Austin Record Store Listing

Austin is lucky enough to have 7 record stores fully stocked with vinyl. TVD: Austin will be profiling each store individually, but this page is a quick guide to get you started. We give you the vital details about every store with a quick description and pictures by Mary of This is just the surface. We’ll start with external pics and bare details and get deeper as we go. Happy digging.

Antone’s Record Shop

This is your daddy’s record store. It looks and feels old school, but they restock often and house a strong collection of classic rock and country, as well as a nice set of colored vinyl 45s and much more.

Backspin Records

Ask a DJ where they get their hip hop and dance vinyl and 9 times out of 10 you’ll hear Backspin. Start at the front of the store with their new rack and make sure you dig around in the 12″ hip hop section. Always gems in there.

  • 4631 Airport BLVD – Suite 110-A Austin, Texas 78751
  • Down the street from I Luv Video and near I35 in the Concorde Shopping Center.
  • 454-SPIN (7746)
  • Tuesday thru Sunday 12-9 & Closed Monday
  • Web site:

Breakaway Records

100% vinyl. Nothing released in the last 20 years. An immaculate collection of soul and funk. You’d be hard pressed to find a bad record in this store. Stay low. The $1 racks are packed.

Cheapo Records

Overshadowed by Waterloo down the block, Cheapo has a nice mix of new albums and an extensive used collection. An unfortunately large amount of CDs, but the 45s in the back are definitely worth digging through.

End of an Ear

They do so many things well at End of an Ear, I don’t know where to start. The impeccable catalog of albums from the last two decades, the best new releases every week and great vinyl from all genres. They even have 8-tracks and Laser discs, if incredible vinyl isn’t your thing.

  • 2209 South First Street, Austin TX 78704
  • Mon – Sat: 11am to 9pm Sun: noon to 8pm
  • (512) 462-6008
  • Web site:

Friends of Sound

It looks a bit old school, but they’ve got a deeper collection that it takes a few trips to appreciate and they have a more diverse catalog than you may notice on first glance. Case in point: they tweeted “20% OFF ALL HIP HOP RECORDS THIS WEEK!!!! We got plenty so come and stock up.” They truly are friends of sound.

  • 1704 S. Congress, Austin Tx.
  • Sunday: Noon – 8pm & Monday-Thursday: 11am – 8pm & Friday-Saturday: 11am – 9pm
  • (512) 447-1000
  • Web site:

Trailer Space Records

If I were to say it was more of an in-store haven than a record store, I wouldn’t mean it as an insult. They just host a ton of in-stores and seem more interested in that than they do in getting a lot of new records in. It’s uber-specific. You’ll know right away if this is the record store for you.

Waterloo Records

Waterloo is the Yankees of Austin Record Stores. They’re the biggest, have the highest payroll and they have a history of excellence. They’re king of box sets and always land the big names. Spoon and Local Natives played there last year. Even bigger names than the Yankees signed this off-season.

  • 600 N. Lamar, Austin, Tx. 78703
  • Monday-Saturday 10 am-11 pm & Sunday 11-11
  • (512) 474.2500
  • Web site:
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