TVD Ticket & Vinyl Giveaway: KITTEN in the city and the venue
of your choice AND the brand new LP!

We kinda want to say we told you so.

From March of 2010: “I go on these tears when I hear a new track that I’m totally into—I play it over and over and over and over again as if to brainwash myself so I can walk around singing the thing. Or inhabiting it. So far I’ve played this KITTEN track 16 times. And I first heard it about 3PM yesterday.

Oh—and KITTEN’S lead singer, Chloe Chaidez is, uh—15. And a star.”

Since 2010’s off the cuff prediction, KITTEN has taken over the site for a week, we’ve covered the band live numerous times, we’ve given away tickets, we’ve given away vinyl, they’ve had our Single of the Week, and we even went on a little record store shopping trip together last October.

So, we’re pretty proud that our hunch has been proven accurate as KITTEN is still making some seriously fine music which lands on store shelves today in the form of the band’s self-titled debut release AND their first ever headline tour kicks off in a matter of days—and we have the exclusive opportunity for three of you reading this to win tickets to see Chloe and Co. on any date of the tour in any city—AND the debut record on vinyl! The headline tour is as follows:

July 1 – Detroit , MI – Shelter
July 2 – Cleveland, OH – Grog Shop
July 4 – Toronto, ON – Wrongbar
July 5 – Montreal, QC – La Vitrola
July 7 – Cambridge, MA – The Sinclair
July 8 – New York, NY – Highline Ballroom
July 9 – Philadelphia, PA – District N9ne
July 10 – Washington, DC – Rock & Roll Hotel
July 11 – Raleigh, NC – King’s Barcade
July 12 – Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade – Hell Stage
July 14 – Houston, TX – House Of Blues Bronze Peacock
July 15 – Austin, TX – Stubbs Jr Bar-B-Q
July 16 – Dallas, TX – Club Dada
July 19 – Denver, CO – Marquis Theatre
July 21 – Boise, ID – Club Rev
July 22 – Seattle, WA – The Vera Project
July 24 – San Francisco, CA – Bottom Of The Hill
July 25 – Costa Mesa, CA – The Wayfarer

While you’re contemplating those dates and where you’d like to check out the band live, we sent photographer Julia Lofstrand to the El Rey Theatre last Saturday night for the album release show for a taste of what’s to come on the road—and if these shots are any indication, it’s safe to say we’re looking forward to it. Big time.

Enter to win a pair of tickets for ANY CITY and ANY DATE listed above on KITTEN’S first ever headlining tour AND a vinyl copy of the band’s full length debut LP by telling us in the comments below why YOU deserve to win—as the band’s biggest fan, of course.

We’ll choose THREE winners—for both the pair of tickets and the record each—on Monday, June 30!

KITTEN Official | Facebook | Twitter

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  • crowbarmark

    I’m a big fan of SEX DRIVE

  • SantiagoABurgos

    I was only introduced to Kitten a little over a year ago when they opened for Paramore. Their performance as an opener was spectacular and since then I’ve bought all their new music that they release. Everything’s a hit. Especially the Beats Music exclusive MXTP. Chloe is a star and her and her band are here to stay.

  • miniroll14

    She took my breath away when I first saw her at Charli’s concert! Sadly, I didn’t know her songs then…..BUT now I do, and I’d kill to see her again!!!! Please please please ✨

  • jbryan

    I would love to win because having a chance to see a singer and band this good live, particularly just as they are beginning to get the attention that they deserve around the country, would be an unforgettable experience, and one that you could look back on decades later as they continue to grow.  Impossible to characterize, but also to ignore, Kitten’s music is far better than what now is passing for popular music by fleeting, marginal talents.  Kitten is here to stay.

  • Diego

    I first saw Kitten when they opened up for Charli XCX in early November 2013. When Chloe first stepped on stage I was completely mesmerized by both her beauty and voice. Between dogging hair flips and jamming out she constantly gave me chills throughout the set. After the concert was over I stopped by their merch table, where they were signing posters and meeting fans, and talked to her for a bit. I told her how awesome she was and how cool she made me feel. I asked her to sign my underwear as a memory of the great front-row and first concert experience and she did. The next day I attacked my parent’s credit card and purchased all their previous eps and listened to them nonstop for about a week, followed them on every social media account and read so many interviews, I fell in love more and more each day. To this day I am constantly checking out their twitter and Facebook for awesome updates. Blessed with a follow from their official twitter, and retweets, favorites and even dms my love for kitten has grown so immense. Unfortunately being a teenage fan is also pretty tough due to no monetary income, and constantly having to sneak some cash from my parents which isn’t always the coolest thing to do. I feel that my story and love for kitten is very cool and winning the tickets + Vinyl would be so awesome and next level ass well. Thank you for taking your time to read this and thanks for the awesome opportunity!
    Diego H

