TVD Vinyl Giveaway: Newsted,
Heavy Metal Music

“I love vinyl. Because of the time that I came from, the generation that I am from, I love vinyl.”

“That’s what I knew, and of course it’s a tangible product. Fingerprints all over the posters and the records and the sleeve and everything, it’s what is supposed to happen. So, that’s what’s right for me, and I’m proud that still to this day, we can be a part of releasing some vinyl with all the other kinds of choices and modes, all that different crap.

I think it’s a very cool thing…I’m just happy that it still exists.”

That’s from our chat this morning with Jason Newsted, whose slammin new band Newsted releases their debut LP Heavy Metal Music today, 8/6. It is a riff heavy monster of a release—on store shelves this very moment—and we have a copy of the vinyl LP to award to one of you metal heads.

The new album is called Heavy Metal Music. Is there anything specific that prompted you to use such a simple, direct title?

Global outlook. From the beginning, I joined Metallica when I was 23 years old, and from that moment I was taught about looking at a worldwide view. You know, Metallica was worldwide before there was an internet or any of that kind of crap.

Early on, Metallica was bigger across the world than they ever were in the States, and that’s the way I was taught. It was instilled in me to look at it that way. I’ve played in 50 or 52 countries now so far, and in my career, no matter what language you speak, heavy metal music is heavy metal music, and Newsted is Newsted, and I want to make sure that’s very clear to everyone, what they’re gonna get when they lay down their money for this music.

That’s an interesting way to look at it.

I’ve played a number of styles in my career, you know, in Echobrain, Govt. Mule, Sepultura, DJ Shadow, and all different kinds of things. I just want to make sure everybody’s real clear on what’s happening this time.

Newsted’s Heavy Metal Music is an undeniable return to full-throttle form. Enter to win our copy of the LP by telling us in the comments below what band or LP says “heavy metal music” to you. The most metal response from an entrant with a North American mailing address will find the slab of vinyl in his or her mailbox.

We’ll choose one winner with a North American mailing address a week from today, 8/13!

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  • DSnyder

    The Mentors. They never sold out. Same songs til the day El Duce died. Can’t say the same for Metallica.

  • Lugnut

    Black Sabbath.  They invented metal and took a risk no one else was willing to take.  And to this day, they’ve never been duplicated…not even close.  Sabbath=Metal.  Period.

  • crowbarmark


  • RobThomas

    Metallica always said Heavy Metal to me. Metallica w/ Jason Newsted of course 😉

  • Ricky

    Ronnie James Dio…that man is the best metal singer ever..PERIOD

  • MikeHermon

    Pantera, stayed metal as fuck during the grunge years, when other bads were trying to survive Pantera just got bigger

  • AaronRiley

    Great album! Keep it up Jason

  • Ricky Lamont

    Ronnie James Dio…that man is the best metal singer ever….PERIOD

  • ChuckTerrell

    Black Sabbath Master of Reality says “heavy metal music” to me.  Tracks like Sweet Leaf, After Forever, Children of the Grave, Lord of this world and Into the Void still have me rocking out after all these years.

  • scottsantos93

    I drink the tears of children and sacrifice orange kittens to Allah.
    Can’t get anymore metal.

  • MichaelAlanSmith

    Black Sabbath and Ozzy for starters!!!

  • scoop16

    Iron Maiden ‘Killers’…Eddie on the cover & metal in those vinyl grooves so ferocious you could kill your neighbor’s lawn. My life has never been the same.

  • ericenders

    I have to go w/ the old school Thrash sounds of Slayer and admitting, the guys who really put Thrash on the map, Metallica. Im not a huge fan of Metallica anymore, but Puppets and Kill ‘Em All set the standard for old school metal.
    Slayer goes w/out saying, just insane.

  • DaveKK

    Without a doubt, the self titled Black Sabbath album has METAL written all over it. The Wizard…Behind the Wall of Sleep…NIB…Title track… need I say more? Many have argued the origins of metal but to me it was definitely the first Sabbath album! Without it, there would NOT be Metal as we know it today.

  • GioPerez

    In my opinion the band that screams heavy metal is the one and only megadeth mm/ there music is so heavy and brutally amazing there rifts,guitar solos and dave mustaine’s lyrics just make you go insane you cant but help bang your head or moshpit everytime there music comes up. And if I may add there brutally heavy rust in peace, and countdown to extiction is just so heavy such amazing heaviness thats why when I think heave metal the first band that pops to my head is the heavy thrash legends Megadeth mm/!!!!!

  • enigma88

    Anvil! Anvil! Anvil! Most underrated metal band, still going after all their hard ship. Megadeth in my opinion has put out consistent great albums. Metallica, I stopped listening to after the black album. There is just too many solid metal bands out there and it is good to see metal making strides in this beiber era bullshit they so call release as music! Just my opinion. Metal will never die!!

  • MikePalumbo

    Riot’s late 70’s Power Metal MotherFuckers! With Narita!

