TVD Premiere: Matt Jaffe & The Distractions, “Put Your Finger In The Socket”

“Put Your Finger In The Socket” was born out of a poem I wrote in Spanish that essentially tried to put my contrarianism in very blunt terms. After realizing you don’t share anything in common with someone, you try to do the opposite of them, regardless of how you would act independently of them.

Dressing oppositely, interacting oppositely, holding opposite principles–this behavior is arbitrary and based on being different, rather than any deep-seated beliefs. The song is so blunt partially because of my shortcomings as a Spanish speaker, but also because it represents a petty way of acting that is at once mindless and delightful.”
Matt Jaffe

San Francisco based Matt Jaffe’s enthusiasm for pop rock is palpable and he is more than equipped to spread the gospel.

Jaffe displays his youthful, retro tinged know-how on our exclusive premiere of “Put Your Finger in The Socket” which sees the 19-year-old casting off a protracted list of opposites. These are the meddling nuances that separate him from his sugar mamma. It seems his intention is to be the antithesis of whatever his object of affection is, even going so far as to say he would prefer hell over her bible thumping.

Recently, the young rocker decided to drop out of Yale to pursue music full time. He has already built up a decent following due to his steady touring and boyish persona—an esthetic that seems to draw more from the Buddy Holly lineage than post-millennial adolescent pop. Matt will be continue spreading the good vibes through Northern California in anticipation of his first album of original music due out this summer.

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