  • Carlos Villarreal

    Let’s start from the top: I discovered KITTEN through Paramore when they came to Chicago and it was the best choice of my life..ever since that concert I tweeted to kitten so much (probably annoyed them so much) that they followed me.. and it seriously sparked me inside to start a fan account. I currently run the fan blog and a while after, the Twitter account @ KITTENWorldWide . It’s been a little over a year that I have been runing the fan blog and I love it.. I really enjoy communicating with fans and providing them with updates and answering any of their questions. I even promote them a lot around my town.. people always get their name mixed up and say “kitty, kitten in the band, kitten and the band, or the kitties band” haha. Chloe’s style, and passion really make me want to see them again..I have only seen them live once (which was with Paramore) and I would really appreciate winning these tickets and vinyl to see them again especially because of money issues… if I get the amazing opportunity to win I would FINALLY get to meet Chloe which has been my #1 goal since they opened for Paramore since we left right before we found out they were meeting fans at the merch booth
    Thanks for your time, please hold me in consideration
    -Carlos V

  • Kendallj299

    I first fell in love with Kitten at a Paramore show and I remember waiting in line and talking to people about Kitten and a girl said, “You just can’t take your eyes off the lead singer. You’ll understand when you see her”. And damn, I sure did. Chloe is so full of energy and constantly moving that you actually can’t take your eyes off of her. That show was over a year ago and since then I’ve been dying to catch Kitten somewhere again. Their sound has changed a bit on this new album, but I love it nonetheless.

  • bansheebeat11

    Kitten is amazing!!! The vocal stylings accompanied with her stage presence is what made me fall in love the first time I saw her!!!! My closest show is 7/1 in Chicago the day after my birthday and this contest ends ON my birthday!!! Getting to see her perform her long anticipated debut album accompanied by getting to hear all the amazing songs on wax would make my 23rd birthday especially unforgettable!!!

  • marinasponytail

    I found out about Kitten last summer when Pandora played the song “Cut It Out” and I was instantly in love. I’ve never had the chance to see them live, because the concerts always ended up conflicting with finals or school, so I was always really bummed about it. If you guys picked me I would finally get to see one of my favorite bands this summer, and it would seriously be the highlight of it all. I love the way Chloe gives her all on stage and she just makes the crowd pumped and energized. She never stops moving and is always up to a huge dance party. I’ve only known these facts from watching YouTube videos of this incredible band live, so it’d be so amazing to see them live in person. Being a teenager is rough when you don’t exactly have the money to see your favorite bands live so to be given this opportunity would be great. I would love to finally meet Chloe and have the chance to tell her how much of a wonderful person she is and how much Kitten’s music as a whole has inspired me!!

  • Patris

    i first listened to Kitten around september of 2013, pretty soon after “like a stranger” was released, which was the first song i listened to by Kitten. its still one of my favorites by them along with many many other songs (its hard to choose!). After i continued to listen to more and more music by them and now theyre one of my favorite bands! chloe has an absolutely amazing voice, shes so unique not just vocally! she seems like a really cool person  and since shes still a teenager, its cool how relatable she can be with her fans. when i found out Kitten were coming to new york (where i would want to see them) i freaked out a little, but after i was pretty upset when i realized i wouldnt be able to pay for the tickets and see them. i would absolutely loveee to win tickets to see kitten live, ive heard the show is so energetic and just a really fun time. after watching some videos of kitten perform live, i cant basically guarantee that seeing them live is a must for any music lover, including myself! i just listened to the new album and i think its fantastic and itd also be amazing to hear these songs live!!

  • Mary

    I first saw KITTEN when they opened for Paramore in Denver. It was on a total whim that I even attended the show –a friend of my sister offered me her extra ticket. Hands down the best concert I had gone to all year, and it was all because of KITTEN’s amazing performance! The band is total obsession worthy and I would love love LOVE to see them again!

  • KatherineNNM

    I discovered Kitten via RiotFest in Colorado.  I was just checking out some of the other bands that were playing that I hadn’t heard of before that I should check out during the festival, and Kitten’s music quickly caught my attention.  And then their live show at the festival blew me away.  Had a bit of an obsession and have been following them ever since.  (to the point where I coordinated my trip back to Texas to where i could catch them when they toured with Charli XCX).  I love the new album and can’t wait to see them again.  Especially excited about it being the original band line up as I was first memorized by at RiotFest.

  • Chris

    Short and simple: Kitten effing rocks! And Chloe is an awesome front woman!  I bought all three EPs before seeing them open up for Charli XCX in Columbus (I live in Pittsburgh).  I have since ordered the debut album from the official Kitten website with Chloe’s signature, because I know a few years from now when the band is well known and played on every major radio station that it’ll be an amazing collectors item! (Although, I don’t want them to get too big. I like knowing about talented indie musicians that don’t have to appeal to the masses to have a successful career.)

  • CarlaVanessaAndradePerez

    KITTEN THE BAND is my inspiration. When I was ready to give up on music all together Kitten reminded me of my passion just by the first song I saw them play live. I will never forget it. Chloe Chaidez is the sweetest and very welcoming. I don’t ever want to miss a tour.

