TVD Live: Race Wars at the Subterranean, 9/15 – Part 1

Your TVD Chicago writers headed over to the Subterranean last Thursday night to see the amazing group of laptop rappers that are currently performing on MC Chris’ latest tour.

First up: Adam WarRock

In the first part of this four-part story, we get a chance to sit down with Adam WarRock, and discuss the tour, vinyl records, and upcoming projects.

Adam WarRock has firmly established himself as the Internet’s foremost comic book rapper, and has built his music career completely independently. WarRock took the stage first, and even battling a pretty fierce cold, managed to deliver an incredible set.

How’s the tour going so far, other than getting pretty sick?

From what I’ve heard, that happens, but all of the crowds have been really supportive. It’s been fun. Everybody here is a really good person, and most importantly, everybody is a really good performer, which you don’t often see at a rap show. A lot of rappers are really good in the studio, but a live show is different. People come out, and they have a good time, top to bottom.

I just like getting out to all these cities that I’ve never had a chance to do a show in. It’s nice to come out and see people who have been with us from the start.

How did you get hooked up with the tour?

I think what happened was that Chris had asked around for some good openers, and a few people sent him my stuff. One day, I got an E-mail out of the blue that asked if I wanted to open the tour.

Do you have anything going on right now that you’d like to mention?

On September 27, I have a mix tape that’s going to be released digitally, for free. It’s called the Browncoats Mixtape and it’s all about [the TV show] Firefly. All of the samples and all of the beats are from the Firefly score. We originally thought that we were going to have time to work on it and release it normally, but then we got this tour going, so we kind of just had to finish it really quickly. It’s me a producer by the name of Mikal kHill, whose in a group called Thought Criminals. After this tour, I’m going to work on my next full length album.

Come out and see us. We’re going to be in 44 cities by the time we’re done, and we’ll most likely be somewhere close by. Everybody here on tour has been so much fun. Other than getting sick, it’s been a blast. Even getting sick was okay, because it was a day off, so I could just writhe around in bed and let it run its course.

MP3 or Vinyl?

Well I guess I have to say MP3, because I don’t sell any vinyl. That’s actually the next thing that I want to do. I came up in a time when it was very much like what MC Lars talks about, the “Laptop Rap” kind of thing.

Adam WarRock Official | Twitter | Facebook

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