  • PamMann

    Tough to pick just one, but I have to go with the 80’s thrash scene.  While one of my favorites was always Death Angel (Frolic Through the Park), I would have to go with Exodus (Bonded by Blood) or Testament (The Legacy or The New Order).  If we are judging based on guitar solos, I would have to go back to Death Angel, because Rob Cavestany’s solo on Bored is amazing!!!

  • zeppelyn

    “The Number of the Beast”.

  • EricHenderson1

    Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” and Iron Maiden’s “Live After Death” are 2 of my favorites. m/

  • ughh

    With origins from blues, heavy metal brought a new thickness and compact sound to music. Black Sabbath and Deep Purple laid the foundation, Motorhead brought attitude and speed, and I’m sure it’s safe to say the rest is history.

  • kornfreak78

    For me? It’s Metallica – Master of Puppets!!

  • Bartender

    For me it has to me the first album of Metal Church – (S/T) I remember buying it like it was yesterday and once I put it on the turntable, it stayed there for half a year straight and got played everyday! I played it so much, I had to buy another copy of it within the first year!
    Gods of Wrath is still an amazing song and the cover of Deep Purple’s Highway Star is pure bliss!

  • KellyNJeff

    Machine Head “Darkness Within” sums it all up for me. 
    Pray to music, Build a shrine, worship in these desperate times, fill your heart with every note, cherish it and cast afloat, because god is in these cleff and tone, salvation is found a lone, haunted by its melody music it will set you free, let it set you free.  
    Music my savior!

  • Dimitrije Petrovic

    Metallica’s “…and justice for all” , because it has so much meaning to me. It is saying a lot about injustice,abusment of  freedom of speech, and darkness in  our society. It really opened my eyes with meaningful lyrics. I mean, “halls of justice painted green, money talking, powerwolves beset your door, hear them stalking” or “do you see what I see, truth is an offense, you silenence for your confidence” etc I LISTEN TO IT EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR PAST FEW YEARS, SO I CAN SAY IT IS A HUGE PART OF MY LIFE. JASON, KEEP ON ROCKING, I LOVE YOU (in a non-gay way) – 16yrs old Serbian guy

  • jhib66

    Motorhead, and more specifically Lemmy, IS heavy metal.  No compromises, EVER.  Hard, fast, and LOUD, for nearly 40 years.  Their music, writing, symbology, and personal appearance have influenced countless bands and musicians, including Jason.

  • RamseyLawson

    There is only one album that defines heavy metal music, and only one: Metallica’s Master of Puppets. This album was made during a point in the band’s career where all four members of Metallica were musically in sync with each other, and by doing so created not only the best album in Metallica’s career, but the best metal album of all time! Cliff Burton’s lived, and died metal, and this album, with the track “Orion”, he, along with James, Kirk, and Last created a musical masterpiece, not only for metal music, but music in general. No other metal band has a album that can match the composing of the tracks of Master of Puppets, and that is why that album is my all time favorite metal album, as that is many others favorite as well.

  • GioPerez

    If metal was bombs than megadeth were like napalm bombs thats how heavy they are!! They destroy eveything in there path and cause destruction and within that destruction the most brutal heavy thrash music any metalhead has heard!!!… Thats the true meaning of metal mm/

    • Heavy Metal is Back

      The only good Megadeth Albums are Countdown, peace Sells and So Far So Good So What. Megadeth has dropped the bomb on themselves……. The counted down to their own extinction……….

      • GioPerez

        Heavy Metal is Back
        not true yes those are some of there greatest albums but megadeth have continued to put out some brutal albums to this day yeah it mght be as heavy but it still has soul and power behind it they still have there thrash roots as from the beginning

  • ChefHell

    its about time the “new kid” newsted got back to the metal!!!!!!! good shit  hope its an ongoing thing

  • ChicagoMike

    I had to dig deep in my soul from back when I was younger, 1991:  Band:  “John Connelly Theory” it’s like a fine rare piece of art, few have heard of it….

  • DarthGrimby

    As mankind hurled itself forever downwards into the bottomless pit of eternal chaos, the remnants of civilization screamed out for salvation — Redemption roared across the burning sky… The Painkiller!

  • Heavy Metal is Back

    The greatest metal album is by far Pantera – vulgar Display of Power. I bought that album the week it came out only because I thought the cover was awesome. I mean come on a dude getting his face destroyed with a fist? Since then Pantera has and will be the top dog in metal. There is also Slayer, Anthrax, MachineHead, Max Cavelera Sepultura and I will throw in All that Remains because they are newer metal but kick ass.

    • Heavy Metal is Back


  • ZachB

    In my own personal opinion, …And Justice For All was one of the greatest metal albums all time.  My personal favorite song on the album was Eye of the Beholder, behind that was The Frayed Ends of Sanity.  The only problem i had with the album was the fact that the bass wasn’t mastered correctly and I could barely hear it.  I purchased the vinyl, and it was definitely better than the cd, the bass was slightly clearer.  I’m 18, and i think that vinyl is the best way to hear music, because it adds depth to the music and makes the experience far more enjoyable than other platforms for music.

