s classic 500 Pounds both digitally and on vinyl today. In Third Man Records’ founder, Jack White’s own words, 500 Pounds is “the best blues-based record to ever come out of Canada,” and an early inspiration and influence on his own approach to songwriting and guitar playing. The album is available now on black vinyl. Due to popular demand, they already are in their second pressing.

Big Sugar’s well-known record 500 Pounds, first released in the US in 1995, stands as a defining masterpiece in their discography. Produced by Gordie Johnson this album marked a pivotal moment for the band, showcasing their ability to seamlessly blend blues, rock, and reggae.

Gordie Johnson’s soulful vocals and masterful guitar work, combined with the talents of the original lineup created a sonic landscape that resonated with fans. 500 Pounds is not merely an album; it’s a musical journey exploring the complexities of life and love. Tracks like “All Over Now,” “Still Waitin’,” and “Ride Like Hell” exemplify the band’s dynamic range, from heartfelt ballads to energetic, blues-infused rock anthems.

The collaborative production efforts of Gordie Johnson, Peter Prilesnik, and Tom Treumuth played a crucial role in shaping the album’s distinctive sound. This record’s impact extended beyond Canadian borders, earning Big Sugar recognition on the international stage. With its release, the band cemented its reputation as pioneers in genre fusion, influencing subsequent generations of musicians.

500 Pounds remains a timeless testament to Big Sugar’s artistic brilliance, and its enduring popularity attests to the album’s lasting impact on the rock and blues landscape. The collaborative efforts of the producers, along with the distinctive performances, make this record a cornerstone in the legacy of both Big Sugar and Canadian rock. This is the first-ever US vinyl edition.

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In rotation: 2/23/24

Vinyl sales to hit $5.2B in 2024, highest since 1990: Vinyl sales expected to reach $5.2 Billion in 2024, nearly double the amount made in the past three years. The popularity of vinyl records is on the rise, and artists are predicted to make a whopping $5.2 billion from vinyl sales in 2024, nearly double the amount made in the past three years. This surge in vinyl sales is due to a number of factors, including a growing appreciation for the sound quality of vinyl and a desire to support artists directly. Streaming services have made music more accessible than ever before, but they also pay artists very little money. Many artists struggle to make a living from streaming alone, and vinyl sales provide a much-needed source of income. In addition, vinyl records are seen as a more tangible way to support artists, as fans can physically own the music they love. The predicted rise in vinyl sales is good news for both artists and music lovers. For artists, it means a more sustainable way to make a living from their music. For music lovers, it means having access to high-quality music that they can cherish for years to come.

Delhi, IN | New Delhi record store Digging In India opens: Specialising in old Indian music and rare groove, the store plans to host listening sessions and workshops. Indian music archivist Nishant Mittal, who DJs as Digging In India, has opened a record shop in New Delhi. Named after his alias, the one-room store opened its doors on February 18th and is primarily stocked with Mittal’s vast personal collection. It includes Indian music of various genres and languages, including Bollywood, Tamil film soundtracks, disco, ghazals, qawwali, Hindustani classical, Carnatic and Bengali folk. A section of Indian spoken word, comedy and film dialogues is specially curated for sample heads and beatmakers. Rare groove records from Japan, the Middle East, Africa and Singapore are also available, plus rock, disco and pop. The store eventually plans to host intimate listening sessions and workshops, as well as artist meet and greets. “We want to promote vinyl culture and make vinyl more accessible and less intimidating for newcomers…”

Cambridge, WI | Strictly Discs to hold off on Record Store Day in Cambridge: The Strictly Discs location at 101 W. Main Street Cambridge will hold off on participating in Record Store Day (RSD) this April 20, according to owner Rick Stoner. Stoner, who acquired the company last fall and has been mostly working out of the Madison Strictly Discs location, has been making steady progress at establishing the Cambridge location with a projected opening in June. That June date is still set as an anticipated opening, which will fall in the same month as Make Music Day on June 21, in which Cambridge will participate with cities around the world who fill the streets with music. …Historically, RSD sees record stores organizing special sales or other sales incentives. Vinyl aficionados often treat the day like a music-focused Black Friday event, lining up outside stores from the early hours of the morning until opening in order to secure high-value items.

