Introducing the TVD GPS-based Record Store Locator App for your iPhone or Android!

…and it’s free!

For your iPhone here. | For your Android here.

‘Tis the month for giving (and for giving back) and as such we’re delighted to debut the TVD App this holiday season. It’s the only GPS-based record store locator app in the US for you vinyl and record store obsessives.

Have a 5 hour layover in an unfamiliar city? Hit the “All Stores” icon for directions to the nearest indie shop and while away your time between flights digging through the crates. You can also check in and share your finds on Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare.

Know of a store that’s just opened or just closed or just moved? Add or update that store’s status to the app. We’re in it together, right?

The TVD app also allows you to discuss your finds within the app’s social network—and we’d have been remiss if we didn’t allow you to follow TVD with real time updates—so we tossed that in too.

Let’s take a tour, shall we?

Find and get directions to the closest record store with our GPS-based locator.

Follow TVD in real time.

Get the detailed scoop on what’s happening locally. 

And of course – it’s free!

Our thanks go to TVD NYC contributor Tim Broun who championed the app and led the charge, and our new friends at Shoutem for their efforts and dedication to its development from day one.

Now, the rest is up to you! Grab the app and let the hunt for those vinyl gems commence at your favorite—or closest—indie record retailer!

For your iPhone here.
| For your Android here.

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  • alex

    is there a way to add stores in Europe?

    • oliviaung

      we have added over 300 UK stores to the app. if yours is not already listed, please just send name, address, and website to info [at] thevinyldistrict [dot] com.

  • Ridade

    Coooool!!! YAAaaayyyy!!!! Happiness!!! 😀

  • continuants

    I love that this existsI love that those screenshot photos have bows on themThis just made my dayI am overwhelmed with feelings.

  • continuants

    I love that this exists. I love that those screenshot photos have bows on them. This just made my day and I am overwhelmed with feelings.

  • Kid Computers

    i agree with continuants, just imagine if they would of had something like this back in the 70-80s when record stores were actually a big deal..

  • Fedbelly

    I opened a used record store in Edinburgh UK in May 2011. VoxBox Music (@voxboxmusic). Will UK record shops be added to the app too?

    • oliviaung

      @Fedbelly we have added over 300 UK stores to the app! if yours is not already listed, please just send name, address, and website to info [at] thevinyldistrict [dot] com.

  • 1234gorecords

    How would one go about editing store info? For instance my store 1-2-3-4 Go! Records in Oakland is listed at being at 419 40th but we’re actually at 420 40th #5. It’s only accross the street but I’d love to get it updated if possible. Great App. I’ve already had someone come in and say they found out about the store because of it.

    • oliviaung

      @1234gorecords the information has been corrected. thanks for letting us know!

  • AwfullyCrate

    So awesome. Going to download now!

  • oliviaung

    yes, just send name, address, and website to info [at] thevinyldistrict [dot] com.

  • JoesRecordParadise

    How do I add my store? 8216 Georgia ave. Silver Spring, Maryland 20910

    • JoesRecordParadise

      Joe’s, btw.

      • oliviaung

        @JoesRecordParadise Got your email. It will be added shortly! Thanks!

        • JoesRecordParadise

          @oliviaung Thank you!!!

      • thevinyldistrict

        @JoesRecordParadise Love Joe’s…dropped $120 there this past Saturday!

        • JoesRecordParadise

          @thevinyldistrict NICE. Keep up the good work. :)

        • thevinyldistrict

          @JoesRecordParadise AND – you guys should have a free ad on TVD DC, right?

  • Ralph alfonso

    Is it possible to search for stores by city? Or any kind of search? I’m in Montreal and all I can access is new England stores because of my gps location? Is there something I’m not seeing?

  • lynhillman

    Please add Feed Your Head Music, 493-b Flat Shoals Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30316. The owner, Thom Osburn (@Thomosburn), would like to be in your database. This is a great local neighborhood store. Thanks!

    • oliviaung

      @lynhillman added! thank you!

    • oliviaung

      @lynhillman added! thank you!

  • Gerosa Records

    Would love to get our shop listed – Gerosa Records – 246 Federal Rd. – Brookfield, CT 06804 We’ve been here for 25 years and hope to be here for at least 25 more. If there is anything else you need, please let us know. Thanks!

  • oliviaung

    all set! thanks!

  • Jen1032005

    Record Time on 27360 gratiot ave, roseville, MI 48066 went out of business

    • oliviaung

      @Jen1032005 removed. thanks for letting us know!

  • bib

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  • TheRecordShaap

    Amazing App! Possible to add another store?

    The Record Shaap209 Gilmour St.Ottawa, On.CanadaK2P 0N9

    • oliviaung

      @TheRecordShaap You’ve been added! Thank you for the kind words!

  • MarkChadwick

    I didn’t see the great Record Collector Store located in Ferndale, Michigan at 327 West Nile Mile Road, Ferndale, MI 48220.

    • oliviaung

      @MarkChadwick Thank you! It’s been added.

  • SamHaidar

    Any chance that this will be offered on Windows phones? I would love to use this app, but my phone runs on Windows 7.

  • tbroun

    @SamHaidar – Good question. I’ll have to ask the developer. All I can say keep your eyes on The Vinyl District.

  • steinkampg

    Hey first- great app!!! Two things here in St Louis to let you know about. 1-There is a good store that should be added to your database: CD Reunion in Hazelwood MO 2- and Vintage Vinyl in University City MO is listed twice, I’m sure no big deal, but figured I’d let you know anyhow. Thanks again! -Glenn

    • tbroun

      @steinkampg Thanks!

