TVD Vinyl Giveaway: Dita Von Teese, Soundtrack For Seduction

“I love vinyl for many reasons…it’s aesthetically attractive, of course. But also, because it’s something physically real,” the Queen of Burlesque, Ms. Dita Von Teese told us last week. “I like that there is actual attention and focus on experiencing music. It becomes a ritual, which is something that I love. It’s also something to be handed down for generations. Vinyl will always be collectible and valuable.”

Well, color us seduced. And anyone who has ever made a mixtape to aurally bedazzle a paramour must concur that often music speaks with far more passion than words. Thus, it’s with this in mind that Dita, along with her partners at 12on12, has assembled a Soundtrack for Seduction, a pink vinyl compilation of 12 tracks that set a tone for a “sensual musical experience.”

Some official background: “As the evening begins, tracks on Side A set the mood for the perfect strip tease. Flip to Side B and indulge in a steamier playlist selection for the fun that comes after the strip tease. Listeners will be seduced by music that inspires Dita from artists like Blood Orange, Handsome Boy Modeling School, and Royskopp to name a few. This special album gives a taste of Dita’s musical palette on a deeper level.

Dita partnered with 12on12 for this exclusive vinyl which includes previously unreleased, rearranged tracks such as, “Anastasia / Dita’s Theme” and “Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall In Love)” performed by Chuck Henry.  At her burlesque shows, Dita regularly performs to these songs and now fans can recreate their own burlesque routine at home.

Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from the Soundtrack For Seduction vinyl sales will be donated to ​The Burlesque Hall of Fame, a place near and dear to Dita’s heart, to help preserve their unique collection and support their growing audience.”

Soundtrack for Seduction Tracklist:
“Lazy” Performed by Dita Von Teese and Patrick Collins
“Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall In Love)” Performed by Chuck Henry
“Strip Tease” Performed by Juliette Greco
“Anastasia / Dita’s Theme” Performed by Chuck Henry
“A Guy What Takes His Time” Performed by Dita Von Teese and Chuck Henry
“Is That All There Is?” Performed by Peggy Lee

“Johnny and Mary” Performed by Bryan Ferry & Todd Terje
“Here She Comes Again” Performed by Royskopp
“I’ve Been Thinking” Performed by Handsome Boy Modeling School featuring Cat Power
“Too Much” Performed by Pale
“Girls and Boys” Performed by Monarchy featuring Dita Von Teese
“S’Cooled” Performed by Blood Orange

Dita Von Teese’s Soundtrack for Seduction is currently accepting preorders until April 14, 2016, but we have an opportunity right now for two of you to add this gem to your romantic arsenal.

Enter to win a pink vinyl copy of Soundtrack for Seduction by citing in the comments below a track you’d recommend for a hypothetical Soundtrack for Seduction, Volume 2—and briefly why. We’ll choose two hopeless romantics with a North American mailing address one week from today, March 28, 2016.

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  • Silvia

    Wicked Game – Chris Isaak – Everything about this track screams steamy and seductive

  • Jade O’Neil

    Toes by Glass Animals – its the PERFECT stripteese song. Its slow and sensual and almost a bit creepy sounding too.

  • Heather Clausner

    I think the Sam Cooke song ” You Send Me” would be a good song for the Volume 2. It’s smooth, sweet and just makes you want to sway.

  • Meg

    I think “You Really Got a Hold On Me” covered by She&Him is absolutely gorgeous. When played slow and ballad-like it can be seductive and sensual that will work with your loving curves and beautiful moves

  • Caitlin

    I think the Depeche Mode song “Enjoy the Silence” or any one of the numerous excellent covers of that song would be appropriate for a collection like this because it’s sensual, romantic, has a good beat for moving to and encourages non-verbal forms of communication….

  • Benson Monroe

    I think My Heart Belongs To Daddy would make a great addition to Volume 2 because I feel like it has a seductive feel to it while an innocent-type of quality.

  • Geoff Silvester

    Smooth operator by Sade always gets me in the mood

  • lara

    ‘sexy silk’ by jessie j has a fun, sassy vibe. great for striptease and letting loose!

  • Zori Manova

    Ten Cent Pistol by The Black Keys. Because… have you ever heard the song??

  • Spela

    I’m not from North America but I would still like to recommend Burning Desire by Lana Del Rey. I mean, the title says it all.

  • Mercedes Rose

    “Waiting Game” by Banks. The music is smooth and sexy and the singer has a soft and sensual voice that won’t overpower your own little performance.

