TVD Recommends: Early Winters at Village Music World, free in-store, 4/8

Check out a free performance from Early Winters in NYC tomorrow night at Village Music World, a great record shop in the west village. The music kicks off at 7pm with free beer and pizza. We’ll be there filming, catching the band before their headlining show Wednesday night at Rockwood Music Hall. But first, a bit of a confession from Early Winters’ Justin Rutledge…

“Don’t tell anyone, but I don’t really buy new vinyl anymore. I search around for the old stuff, Van Morrison, Veedon Fleece, Mary Margaret O’Hara, Miss America, The Smiths, The Queen In Dead. Not to say that the new stuff ain’t got it–it’s just that the old stuff has the goods, ya know?

Just don’t tell anyone, because I’m in a band and I’d get in trouble for saying stuff like that. Ok, sometimes I get new vinyl too, but don’t tell anyone. I really love secrets. Sometimes when I’m listening to vinyl, it’s like someone is telling me clandestine sweet nothings, but on a stereo.

Is that strange? Oh no–do you think I’m strange? My family does sometimes. But that’s ok because I’ve got a lot of vinyl and vinyl doesn’t judge. I’m really glad you’re into records too. The last guy I went out with only had Mp3s and we didn’t get on too well.

Yeah, he had a lot of music, but no soul. I need someone with a soul, ya know? Get me? Someone who don’t mind being alone beside a stereo. Someone like you. Where’d you get those shoes?”
Justin Rutledge

Early Winters’ Vanishing Act is on store shelves now.
Early Winters Official | Facebook | Twitter

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  • Arthur Ngo

    But where DID he get those shoes? Can someone please tell me?


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