  • wonderfalls33

    I discovered KITTEN when they opened for No Doubt at their penultimate show at Gibson at Universal, December 2012. I had never been so captivated by an opening act. In all honesty, I couldn’t discern a single word of what Chloe was singing, but the sheer energy of their performance coupled with their dynamic sound had me at the edge of my seat. Then, during “G#–Purple Rain,” Chloe displayed her gymnastic prowess in a flip off a monumental speaker stack. My jaw hit the floor. After their set, Chloe actually walked past me and my friend at the very back of the auditorium on her way to their merch table. I couldn’t believe she was the same height as me (~5′), let alone so young. I had found a new personal inspiration and music goddess. It was the best rock show I had ever seen, and No Doubt hadn’t even stepped on stage yet. 

    The next time I saw them perform was at the Roxy, March 2013. I convinced another friend to join me after I regaled her with my first KITTEN story. This time I stood right in front of the stage. It was a transcendent experience; I had never been so moved and so completely starstruck. After the show, I mustered up the courage to say hi to Chloe and I told her how KITTEN’s performance at Gibson was literally the most memorable part of the entire No Doubt show. She was so thankful, and even posed for a picture with me! I doubt I’ll ever have another chance to meet a destined superstar and one so genuine and humble. It was truly one of greatest moments of my life.

    Since then, I’ve seen KITTEN once more– at their Troubador show, August 2013. Again, a completely transcendent performance. Music moves me like nothing else, and in KITTEN I found an aesthetic kindred — this perfect match that sates my every aural craving. A lyrical blood transfusion that keeps me alive.  It would be incredible to see them again in this phase of their ascending career!

  • Darrien

    KITTEN, the band, is simply a force to be reckoned with. Despite the lineup changes over the past few tours, the band still holds attention without missing a step. The ferocity of the music is only amplified in a live setting and I would like nothing more than to be able to experience that for myself. Plus I can play most of the tracks the band has released, the live versions as well, thus requiring a serious dedication to the music itself, as I am a huge fan. Though i’m heartbroken that my favorite lineup is not the one on this tour, the music still holds a special place in my heart, allowing me to put aside feelings on personnel and enjoy what is to be an amazing show.

  • Rachel Burry

    A couple of years ago I had a very small job with Paramore’s label. I received a ticket/meet and greet for their comeback show in Pomona where Kitten was first opening for them. Am I arguably a lucky fan for witnessing such an important show for them? Absolutely. Have I been unlucky with this band ever since? Unbelievably so. At that show in Pomona I was invited by Chloe herself to join her onstage and dance with her. Unfortunately Hayley Williams had invited me to join Paramore during their finale if I could hold my spot at barricade. My heart broke, surely I would never receive such an offer again from either singer, but I stayed placed on the floor and mounted the stage later in the night. Still, I wondered what would have been…
    Time ticked by in the way that it does and soon Kitten were scheduled to play my home town of San Francisco opening for Charlie XCX. I was elated, ecstatic, I had my outfit planned and my heart set on hearing certain songs before suddenly Charlie cancelled the entire tour (so that she could open a few dates with guess who… Paramore.) The dates were rescheduled and luckily enough Kitten could still do the tour, but on that new show day Charlie became ill and (according to the journalist I spoke to who had just interviewed her) the play times were pushed back so that sets could be cut shorter without disrupting the schedule of the venue staff. My schedule was tight, I barely managed to stay for the set before rushing outside to meet my ride. As I waited outside a familiar face rushed out from behind the building. “Rachel!” I turned wildly to find Chloe Chaidez in all her dazzling glory. She… she knew my name? She knew my name?! She pulled me aside and asked if I wanted to go to the merch booth and talk. I ran in alongside her past security, the simple words “She’s with me” buzzing in my ear (I was with her! I was with her!). Just as I was able to buy a copy of Like A Stranger on CD (I already had it, but it did not matter) my ride called. He was outside waiting for me. Disheartened I waved goodbye to Chloe without being able to speak to her, hoping next time would be better.
    No… no. I didn’t hope next time would be better. I KNEW it would be better. I would force it to work out. I would show up to the venue before anyone, looking fashionable, excited, I even had a bag with small gifts to Chloe to express my absolute fangirliness. I ready to go see Kitten for their solo show at Bottom Of The Hill! I entered the venue with a trail of fans behind me, walking to the stage, trembling in anticipation for the night ahead of me. Then, on that fateful night, I received a phone call from my sister. She was in the hospital for the third time that month. She needed me. My heart… I cannot describe the ache I felt as I slowly trudged out of the venue before the first act could play. “Miss!” said security. “You can’t get back in once you leave!” I turned to him, holding back tears in my eyes. “I know.” I whispered hoarsely, standing unsteadily then abruptly running out of the venue before I could change my mind.
    And now we are here. My heart has been shattered by this band, the only thing able to mildly repair it being the new self titled LP, piece by piece stitched together by their groovy tunes. Am I a bad person? Have I done something wrong to deserve this? I sometimes ask myself these questions as I listen to The Sunday School EP on vinyl. I gaze ahead, watching the record spin as I stand solemnly and think to myself. Perhaps one day I will go to a show uninterrupted. Perhaps I will dance with Chloe onstage or at least talk to her after the show, be able to express my true love for her band’s music. This is a scenario I dream of frequently, smiling into the night and hoping the sun will not rise and leave me disappointed with the reality I face.
    Please. Please help my dreams come true. Please help me go see Kitten and make the wrongs I have faced right.