Winsford, UK | Call for community to help save record store after owner involved in crash: Owners of a record store and café are calling on the Winsford community to help save the high street shop. The Electric Church on Over Square had announced it was intending to close for good earlier this month. However, following a flood of support the store, it has managed to turn the tables and is continuing to open for business. This comes despite owner Jimi Ray Coppack and his wife being involved in a crash on Friday night (February 16), after a fox ran out in front of their car, which has been written off. Jimi and his wife were left ‘bruised and a bit shaken up’ after the collision, but now he is calling on their customers to help them save The Electric Church. He said: “We need the local community that has supported us so far to continue doing so and I hope the support that has been directed our way is a reflection of people’s appreciation of The Electric Church and not just because people thought we would be closing.

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TVD Radar: Harmonia, Musik von Harmonia 50th anniversary 2LP edition in stores 4/20

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Groenland Records is set to release the first Harmonia album entitled Musik von Harmonia available exclusively at participating record stores as part of Record Store Day. The release will be on double LP and contains versatile reworks and remixes by internationally renowned artists and Harmonia companions to mark the album’s 50th anniversary.

Harmonia consisted of German supergroup Dieter Moebius, Hans-Joachim Roedelius, and Michael Rother. Moebius and Roedelius were in the band Cluter while Rother had just left Kraftwerk to form the duo Neu! with legendary drummer Klaus Dinger. In the mid-1970s, Harmonia blew up everything that spanned the German sound corset and were so alone in the field that their innovative work received hardly any attention in Germany. Yet what emerged there in the mid-1970s represented a real momentum. Without Harmonia and groups like Kraftwerk, Can, and Tangerine Dream, entire genres would hardly be conceivable today.

Brian Eno who was already one of the most respected music artists (and biggest Harmonia fans) at the time prompted the trio to unite for the legendary recording session that became their debut LP. The trio’s sound became an inspiration for his work with David Bowie, Devo, and Ultravox in those years. Though the band was only together from ’73-’76, their work continues to have an impact to this day and is an integral part of the intricate chain that led to ambient and techno.

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TVD Radar: Flowered
Up, A Life With Brian
2LP color vinyl reissue
in stores 4/19

VIA PRESS RELEASE | London Records are to reissue Flowered Up’s debut album A Life With Brian for the first time since its original release in 1991, newly remastered and available on double LP and CD, extended digital, and limited coloured double LP on 19th April. Pre-order here.

Including new sleevenotes by Heavenly’s Robin Turner, the reissue adds their seminal 1992 single “Weekender” to the album package plus a host of previously unreleased tracks and remixes, including newly commissioned remixes by Everyone You Know and Beyond The Wizards Sleeve.

Upcoming duo Everyone We Know’s thrilling contemporary take on “Crackerjack” is available now. They comment: “Taking inspiration from some late ’90s Ibiza tunes and early rave stuff, this is our remix of “Crackerjack.” We were honoured when Flowered Up reached out to us for the remix. At first we weren’t sure what direction to take it in but the longer we sat with the stems it became obvious it needed something for the clubs and DJs.”

Beyond The Wizards Sleeve remix “Weekender,” the first remix in seven years from DJ/Producer duo of Erol Alkan and Richard Norris. They comment: “Flowered Up’s ‘Weekender’ is a work of a very special magic, of a particular time, place, feeling that you can hear busting out of the speakers. It was a challenge to take on such an iconic work, but we attacked it and pulled it into a few new shapes which nod to the original while taking it someplace else. Do you believe in magic?”

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In rotation: 2/22/24

UK | Q1 snapshot: Vinyl growth in double digits as major releases achieve significant physical sales: It’s been another significant week for physical music sales with a chart contest between Idles and Paloma Faith. Based on the Midweek Sales flash, combined physical sales for Idles’ Tangk (Partisan) and Paloma Faith’s The Glorification Of Sadness (RCA) were around 25,000. Crawlers are chasing a Top 10 finish with 4,515 sales by the end of Sunday (February 18). While Noah Kahan’s Stick Season album reached No.1 on Friday (February 16) with streaming making up the majority of consumption (59.5%), chart-topping albums so far this year by The Last Dinner Party, James Arthur, Green Day, D-Block Europe, Shed Seven and Lewis Capaldi have all been powered by physical sales. While streaming now accounts for the vast majority of the market, physical continues to dominate the top of the albums chart. Out of the 44 albums that debuted at No.1 in 2023, 86% of them had more than half their chart-eligible sales made up of physical sales.

