Get Schooled with Nightschool, this Monday in Asbury Park!

Yeah, the one thing that me and Axl do have in common is that I get up around 7/ Get out of bed around 9. And while I do love living the dream, I must confess there is a part of me that is being neglected. I’m willing to bet that your intellectual side could use a little stimulation. That’s exactly why you should join me for class this Monday night. Yeah, school, Nightschool to be precise, is back in session, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Nightschool has a fine administration, including Head Mistress Katie Farhat, co-conspirators Billy T., Jo-Jo, DJ Steven, Dusk Till Donnie, the dashing Craig Stewart and bartender extraordinare JoJo, this evening runs the 1st Monday of every month.

The curriculum is designed to keep your booty shakin, something us rock kids forget when we’re busy trying to look like we’re not enjoying the band while we are enjoying the band—i.e. minimal movement, usually limited to the slight bobbing of one’s head and, if you’re feeling especially moved, a few fingers keeping time with the snare drum against one’s skinny jeans pant leg.

This party is hosted by AP’s true dance nightclub, Paradise and owner Shep Pettibone, a man well versed in the world of electronic music. I personally have spent quite a few evenings dancing the night away at Paradise, since about 2003 when I moved to town for the first time. I love my guitar driven R&R, but Paradise was the spot to bump and grind all the stress out with my perfectly harmless, always friendly, and way-too-fun gay boys and lesbian girls.

Asbury Park owes much to the gay and lesbian community for it’s revitalizaion. In my estimation, the minority business owners who were willing to take a chance on the then blank slate that was a slumping Asbury Park are directly responsible for keeping Asbury going through the difficult years of the recent past. In fact a lot of people who don’t fit the majority profile flock to AP just for that reason—we meet out on the margins like traditionally marginalized people tend to do.

Some Of Your Would-Be Classmates. Woah now!

So even though it’s not necessarily intuitive, it wasn’t that wild of an idea that me, a straight female immigrant, developed a taste for hanging out with other marginalized people, many of them being gay or lesbian, out on the dance floor. Picking up on this mash up demographic, Donny and Steven Jay decided to host a night built around a theme that lots of different people enjoy, and then invite people of every persuasion to join in on the fun.

Built around a “Retro” theme, the playlist is compiled by all the aforementioned teacher’s in the administration. The songs are as eclectic as the attending students, and is sure to keep everyone hard at work shakin’ their respective moneymakers. In one stretch you’ll hear classics like Atomic – Blondie, Don’t Get Me Wrong – The Pretenders, Poison – Bel Biv Devoe, Can You Feel The Beat? – Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam, Candy – Iggy Pop, Dress You Up – Madonna , Psycho Killer – Talking Heads, and Kiss Me Deadly – Lita Ford.

I’d also like to add that this Monday’s session comes at the tail end of Asbury Park’s Gay Pride Weekend celebration, traditionally held every 1st weekend in June. Before moving to Asbury Park, I wondered if it was possible to have all my friends, regardless of their sexual or gender identity to just get together and have a good time in one spot.

The stereotypes of where gay people hang out, where straight people hang out, what each group likes to do—all those rules just did not fit the myriad of friends I had. Nightschool is a place where we can all go wild without worrying about what we are or aren’t supposed to do or be according to narrow convention.

Head Mistress Ms. Katie, With One Of Her Star Pupils

Would you allow me to wax philosophic for a second, dear readers? I just want to get out there that even though it’s not immediately apparent, this dance party is about more for politically minded me than just the swerving good time it promises to be.

In a world where simple, inherent, and completely natural differences in who we are, what makes us individuals, are still cited as a reason to commit heinous acts of ignorance or keep earnest and sovereign persons down as second class citizens, something as simple as a dance party–where we all not only get along, but genuinely enjoy each other’s company–is a pretty spectacular rebellion against that aforementioned ignorance, if you ask me. Who knew that taking part in the revolution could be so gosh darn fun?!

Come Wish Marni A Happy Birthday This Monday!

It’s gonna feel so good to hit the books and study hard. Won’t you join us and get schooled your own self? Happy Hour drink prices all night long, a laid back, drama-free vibe, and high fives from DJ Steven for your excellent song requests will get you some gold stars, too. Plus it’s Nightschool’s honor roll student Marni Gandel’s birthday bash, too, so come wish her a happy one.

Dress how you want, say what you want, and dance how you want to the music you want. This isn’t class as usual, after all. School’s in session, so come on down and see if you don’t just learn a thing or two.


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