  • Lauren

    The instant I heard KITTEN it was like love. In fact, it was love. I became infatuated with Allison Day in late 2011 and slowly discovered the beauty that was the Cut it Out EP and Sunday School EP. This album is one of the best records that has been put out this year and I feel like a proud mother/younger sister to Chloe. I’ve never seen KITTEN live but based off of the many YouTube videos I’ve watched, it is no joke. I was really bummed about missing them when they toured with Charli XCX due to family issues, but hopefully I will see them soon! I want to dance along to the songs I am so emotionally invested in as they are played from the stage. I want to soak up the atmosphere in the venue. I want to lose my voice singing along to God’s gift of an album. It’s not even a want, it’s a need. Honestly, I just want the chance to meet Chloe and thank her for what her music has gotten me through.

  • Rebekah S

    I first saw KITTEN back in 2011 when they opened up for Electric 6. I knew nothing about them and I had never heard an inkling of who they were. However, from the first song that was played til the very end, I was mesmerized at the fun, energetic flow that radiated off the lead singer and the band. I knew instantly that I was a fan and wanted to see them again. I have not been able to since, but I heard that they were coming through Texas again in July. I’ve been keeping track of their tours dates and have listened and bought all of their EPs and am absolutely loving the singles from the Like A Stranger CD. I would love to be able to see them again when they come through to Texas to cheer them on, rock out, and connect at the emotion and thrill-seeking atmosphere that I know will be radiating on the stage. It would also be another thing to cross off my bucket list as they are one of the many bands I would love to see again! Their music is an inspiration and a need for whenever I am feeling down and their voice as a band is what keeps me realizing that music is not dead, but is continuing to be a spark that ignites the flames of life in a tragic-filled world.

  • ShelbyRose13

    How to begin… I first saw KITTEN this past April in Spokane well they were touring with The Neighbourhood. Having been unaware that that they even existed my mind was blown…. Chloe had such a presence on stage that I found truly inspiring! Not to shame The Neighbourhood or anything but KITTEN showed them up both during and after the concert! After the concert I waited outside the venue and was fortunate enough to meet KITTEN, I worked up the nerve to ask them to sign a shirt for me (best decision of my life) that I now have framed in my room…
    Being 16 and having dreams and ambitions of my own, KITTEN has been a HUGE personal inspiration of mine. They’ve given me the mentality of, if that’s what they did at my age, than what’s stopping me? So whenever I’m feeling low or need a push to do something I put on their music, and remember that crazy night back in April!
    If you read this I would just like to say, Thank You! Thanks for your wonderful music at not only inspires me but everyone that listens to it!

  • jackmichaelmyers

    Plain and simple: I love Chloe and the boys! They put on one of the best live shows I have ever seen, create some of the best music that I have laid ears on, and I would love to see them again!

  • judy reilly

    We saw you open for Paramore in Denver last year, you blew me away!  I couldn’t make RIOT FEST, so I have been waiting anxiously to see you again ever since.  JUST FOUND OUT ONE OF THE MOST AWESOME DENVER BANDS (DISCOUNT CINEMA) OPENS FOR YOU!!!!  SQUEEEEEEEEEE!

  • LeaC

    I first saw Kitten when they opened for Charli XCX and was blown away by the energy and talent I saw on stage. I had no idea who they were going in to the show and was so impressed by them and how great they are! I was lucky enough to meet Chloe after the show and she was beyond nice. I went home and binge listened to their music and was really excited when I heard that their debut album was coming out followed by a headlining tour. I would love to see them again in montreal!

  • R White Buffalo

    I saw you in LA when you opened for Charli XCX right before my best friend moved back to Iowa. You were amazing!!! I even was able to tell you how amazing you were in between sets when you were by the crowd walking though. Such a fan! Now my best friend (who loves you just as much) will be coming back to LA to stay with me for a month before she moves to Washington and I move to NYC. I would love to remember the night and continue that memory for the San Fran show.

  • Michele VanZuylen

    I don’t know if I deserve this win or not, I just know that after seeing Chloe open for Paramore at the Fox Theater both myself and my husband knew we had just witnessed something and someone incredibly special!!! We are 50 year old grandparents, and I am a youth addiction counselor, and Chloe was frequently made it into our discussions with my kids at the rehab I worked at. Without even knowing, she inspired dozens of kids with her drive and dedication at such a young age and continues to do so. We are forever fans and it’s exciting to watch Chloe evolve and emerge as the great star we already knew she was!!!