Shibuya, JP | Tower Records Shibuya is expanding its vinyl record collection by about 50 percent: The popular music megastore in Shibuya is currently closed for renovations and will reopen at the end of February. Shibuya’s iconic Tower Records flagship store is currently undergoing a revamp, with a grand reopening set for February 29. Aside from reshuffling a few sections in the nine-storey building, the renovated store will see a notable expansion in its range of merchandise. This is especially true of the Tower Vinyl Shibuya section on the sixth floor, which will soon feature an additional 30,000 vinyl records in its inventory to meet the demand of nostalgic music aficionados (we are in our Eclectic Grandpa Era, after all). Post-renovation, this floor will boast roughly 100,000 records in total, 40,000 of which are either vintage or second-hand. In a bid to create Japan’s largest retail space dedicated to classical music, Tower Records will introduce an additional 7,000 classical music goods to its inventory.

Lowell, MA | Vinyl Destination, a staple of Mill No. 5, to close by end of February: A few months beyond its 10-year anniversary, Vinyl Destination will soon close its doors for the last time as father-son owners Dave and Dan Perry look to their next chapters in life. As he sat behind the cash register of his small store, with records for everything from The Grateful Dead to Bob Dylan still filling the shelves and the walls, Dave Perry, 67, recalled when a friend of his had approached him asking if he would be interested in starting a business to sell vinyl records out of a storefront in the new small business space being set up in Mill No. 5. “I was not really a business person at all, but I went to look at it,” said Dave Perry, a former longtime reporter for The Sun. “I had always sold records at record shows or record fairs, something I had been doing for about 30 years. Every couple months I would go and sell some stuff, and it would maybe pay my bills, but it was never serious at all.”

UK | Behind The Counter Aims To Profile Your Local Record Shop: Record shops are a key important of the music eco-system. Hubs for free-thinkers and devoted music fans, conversations in vinyl hubs have led fans to jack in their day jobs and pursue their passions – sometimes even opening shops of their very own. Behind The Counter aims to profile these souls. Returning for a new season, the documentary strand travels across the country, celebrating the people behind independent record shops. Constructed by Record Store Day, Classic Album Sundays and Bowers & Wilkins, Behind the Counter highlights the passion, and the sense of community, that keeps these shops moving forwards. The new season kicks off with the wonderfully titled Van Vinyl in Dorchester, before moving to Hey Joe Music and Coffee in Essex, and the mighty Tough Love in St Leonards on Sea.

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In rotation: 2/21/24

NY | 18 top vinyl record store destinations in Upstate New York: As the Baby Boomers will rightly recall, our lives changed when we bought our first record player and spent our chore money on records, both 45s and albums. Music freedom at last!! Vinyl records are huge right now. New ones are out there in big numbers, and at big prices. In fact, too big in my opinion. So, we settle for the used vinyl that we had, loved, through away, and now yearn for back. They are much cheaper than new vinyl re-issues, and are far more enjoyable to listen to, even with the errant pop, hiss, and dust moozy clogging things up a bit. Where just a few years ago a vinyl record store was a rare and much appreciated thing, today they are in almost every town, village, and shopping mall. In this gallery we find 18 great places to get your vinyl groove on. Sure most of these places sell the new vinyl releases, but they also have plenty of nostalgic gems to discover (or re-discover).