  • Yanbouchard

    heavy metal ????  3 simple word! MASTER——OF——PUPPEEEEEEEEEEETS!  But Newsted was a big loss for metallica on stage… the biggest!

  • JeffMalone

    Impossible question to answer. Metal brings out an inner beast in all metal heads. Not every person hears music the same way. That is what makes it so personal. Hence why metal heads are so passionate about the records they love! Jeff Malone46 Gilford StManchester NH 03102

  • DanVasilik

    Though there are many outstanding metal musicians who have put out some great in your face music over the years I feel Pantera’s Cowboys from Hell LP was released at a time when us hardcore metal heads needed a huge shot in the arm!! Pantera and that album was a solid OMFG!!! It was like getting smashed with a baseball bat and made you crave more at a time when most mainstream metal was becoming soft and anything hardcore was getting snubbed… Pantera just blew that scene wide open again and letting everyone know metal was far from dead!!! Jason Newsted has always been one of my favorite bass players and was one of the reasons I started pounding away many years ago!! It was a sad day for us Metallica fans when Jason left but he has so much talent that he needs to share with us his friends and fans that he just wasn’t left a choice… Newsted’s Heavy Metal Music is my Pantera Cowboys from Hell all over again!!!!!! The music, the way it’s mixed, that raw heavy FUKK YOU sound is just KICK ASS!!! I can’t stop listening to it and it’s not only given me hope for Metal but it’s put a big skip back in my step!!!! Thank you Jason for KICKING OUR ASS again friend!!! 

  • Rattlehead

    Listening to this band and seeing them live debuting their album is a metalheads dream come true m/-NEWSTED!!!!

  • Disturbed70

    Judas Priest – Screaming for Vengeance. Kicks ass from beginning to end.

  • Anthony T Carollo

    Pantera – Vulgar Display of Power.  Based on the cover, you know you’re getting your ass kicked when you listen to that album.  But it does more than just kick your ass…it adds to your soul…it creates something in you that will/can never be taken away from you, EVER!  You gain a new family with Heavy Metal.  New brothers and sisters…HEAVY METAL!!!!!  m/ m/

  • H7Johnson

    The most metal album I’ve come across , just getting into the metal scene as a young kid , has to be Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying by: Megadeth . I mean , who wouldn’t want a more perfect , kick ass , in your face album like this . Shredding and kick ass riffs from start to finish .

  • jon aspinwall

    I met jason on this past tour, and I said to him that no matter what band he was in that he brought the heavy. jason is the heaviest thing I’ve seen and I got to tell him so.he enjoyed it so much he said it for the rest of the night 🙂

  • DerekjDorey

    Slayer`s Haunting the Chapel

  • TomNetherland

    Newsted’s “Heavy Metal Music” clearly and in pummeling fashion says heavy metal music to me! Metal on, Newsted!

  • DrowningDog

    Most recently I’d have to say Mastodon. But the song that really hooked me on metal when I was 13, or so was “Jump in the Fire” on a 4 song Metallica EP. Life saving is the mettuhl.

  • revolutiontmr

    Painkiller from Judas Priest is the most vintage heavy metal album to date. 
    There have been followers–great ones, good ones, and mediocre ones–out there, but no one achieves what Judas Priest did with the Painkiller album at that time. 
    The album’s got focused theme, breakthrough songwriting, excellent lyrics, aggressive riffs, intense drummings all together in one piece under the name of heavy metal music. This is it. This, to me, is heavy metal music.
    (I currently live in the States. Please use the provided e-mail to contact me, if I am that lucky enough. Cheers!)

  • Art Bertik

    HEAVY METAL MUSIC is a title so broad it allows the music to speak for itself. Some might interpret it as cocky as if saying “I need not say anything more, I’m a Heavy Metal Music icon”. However, it would be completely justified as Jason Newsted was an important part of Metallica, which speaks volumes itself. PRAINBORK’s album A WRENCH SHORT OF A BAKER’S DOZEN is meant to invoke confusion and curiosity because I, being new, still have introduction to make. Anyway, I loved the METAL EP and can’t wait to grab this full length HEAVY METAL MUSIC LP.

  • evoldead

    Heavy Metal Breakdown by Grave Digger

  • saxonpapastar

    My  first intro to metal was RCA record company I got KIss, 3 lp and scorpions lovedrive this was what started my love affair with all metal . no matter what if it is rocks it is all good. Saxon is my favorite metal band of all Denim and leather is metal

  • chuckarmstrong

    1977’s debut, self-titled album from the one and only Motorhead. There is absolutely nothing that says “heavy metal music” more than the inaugural record from the Godfather himself.

  • merloutre

    Metallica M.O.P. FTW!!

  • MikePalumbo

    Who won?

  • GioPerez

    Who won ?

  • thevinyldistrict

    A winner has been notified and has confirmed! Thanks!


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