  • RozalynnePate

    I first saw KITTEN when they opened for PARAMORE in Atlanta. I knew nothing about them and was less than thrilled that I would have to wait for the set to finish before seeing Paramore. But the second Chloe stepped on the stage and opened her mouth, I was in love. I could take my eyes off of her and I couldn’t believe how amazing the music was, especially when no one in the band looks a day over 17 years old. From that day on, I’ve annoyed my boyfriend to death by having G# on repeat, whether it be in the house, or in the car. My boyfriend even bought me 2 of their vinyls for Christmas, and I admit, I cried. So between the crazy amount of times I’ve had their albums on repeat, the crazy amount of times I’ve made Chloe my WCW on instagram, and the crazy amount of time it has been since I’ve seen them live, I DESERVE TO WIN!!!!!! But regardless of whether I have to sell a kidney or pawn my grandma’s jewelry, I WILL SEE KITTEN IN ATLANTA!!!! <3

  • AnitaKayed

    I’ve only known about Kitten for a few months, and in that time I have obtained EVERYTHING I can get my grubby little paws on. I am an eclectic music lover and not one to be so keen on someone so quickly. My boyfriend spotted her on TV and told me about her. Thought I might like her as I am a devout Siouxsie fan. I find her stage appeal very similar. I’m so sorry I’ve yet to see her live, and was hopeful this go round, but unless I won tix, I’m unsure I could make the 4 hour trek to see her (Seattle). It makes no matter. Fan for life.

  • erickaearology

    I met Chloe in a bathroom at a small town bar in my hometown of Lansing, MI. We washed our hands, side by side. The entire time I wanted to let her know, that I in fact, knew who this girl was. Instead, I told her I liked her shorts and we went on our way. Later I was beyond surprised to see this young thing rock a stage like a rock goddess. I was captivated. At one point she hurled herself into the crowd and took us all surprise at just how captivating this little force could be. In a time of musical chaos, Chloe remained the eye of the storm. At the end of the night, I was happy to meet the entire band. Kitten is a band so modest it’s almost unfair; with so much talent pulsing through this band. The band was always so grateful of all the compliments they received and we ended up taking selfies by the end of the night. I’d love to congratulate the band on the continuing success, of course take another fb profile pic with the band, and steal a hug from miss Chloe herself in Detroit next Tuesday.

  • christophermm66

    Enter me, lol!!

  • Chris Harmony

    I had bought tickets for the El Rey record release party and then had to move to Boston one week before the show!!! So bummed. Lucky me they are playing Boston’s The Sinclair and I would love to go. Also, I think that Chloe is such an amazing talent, one of the craziest and best front people in decades.

  • shutupvictoria

    I was first introduced to Kitten when they opened for Charli XCX. Originally Charli was supposed to be playing an earlier date and had to reschedule / start the whole tour back up. It was difficult for me to deal with because I had purchased tickets for that date knowing I’d have a ride. With the rescheduled date there was so much anxiety and calling people I never wanted to deal with again just to BEG to get a ride. Luckily I was able to make it to the show and considering how much Kitten’s performance stuck with me, I tremble at the thought of what would have happened if I hadn’t. 
    I’ve told this story numerous times to numerous people and although I can see their eyes glaze over, I feel excitement each time. The lovely friend who gave me a ride and I were positioned nearly dead center. I was sitting on the stage when the lights dimmed down so I stood up and faced the stage as the rest of the band came out. Suddenly this girl comes up behind me, squeezes inbetween me and a few other concert goes, and gets up on stage. At first I thought…..has this fan lost her mind? Is this supposed to be happening? I’m fairly certain that was THE moment that set me up for the legacy of that night. 
    You can really see how into the music the entire band is. It was difficult to stay focused on one person in particular, I never received whiplash trying to keep up with everyone. The way the Chloe looses herself in the music is so refreshing. We were so close to the stage that a few of the songs consisted of Chloe’s midsection directly blocking my friends view. We didn’t mind at all, rather, we used it as a conversation piece after the show. Fiona & Chloe were at their table, where I am now officially KICKING myself for not buying a shirt or a cd (but I spent all of my money on that ticket so I couldn’t have it I wanted to.), and they were instantly approachable.
    Coming from someone with massive anxieties its difficult to walk up to a stranger unaware as to whether or not they’re going to be stand offish. Needless to say, regardless of my preconceived notions, I walked up to Chloe and just straight blurted out “your crotch was in our faces the entire night.” There wasn’t a smile on my face at first because I was so utterly nervous I probably looked like I was going to pass out. Then I realized she probably took it to offense. So quickly I corrected myself. “No no, it was awesome!”
    The entire reason I even managed to gather up enough confidence to go and talk to Chloe was because I noticed half way through their set that we have the same set of chevron rings. It comes in a set of three, and much like 12 year old I am on the inside, I deemed them my friendship rings. (My sister and my best friend from the womb each have one of them, thus completing the cycle). So the second thing that managed to come falling out of my mouth was “I noticed we have the same chevron ring! I call them my best friend rings, so I guess this means we’re best friends now.” Now I’m thinking, great, I sound like a total idiot. As Chloe laughed and agreed I was too busy mentally slamming my palm against my forehead. Luckily I managed to push my inner self deprecation aside for a moment long enough to pose for a photo.
    Now, I’m not one of those “stand and smile” kind of girls. It gets boring after a while and besides, what if this is your only chance to meet that person? Why don’t you make it count? Needless to say Chloe had no problem with my weird face. (Which I posed to show both of our rings but then realized I had it on my thumb, which is barely in the frame.) On the car ride home I would not shut up about the night. Of course Charli XCX was amazing but I couldn’t seem to stop talking about Kitten. Seriously, I thought my friend was going to shove me out on the highway and make me walk home.
    The next morning I slipped into a creepy state of fandom. I found myself liking their facebook page, tagging the photo we took, liking their instagram, downloading their EP. I was a mad woman and no one could stop me. I even called the girl who took me to the show to inform her they had a song clearly written about her although they didn’t know her yet (Christina) and she was like “….who? Oh, you’re really into them aren’t you?” Within less than a ten hour period I had single handedly catapulted myself as a major fan of theirs. I added them into playlists, put them on mix cds, and even now I can feel my friends fight off the urge to roll their eyes when I bring them up. 
    Now that they’re going back on tour (and to The Masquerade, one of my favorite venues!) I’m DYING to get some tickets. The only issue is, once again I am beyond broke. (Seriously. If you have a job opening and you’re reading this, hit a girl up.) If I can manage to scrape together enough money to buy my own tickets, it would be a dream come true for me. But of course, winning them would be even better. So I guess here’s to keeping my fingers and toes crossed!