Murfreesboro, TN | LRB Skate and Record Shop’s grand opening in conjunction with celebration: …Gage Doran, 16, has been skateboarding for Volatile skateboards for nearly a year and they recently released his first-ever signature skate deck. The deck was designed by an illustrious artist who has done work for Powell Peralta, Bones Brigade Skateboards and for Jeese James from West Coast Choppers. Gage also has another smaller sponsor, JaxWax. Gage Doran began skating in Charleston, South Carolina. He said he really found his passion for it when he stated skating at Fred Deadman Skate Park in Manchester, Tennessee. Phil Doran has been encouraging of his son’s passion for skateboarding and has been a collaborator in his son’s achievements. “I would post a lot of videos, we’d go all day at different places: Nashville, Florida, South Carolina. Where ever we were I was shooting videos really to see how he was moving along in skating. A proud dad kind of thing.”

Manchester, UK | Rae Donaldson: Tributes paid to popular Manchester music shop boss: Tributes have been paid to a popular Manchester record shop owner whose store was frequented by stars of the city’s music scene. Rae Donaldson worked at Vinyl Exchange in the city’s Northern Quarter for almost 30 years. The store said he died while on his way to work on Friday, his 64th birthday. Among the tributes, former Hacienda DJ Dave Haslam said: “Music fans get attached to their favourite record shop staff. I loved him.” He described Mr Donaldson as “so interested, so sussed” and “a beautiful soul”. The store said his death had “knocked us sideways” and Mr Donaldson would be “a hard act to follow.” “We hope to mirror his passion, enthusiasm, musical knowledge and recommendations,” it added.

Ringo Starr “Really Excited” to Be Releasing New EP ‘Crooked Boy’ as a Record Store Day Vinyl Exclusive: Ringo Starr recently revealed details about a new EP titled Crooked Boy on which he collaborated with songwriter/producer Linda Perry. Now the former Beatles drummer has announced that the four-song collection will be released as a limited-edition colored-vinyl disc as part of the 2024 Record Store Day event on April 20. The EP will be available on black-and-white marble vinyl exclusively at independent record stores. Only 2000 copies of the vinyl disc will be sold. “I’m really excited to be releasing an exclusive edition of my EP Crooked Boy for Record Store Day this year,” Starr wrote in a message on his social media sites. “I’ve always loved record stores from 81 Renshaw or Brian’s North End Music Store in Liverpool to Tower Records and Amoeba Records in [Los Angeles] and I support them with Peace and Love.”

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TVD Radar: Pete Jolly, Seasons clear amber and clear light green reissues in stores 3/29

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Future Days Recordings, an imprint of acclaimed archival label Light in the Attic, proudly announces the long-awaited reissue of Pete Jolly’s 1970 masterpiece, Seasons, on vinyl for the first time in over 50 years.

Sought after by crate-diggers, DJs, and jazz aficionados alike, as well as sampled by everyone from Jay Dee and Cypress Hill to Busta Rhymes, the album was far ahead of its time and a stylistic departure for Jolly, full of atmospheric grooves and soulful vignettes like “Springs,” “Leaves,” “Sand Storm,” and “Plummer Park.” Produced by Herb Alpert (who originally released the album on his label A&M Records), Seasons also features a who’s who of session musicians, including the Wrecking Crew’s Chuck Berghofer and Milt Holland, plus Emil Richards, Paul Humphrey, and John Pisano.

Due out March 29th and available to pre-order, Seasons has been remastered from its original analog tapes by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio and pressed at RTI on two special color variants: clear amber and clear light green (both seen below and are available exclusively at Rounding out the album are insightful new liner notes by music journalist Dave Segal (The Stranger, Pitchfork, Aquarium Drunkard), who interviewed Alpert and Berghofer about their memories of Jolly.

Two-time GRAMMY®-nominee Pete Jolly (1932–2004) was a virtuosic multi-instrumentalist whose work on the piano, organ, and accordion, in particular, could be heard on classic West Coast jazz albums, as well as on countless TV and film scores–including M*A*S*H, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and Clint Eastwood’s Charlie Parker biopic Bird, during which he faithfully recreated Bud Powell’s piano performances with the legendary horn player.