  • steinkampg

    Suggestion- would it be possible to add the option to enter a city/stat or zip code— some kind of way to browse a city without having to be located there and use the GPS?

    • tbroun

      @steinkampg At the moment, no. But we are working on this very issue. Its number one on our to-do list.

  • Phil

    Rumor has it your Albuquerque, NM database only includes one store, Mecca Music and Books. While Mecca is awesome, you are missing at least one great store: Charley’s 33s and CDs (aka Charley’s Records and Tapes) is at 7602 Menaul Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110. Decent new vinyl selection, huge used section. A terrific if somewhat underappreciated feature of the ABQ music landscape…please add them in.

    • tbroun

      Hi Phil – We have Charley’s listed. Not sure how that rumor got started, but please check the listings. Thanks!

  • Streetlight Records


    If the Streetlight Records 3979 24th Street in San Francisco is still listed, will you kindly remove it as that store closed a couple of years ago.



  • oliviaung

    Thank you – it has been removed.

  • Kim

    Please add Record Revival, 201 Station Road, Quakertown PA 18951 to the list. Heavier in cd stock, but has been increasing their vinyl offerings.

  • tbroun

    Added. Thank you Kim.

  • vickymcnaught

    Hiya! Fantastic app idea! Please would you add Casbah Records. The address is 320-322 Creek Road, Greenwich, London, SE10 9SW, United Kingdom. Cheers! Vicky

    • tbroun

      @vickymcnaught Got it Vicky. Thank you.

      • vickymcnaught

        @tbroun Thanks! It’s much appreciated :)

  • Daves Record Shop

    Hello, could you please add Dave’s Record Shop at 2634 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, Ca 94702. Vinyl only!

  • tbroun

    We’ve added you, thanks! Please like us back on Facebook: Have a good weekend!

  • ThisMicah

    Hi, thanks for the great app. You oughta add Wombleton Records:

    • tbroun

      @ThisMicah Done! Thanks!

  • Donnies Records

    Could you please add Donnie’s Records, 1061 Eastshore Hwy., Ste. 213, Albany Ca 94710. We sell vinyl records only.

    Thanks so much!

    • tbroun

      @Donnies Records Added. Thanks!

  • Neuro Scott

    Please add Neurotica Records in Toronto, to your brilliant app.  Location is 642 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6J 1E4. Phone: (416) 603-7796. Been slinging cool vinyl for 23 years and counting. Website:

    • tim b

       @Neuro Scott Its been added. Thank you Scott.

  • Upbeat Disco

    Please, add Upbeat Disco in Madrid, Spain. We’re specialized in Reggae & Soul music

    • tbroun

       @Upbeat Disco We’ve added it…thanks!

  • Guy In The Groove

    Please add Guy In The Groove in Santa Fe, NM
    new, used & audiophile records
    215 N. Guadalupe inside Constellation Home Electronics

    • tbroun

      You have been added!

  • Graham

    Please could you add Hyde & Seek Records downstairs in the Market Hall Hyde Cheshire SK14 2QT England to your listing. Open every day except Sundays and always a gem to be found at reasonable cost. It is not my business but I have been going there for years now.

    • tbroun

      Added. Thanks Graham!


    Hello, could you add SIGNAL SONORE please ?
    Thanks the app and thanks for the add !

    • tbroun


  • Music Underground

    Could you please update the address for MUSIC UNDERGROUND in your app? The address should be “224 West College Ave / State College PA 16801”
    Thanks for your help and for the awesome app!

    • tbroun

      Updated & website added. Thanks!

  • StevenChristensen

    any plans for expanding it beyond Us. to lets say for instance Denmark?

    • tbroun

       @StevenChristensen Hi Steven – We currently have stores in about 25 countries listed. I believe Denmark still needs to be added but it will be soon. Keep an eye on the app facebook page for news: Thanks!

      • StevenChristensen

         @tbroun Awesome. I can give you most of the Copenhagen based ones. Just let me know

        • tbroun

           @StevenChristensen Sure, if you’d like to please send a list to I need store name, address, and web or facebook address if possible. Thank you.

  • Vadim

    How can I download this app in Russia? Thank you (:

  • Frege

    Can’t download from the App Store (US).  What’s up?

  • thevinyldistrict

    Please try again – all is fine.

  • DaveyTaylor

    Weirdsville Records 36 New Street Mount Clemens MI 48043 Thanks, Davey @ Weirdsville. There are only 3 record stores left in my county! So we need to spread the word!

    • tbroun

      @DaveyTaylor Thanks Davey. We’ve added it!

  • garn3r

    Convoy Records, 6 The Regency, Lady Heyes, Kingsley Road, Frodsham, Cheshire, WA6 6SU, UK
    Needs adding as there’s not many I know of in Cheshire

  • Thad

    Great app!! Could you add Basement Records, 5009 Chapman Highway, Knoxville, TN.

  • DavidLewis2

    The address for Elizabeth’s Records in Columbus, OH is an old address. Any chance it can be changed to 3037 Indianola Ave, Columbus, OH 43202?

  • Anastasia33rpm

    Hi! Great App! Could you please add  “33 1/3” Vinyl Gallery (Adress: Москва,4-ый Сыромятнический переулок дом 1/8 ( )

  • mprebich

    When is the Windows Phone 8 app coming??

  • Henryk

    Great app. But need to be able to easily review locations of cities OTHER than where you are at present.

  • DaBigPuma

    Windows phone too please….

  • ben

    nothing for PC? lots of those too eh

  • always amused


    thank you.

  • njpicker4life

    The app is great, but how can you suggest a store not on the app?



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