  • MichaelJordan

    I’m Originally from Texas and am now stationed in Fort lewis, Wa.
    I was only in Washington for 2 months before I was told I was going to Afghanistan within a 10days notice. I was hard for me because I was sent to a new unit that was ready to deploy and this brand new kid who isn’t even 20 years old just joined us. I didn’t know a single person. The whole plane ride there in an AC-130 I sat lonely by myself just listening to Music trying to find myself at peace. I Remember Running into a song by kitten on Pandora before I boarded the Plane and immediately went to iTunes to download it.

    I kept thinking to my family that i would seem them all again.
    After a hard deployment, I returned to Washington and was ready to go home but Was denied Leave because I did not have enough days.

    As everyone went home, I stayed behind on base. I Always found music as an escape and something to help me through my hardest times. I began searching for concerts around Seattle and my first Concert back from Afghanistan was for The Neighborhood at the SODO in Downtown Seattle. 

    I went as a party of 1 and was ready to enjoy a night out on the town and celebrate my homecoming. As I Entered the Small venue I immediately went to the Merch table and noticed Kitten was the opening act!

    I forgot all about the headlong act and Ran straight to the front of the stage to get as close as possible! The same Voice I hear before left was going to perform for me center stage! 

    I could sing to damn near every song and even had the honor of helping Crowd surf. I Finally met the Beautiful Chloe who I feel In love with instantly! 

    She always dreamed of being a Rock Star and I always Dreaming of Being a soldier. The craziest its that we were the same age. I had a Short but mesmerizing conversation with her and bought Shirts, CD’s and Posters. 

    I even got her autograph and a photo with the lovely lady. I don’t know if the Band will see this, but You all saved my life. Music is my salvation and  I had the Chance to Come home safely and see one of the Greatest shows of my Life! Thank you for the Great 10 Minute Conversation Chloe and I Can’t wait to see you again in Seattle!

  • Bradley Norman

    While I’ve been fortunate enough to see Kitten perform and meet the beautiful, undeniably talented Chloe twice, I’ve yet to experience a full set. I crave more. In both shows, I’ve been left with an empty, unsatisfied feeling in my stomach. I need more. I stood in the rain at Big Guava Music Festival in Tampa, front and center, and sang along to every song, I thrashed in the crowd when Kitten opened for and completely outshined Charli XCX, but I desperately crave a full-set.

    This album was truly fantastic and, despite begging her to perform new content at Big Guava when I met her for a second time, I was left hearing the same, yet still amazing, setlist I heard when she opened for Charli.

    I want a chance to experience Chloe’s energy and Kitten’s power as a headlining act.