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In rotation: 2/20/24

Berlin, MD | Berlin Record Store Day set April 20: Town council votes 3-1 to approve new event. Berlin town officials have added Record Store Day to the 2024 events calendar. On Monday, town councilmembers voted 3-1 to approve the event, a collaborative effort between the town and several downtown businesses, for April 20. “Sound Storm Records celebrates this every year, they just wanted to do something a little more this year,” said Ivy Wells, the town’s economic and community development director. Wells told the council that during the last merchant meeting, the connections of Sound Storm Records suggested the idea of celebrating Record Store Day in Berlin. Wells said the concept has grown in recent years and the day is marked by record stores around the country. “We really liked the idea,” she said. Wells said the event, which will run from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., and would include closures on Pitts and Gay streets.

Vancouver, CA | Record Store Day Canada 2024 unveils its picks and participating stores: Music buffs and record bin hunters—it’s the day you’ve been waiting for. Record Store Day Canada has unveiled its list for 2024, promising limited-edition releases, B-sides, and special albums that you can’t get anywhere else. Take that, Amazon. The annual celebration is marking its 17th year, bringing attention to independent record stores globally by stocking the limited-release vinyls and other goodies. In Canada this year, Record Store Day takes place on April 20 with a bevy of releases from homegrown and international musical outfits. Arrive early, as there are usually lineups! Among this year’s releases is a live album from iconic Canadian alt-rockers The Tragically Hip (who are the Canadian ambassadors for this year’s event) from their 1993 performance at CBGB’s—the famed NYC venue and record shop that kickstarted the careers of bands like The Ramones and Blondie.

Dubai, UAE | Crate Digging in UAE: Dubai’s Best Vinyl Stores. With a universe of digital streaming platforms at our fingerprints, accessibility to music has never been easier. Despite this overwhelming supply of algorithmically-curated content however, our desire for analog hardware remains fixed in our DNA. The crate digging expeditions, the pop and crackle of the needle, and even the spine-curling sound of a scratched LP contribute to the overall tactility of the vinyl experience; the nostalgia emanating from a record is deeply ingrained in the interaction between the listener and equipment. With a growing demand for retro sound systems, the crisp and warm imperfections of spinning discs have become a physical manifestation of history in its sonic form. Hopping on this trend, vinyl advocates across Dubai strive to recreate this authentic experience with various spaces catering to this growing demand.

Stroud, UK | Stroud’s oldest record store to close: Popular record shop owner Simon Vincent has announced the closure of a record shop that has been part of the Stroud music scene for four decades. Trading Post on Kendrick Street is to close next month after 47 years of trading, but will operate online through its eBay Shop, Facebook page and Simon also plans to have a presence at The Subscription Rooms. Popular record shop owner Simon Vincent has announced the closure of a record shop that has been part of the Stroud music scene for four decades. Trading Post on Kendrick Street is to close next month after 47 years of trading, but will operate online through its eBay Shop, Facebook page and Simon also plans to have a presence at The Subscription Rooms. “The Trading Post has been part of Stroud for 47 years and I know that so many of us have grown up with it and, like me, have many fond memories of it.”

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We’re closed.

We’ve closed TVD’s HQ for the Presidents’ Day holiday. While we’re away, why not fire up our Record Store Locator app and visit one of your local indie record stores?

Perhaps there’s an interview, review, or feature you might have missed? Catch up and we’ll see you back here tomorrow, 2/20.

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TVD Radar: Talking Heads, Live At WCOZ 77 2LP in stores 4/20

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Talking Heads’ seminal live performance recorded for WCOZ-FM in 1977 will be released in full for the first time on Record Store Day 2024. While parts of the show appeared on the band’s 1983 live album, The Name of This Band Is Talking Heads and its subsequent 2004 reissue, this marks the first time the entire 14-song concert will be available.

Limited to 13,300 copies worldwide, Live at WCOZ 77 will be released as a double album exclusively at select independent music retailers on April 20 for $34.98. The LPs were cut at 45 RPM to optimize audio fidelity and sourced from the original two-track tapes, which were recorded and mixed by Ed Stasium.

Recorded on November 17, 1977, at Northern Studio near Boston and broadcast on WCOZ, this seminal performance took place just two months after the band released its debut, Talking Heads ’77. At the show, David Byrne, Chris Frantz, Jerry Harrison, and Tina Weymouth played more than half of the album’s tracks, including the previously unreleased version of “Uh-Oh, Love Comes To Town” featured on the upcoming collection.