  • Andrew Castillo

    I would love to see Kylie Minogue’s Abbey Road version of Slow on a future volume. It’s very sensual in both its electropop form and elicits seduction in its re-recorded version.

  • Jessica Neel

    Definitely Pink Martini – Je Ne Veux Pas Travailler

  • Tyler Bates

    Dave Matthews Band: Crash into me. A beautiful, sexy song told in a lasting, poetic way.

  • Jill Rohweder

    Fever! Peggy Lee! So seductive and so much room in the melody to make it yours, Dita <3

  • Cody

    Spooky by Dusty Springfield – groovy and smooth, Dusty’s voice is velvety

  • Devine Device

    Great choice with BOYS AND GIRLS. Very sensuous.
    For next album……
    I’m feelin’ good, I love Nicole S. version.

  • Krystal Acevedo

    My choice, even though I have a few, would be Yeah Yeah Yeahs Phenomenon. The drums & Karen’s whispers in the intro set up for something playful but it’s still sexy. It’s perfect for a sexy chair routine with a sparkly cane and top hat. 🙂

  • Escott Hiley

    Roxy Music: In Every Dream Home A Heartache.
    ”I blew up your body, but you blew my mind.” Boom!

  • Sophie

    Definitely “I’ve Got You Under my Skin.” Can’t go wrong with Sinatra, and a few versions have a slow and inviting beat. Not to mention the lyrics are fantastic; haven’t been beat by a different love song you can dance to in quite some time.

  • Deana Kneen

    Into the Mystic – There’s just something about this song that quietly screams seduction!

  • Laura Rochon-Massicotte

    Diamonds are a girl’s best friends. Because, seriously, Marilyn! Such a classic!

  • Marc

    I think Spiritualized says it best in their song ‘I Think I’m In Love’. Because love means never having to say you’re sorry.

  • Bob

    Sylvia singing her song ‘Pillow Talk’ in your ear anytime anywhere.

  • M. Landes

    ‘Je t’aime, Moi Non Plus’ sung by Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg. Two strangers can listen to this tune and immediately feel the urge to find the nearest horizontal surface. This is the ultimate love song that is essential for Volume 2.

  • Jolianne Loignon-Beaudoin

    I would vote for Melody Gardot’s ”Don’t you worry baby” because it is so intimate, smooth, sultry and has a tempo for which I would see a nice slow Burlesque number for it.

  • Evelyn Rodriguez

    I would say ‘Sway’ by Dean Martin. Its such a beautiful song and really a sexy one too. The lyrics to the song and a perfect song to dance too.

  • Anto.

    I think a classic such as “Glory Box” by Portishead would be perfectly suitable for a hypothetical volume two vinyl because this song evokes that sexy femme fatale energy Dita so effortlessly exudes.

  • Dana F.

    “As Time Goes By” Frank Sinatra. One of the most iconic love songs from the movie Casablanca. What isn’t sexy about Humphrey Bogart in a white suit and forbidden love? It also happens to be the song my man and I identify as our song, which always puts us in the mood <3

  • Tiffany Allen

    “Baby it’s you” by Smith
    The love of my life lives in Rhode Island 3,000 miles away and spends most of the year on the road, on tour. I DJ at a swank little dive bar in Sacramento called B-side. On nights I miss him a little too much I just turn up, close my eyes, squeeze those headphones tight, and I’m right back in his arms.
    “baby, it’s you….”

  • Veronica

    I would said “Start Wearing Purple” by Gogol Bordello (wearing purple lingerie, of corse). Or… “Je Ne Veux Pas Travailler” by Pink Martini. So good! ?

  • SO29

    Billy Idol ” Flesh for Fantasy” … The lyrics and sensual tone of the song makes it a seductive gem.

  • Paj Ib Xyooj

    I would choose “La Vie En Rose”. This song is romantic and sensual setting the mood for a perfect night. The lyrics are intimate and the music is a slow and soft that will capture your lover’s heart.

  • Nathalie Tran

    Gimme All Your Love by Alabama Shakes … Divine song with stripped back verses with climactic choruses. Perfect for a seductive evening at home with your special someone.

  • Claudia Tarnowska

    Girls and Boys – that song is just so lovely and puts me in such a good mood

  • Alessandro

    You could put almost anything by Shirley Horn on this list but her breathy 1962 version of “Love For Sale” is staggeringly hot. Just sayin’.

  • The Vinyl District

    Our winners have been notified via email. Thank you all for entering!

  • Stephanie Haskell

    So would have loved to win this, love me some Dita!!


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