  • adoseofdeej

    I first saw Kitten back in August 2012 when they opened for Paramore at the Fox Theater in Pomona, CA. My best friend and I never heard of them until that day and we loved every moment. Chloe had us vibing and bobbing our heads lol. I’m a music junkie but I’m not easily impressed when it comes to an artist or band the first time around but Kitten really caught my attention and my ears loved it. As soon as I got home, I went online to hear any and every song that was out there and I’ve been hooked ever since. I saw them for the second time opening for Paramore again at The Joint in Las Vegas, May 2013. I was elated when I found out they were opening again and this time, I knew the lyrics to their songs lol. Chloe was just as amazing as the first time I saw her live. I was able to catch one of the shows at the Constellation Room in Santa Ana and being close to front row was just amazing! At this point, I loved everything about Kitten. The music, lyrics, Chloe’s energy, her charisma, and her voice! It was all prefection. I finally got the chance to meet the tremendously talented & beautiful Chloe when she did an acoustic show at Origami Vinyl. I fell in love even more after hearing her perform acoustically! She was genuinely nice and just awesome which makes it pleasant when you get to meet her more than once. I met her for a second time at the album listening party at Sonos Studio where we talked for a quick min or two and took pictures. She’s too amazing! And of course, I had to go to the record release show at the El Rey. I mean, come on, Kitten finally with a headlining tour!!!! I couldn’t miss out on greatness and as usual, Chloe out on one hell of a show and I’m glad I was there to witness it. From beginning to end, it was beyond amazing! Whether she’s rocking out on stage with her awesome crazy moves or singing with just an acoustic guitar, Chloe will leave you mesmerized! I’d LOVE to see Kitten again when they come back to California. Seeing them live more than once or a couple of times is definitely worth it. I’m glad I saw them that time they opened for Paramore because who knows how much longer I would have gone missing out on perfection.

  • SteelMill

    One day at work our satellite radio broke so my boss used his iPod and put a mix on which included Kitten (I had just introduced him to Kitten, so he had the new EP on the playlist). After Oasis’ “Don’t Look Back In Anger” gets finished playing, one of Kitten’s songs comes on and that same manager comes to me and says “somebody wants to meet you.”…and whattayaknow, it’s Chloe. She just happened to be shopping in our store the day our satellite radio broke and came in as one of her songs was playing. Coincidence? Chance? Fate? Whatever…it was awesome. We talked a bit about her latest tour with Gary Numan and that was that. Since then, I’ve moved to another state so money is tight, but I’d love the chance to see her live and get the vinyl.

  • Mike J

    One night in April 2013, I’m up late on my computer and the tv is on in the background. Carson Daly’s show is airing but I’m barely paying attention. After a commercial break he introduces that night’s band, always playing at the middle and end of the show. And then the music starts…this thumping bass drum just hits me in the chest. (I look up.) I hear breathing followed by these haunting moans turning into a digital dream. (I’m hypnotized.) A girl on stage, in dancing gold and leopard print is at the mic. The vocals start. She begins to move, whipping her hair, spinning around, working her hips.(I’m hooked.) Who Is This? This is Amazing. I haven’t heard anything like this in years. The song, I would find out was Cut It Out. The band that night was Kitten! After another commercial they would come back to shatter my tv screen with “Kitten with a whip”. A blitzkrieg of passion and noise. That instant they officially became my music obsession! I watched every video I could find online. Daily. Multiple times. Later that summer Chloe, would revisit the Carson Daly show for an interview and performance. This time I knew ahead of time. I even DVR’d it. Her talent was obvious. Success was on the horizon. Then sometime after the busy holidays the announcement came, they would be going on tour. An opening slot for a band I never heard of. And it just so happens, it was there on the schedule, March 17 Headliner’s Lou. KY. SWEET! When is that? A Monday, and St. Paddy’s Day. I can get off work for that. Week after week I counted down. And finally the week before, and no one I asked to go ever responded. The night of arrives. Fine, I’ll go alone. I park, walk up to the venue, past a surprisingly small crowd of people, right up to the door. The door with the sign that reads: Show Cancelled Due to Illness. You have got to be kidding! Turns out the other band was sick. I start to leave when I notice a side door behind the fenced area for the buses, and who should I see? The silver haired siren herself, Chloe. I make my way around to the general parking by the other side of the fence but she’s still too far. I almost give up when some guy tells the group to gather up and hit the van. They step to my direction, they turn toward an open car door, I say “Chloe?” To no avail. (Louder you idiot!) “Chloe!” Crap they’re leaving…wait. Brian turns to her and points to me. He heard me, YES! She turns, and I’m face to face with Cool. I blurt out something stupid about seeing her on tv, and she’s awesome for as young as she is. A real foot in mouth moment I realize later, you know, when you relive the whole conversation again in the car and wonder what the hell just happened. At least she now knows, “I only came to see Kitten!” She tells me they should come back this way but who knows when that will be? So I wait…A month later the show is posted on the venue website, July 3rd. My friggin’ birthday. Now that’s what I call happy! Why does it only say the Sick band? Let me check Kitten’s site…nothing. A month later, nothing. She announces the album release and following tour. We’re not on there. Now the sick band has a different opening act. Now I’m sick. And this, this is why…I waited! (see what I did there, with the song title)
    Oh well, at least I got to talk to her, how often does that happen when you go to a show. I just hate she drove all the way from CA to meet me and didn’t get to play.
    (The story you just heard is true, none of the names were changed to protect anyone. And if you need proof, you can ask Chloe because I don’t think Carson Daly is going be of any help.)