In addition, the show’s setlist also boasts early renditions of five songs destined for the band’s next album, More Songs About Buildings and Food (1978). All of those recordings have, until now, remained in the vaults, including versions of “Take Me To The River,” “The Good Thing,” and “Thank You For Sending Me An Angel.”

This remarkable live recording captures a pivotal moment in Talking Head’s trajectory as the band embarked on a groundbreaking 11-year journey, one that would produce eight studio albums and two live albums, including the double-platinum masterpiece Stop Making Sense, which celebrated its 40th-anniversary last year. The legendary concert film returned to select theaters across the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. earlier this year. Find a screening near you HERE.

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TVD Radar: Type O Negative, Bloody Kisses: Suspended in Dusk 2LP green vinyl in stores

VIA PRESS RELEASE | 1993 was a year of change for Type O Negative.

Not only was it the year that things started to connect as the world embraced their dark textures and dark humor (despite the band’s best efforts to upset people at every turn) but it was also the year of sonic and textural change for the band.

Peter had definite loves and roots in the metal/hardcore world as well as the goth world and you could hear them both on Bloody Kisses. Peter was evolving and even though Bloody Kisses was working he wanted to lean even more into his goth side and made the label re-issue the album with some changes. Gone were the more metal tracks (“Kill All the White People” and “We Hate Everyone”) and added was the track “Suspended in Dusk.”The packaging of this release was altered with a different cover from the same photo shoot as well as more gothic imagery being added, and the track listing was re-ordered as per Peter’s vision. In honor of the 30th anniversary—for the first time ever on vinyl is the Suspended In Dusk version of Bloody Kisses.

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In rotation: 2/16/24

Record Store Day 2024 List Is Announced! Indie Stores Celebrate With These Titles on Saturday, April 20th: Those are just a few of the artists who are proclaiming their love for the culture of indie record stores by having a special release available as part of this year’s Record Store Day. Now in its seventeenth year, Record Store Day 2024 on April 20 is looking to be one of the best parties record stores have ever thrown. A complete list of the releases (and other exciting elements of the world’s largest single-day music event) can be found at

Dundee, UK | Keith Ingram on championing local bands: ‘We’re trying to do the things that record shops should do.’ With a third branch of Assai now up and running, owner Keith Ingram tells us how he founded Scotland’s fastest growing record shop. After a decade working at HMV, Dundee-based music-lover Keith Ingram was determined to start his very own record shop. When a first attempt in Stirling didn’t quite go to plan, Assai got its start online. ‘We were a top ten Amazon seller but completely under the radar. Nobody really knew much about us,’ recalls Ingram as we speak in the recently opened Glasgow shop, Assai’s third branch since the flagship Dundee store opened in 2015. Now having built a large community of record enthusiasts, Assai caters to a wide variety of genres, including pop, metal and hip hop. ‘We curate what’s in the shop so there is something for everybody,’ explains Ingram.

Dallas, TX | Good Records Celebrated Its 24th Anniversary With Brainiac’s First Dallas Show in 27 Years. Balloons, Buc-ee’s and Brainiac: the Good Records anniversary had it all. This week, Good Records celebrated a milestone. The shop turned 24, its third anniversary of being able to legally drink and its last year of being eligible to date Leonardo DiCaprio. On Saturday, one of Dallas’ most venerated record stores—which long stood on a Greenville Avenue corner before moving to Garland Road—celebrated the occasion with a big bash at Deep Ellum Art Co. The party was headlined by none other than Brainiac (also known as 3RA1N1AC), the first appearance in Dallas by the Dayton, Ohio, experimental rock greats in 27 years. Opening the stacked bill were Cincinnati cello rockers Lung (who are opening the bands’ tour) and Dallas’ own Baboon and Def Rain.