  • goldtranzam

    I first heard of Kitten around July 2013 when one of my favorite artists, Charli XCX announced she was playing a show. I excitedly purchased my tickets, eager to see another concert, this one a small & personal one – my favorite. But as I was reading through the details, it said “Kitten” was opening. “Who’s Kitten?”, I thought to myself. I decided to look them up. I was so glad I did. It was love at first listen as I listened to “Like a Stranger”. That song only began a love for them that grows each day.  Sadly, my concert was pushed back from October to November. No matter, I went anyway. 

    Skip to the day of the concert. I had a hard time getting my ride out the door, but we left at 4pm when the show started at 8pm. On a normal concert I leave a good 8 hours before hand to get the best seats/experience. We arrived at about 7pm, at a shady nightbar in downtown Orlando, Florida, which at the time was raining. They didn’t let us in until 9pm. As we got in I ran to the floor with all my might, lugging my bag of Charli XCX merch. I was beyond ecstatic. I was FRONTROW. Tears filled my eyes already. This was my second concert, the first being a Ke$ha concert & my seats were horribly far away. “This will be one of the best days of my life” I thought to myself. Kitten didn’t come onstage until about 10pm. I burst out crying & she stood right in front of me. I sang along to all the songs, jumping, throwing my hand up in hopes of her touching me. Then it happened. Chloe Chaidez reached down & held my hand & looked into my eyes, smiling, not missing a beat on the song currently playing. Words can’t express my joy, & tears form in my eyes reminiscing of that night. She held on for a good ten seconds, no exaggeration. The concert continued amazingly.

    I’ll skip to after the show, my tear stained face possessed a grin I couldn’t wipe up if you hit me. I excitedly ran up stage to ask if I could get a setlist, the guy cleaning the stage, gave me one not just for Charli XCX, but for Kitten as well. My thankfulness was evident in my shaking hands, huge smile from which my shouts of “Thank you so much” came out of. I then ran in line to meet Kitten. I was so excited, words do me no justice. Finally, I was the one at the front. Chloe & Fiona Grey excitedly screamed “Hi” at me & I started to hand my setlist & ticket to them, which they pushed it away & shouted “I want to shake your hand! What’s your name?” I about cried. I told them my name, & then they thanked me for coming & began signing my cds I purchased & my other merch. At the end we took a photo & I thanked them again & left.

    That night will be with me always. Concerts awake a feeling of euphoria I will never be able to explain. At concerts, it’s the first time I truly feel alive.

    Since then, Chloe has favorited one of my tweets & Kitten has twice. Love & miss my baby <3

  • 400lux

    ive been a kitten fan for almost 2 years which is insane to think about, but whats more insane is that i havent been able to see them live because of either my budget or how inconvenient the shows location or timing have been. kitten are my favorite band and one of my favorite artists in general. not only would i LOVE to see them live (ive heard fantastic things about them, like how great and upbeat chloes stage presence is) but to win the vinyl as well! i listened to the new album the second it was released and i think its one of the best albums of 2014 so far. i truly hope i get to see them live one day 🙂

  • sirtapld

    i love kitten! i was planning to see them open for Charli XCX but they day of the concert, i realized i wouldnt be able to go due to inclement weather conditions and the venue was about 2 hours away 🙁 i was devastated because i had been looking forward to it so much! fast foward a few months and i see kitten announced a show way closer to me and i thought hey maybe this will be another chance! butttt, my parents didnt want to pay for me and i was broke. i found this contest and now have high hopes to finally see kitten live! ive watched many youtube videos of them performing and let me tell you they seem amazing!!! chloe is so energetic and seeing them lie seems so so fun

  • pgirllimited

    my best friend introduced kitten to me in february of this year, and although i havent been a fan for as long as everyone else entering the contest, i know ive been a huge fan ever since i first listened. we would both go to the concert together and im trying to win these tickets for us! (her birthdays in like 2 months so an early birthday present? haha) i would keep the vinyl and probably blast it every single day like i do with the album already, but music always sounds better on my turntable. i really love kitten and i think im their biggest fan, and deserve to win 🙂

  • memegirl1977

    i think i deserve to win because im a giant kitten fan! ive listened to them for around a year and a half (maybe more?) and im obsessed! i never got the chance to see them live so this is the perfect opportunity for that, but ALSO to win the vinyl! i have a record player but only 5 vinyls so anything to add to my collection is neat, but to win a vinyl from my favorite band?? and maybe even get it signed if i win and see them live?! thatd be unbelievable!

  • The Vinyl District

    Thank you all for entering. We’ve chosen our 3 winners who have confirmed.


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