UK | As HMV eyes expansion, owner Doug Putman talks new opportunities, vinyl, CD and the first five years: Since its rescue by Doug Putman five years ago, the entertainment retail chain has got to a point where it’s now expanding once again, having survived the impact of Covid on High Street retail. Following its return to the London flagship store in November 2023, and Music Week’s report on a rare CD sales increase, the company recently issued positive financial results. For the 12 months ending May 30, HMV’s parent company reported that revenue increased by 18% year-on-year to £177.9 million. …The company has transitioned HMV to a contemporary retail offering with 43 HMV Shop concept stores, which now accounts for the majority of revenue. As well as exporting the concept to Ireland and Belgium, the business is “actively seeking to open both HMV and Fopp stores in new locations.”

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TVD Radar: Torn Boys archival release in stores 4/12

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Independent record label Independent Project Records (IPR) announced today that 1983, the first-ever release from the Torn Boys, the until-now hermetically-sealed early 80’s post-punk quartet out of Stockton, California featuring Jeffrey Clark, Kelly Foley, Duncan Atkinson, and a 19 year-old Grant-Lee Phillips, is set to be released on April 12. 

The comprehensive archival ten-track set of rare, unreleased studio and live tracks documents the short but eventful life of Torn Boys, a group comprising future members of Shiva Burlesque, Gary Young’s Hospital, and Grant Lee Buffalo. It will be available on digital formats as well as compact disc and black, white and green vinyl with both formats including a bonus all-region DVD of previously unseen live recordings and newly made music videos.

Formed in 1982 by Jeffrey Clark (vocals, electric guitar) and Kelly Foley (vocals, acoustic guitar) and disbanded by late 1983, the Torn Boys lived out their one and a half summers fusing dreamscape lyricism with ultra-’80’s synth rhythms and Fripp-meets-Carl-Perkins electric guitar textures, leaving behind a scant recorded legacy before dissolving.

Local musician Duncan Atkinson started helping out as sound engineer before joining the band live on Pro One synthesizer and drum machine. In the Spring of ’83 nineteen-year-old Grant-Lee Phillips was recruited on lead guitar, his Chet-Atkins-plays-Scary-Monsters sound adding an indelible and unique ingredient to the band’s alchemy. “What Jeff (Clark) and Kelly (Foley) were doing, you just didn’t see that kind of thing happening in Stockton,” says Grant-Lee Phillips. “So we connected right away over a mutual obsession with the alluring fringes of music, art and film.”

Forty years after the fact, the Torn Boys recordings still fend off basic categorization, conjuring the darker corners of neo-psychedelic California, infusing New Wave-era sensibilities with the moodier angle of home-grown, art-punk-surrealism.

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TVD Radar: Willie Colón and Héctor Lavoe, La Gran Fuga reissue in stores 4/12

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Craft Latino announces a vinyl reissue of 1970’s La Gran Fuga (The Big Break), the Gold-certified sixth collaboration between the legendary duo of trombonist, composer, and musical director Willie Colón and famed singer Héctor Lavoe.

Set for release on April 12 and available for pre-order today, La Gran Fuga features such classics as “Barrunto,” “Pa’ Colombia,” and “Abuelita”—all newly remastered, featuring (AAA) lacquers cut from the original master tapes by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio and pressed on 180-gram vinyl. Rounding out the package is a classic tip-on jacket and, as an added bonus, an 11” x 22” insert featuring the album’s iconic “Wanted” poster. La Gran Fuga will also make its debut in 192/24 hi-res digital audio on April 12. In addition, a Salt ‘n’ Peppa deluxe color vinyl exclusive with an exciting bundle option that includes a limited-edition La Gran Fuga T-shirt featuring the iconic album cover art is available for pre-order at

One of Latin music’s most formidable duos, salsa pioneers Willie Colón and Héctor Lavoe were teenagers when they began working together under Fania Records. Known as “El Cantante,” Lavoe (1946–1993) was one of the great interpreters of salsa music, revered for his bright vocals, seamless phrasing and witty, ad-libbed anecdotes. Colón (b. 1950), meanwhile, quickly became a key figure in the scene, who shaped the sound of salsa on and off stage as a trombonist, composer, producer and leader of his namesake orchestra. Together, Colón and Lavoe defined one of Latin music’s most exciting eras through 11 legendary albums, beginning with the 1967 salsa and boogaloo classic, El Malo.

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