TVD Live Shots: Pitchfork Music
Festival, 7/16

WORDS AND IMAGES: HAYLEY PARKER | 1:45pm: Aaaand we’re back! CupcakKe is getting the party started with some sensual beats, telling the audience if they’re not good in bed… they can leave. Passionate fans line the front fence while concert goers eager to catch their fave acts trickle in for Pitchfork Music Festival, day 2.

2:13PM: CupcakKe is getting more sensual by the minute, with her explicit lyrics and moans ringing out loud across the park to an equal mix of stunned onlookers and fans who knew what to expect. With numerous children running around, my only hope is that their kid-safe headphones are blocking out the expletives.

2:15PM: Could it be? Sun! The picnic blankets are out in full force despite the soaked ground.

2:30PM: The Linda Lindas are the cutest band I’ve seen yet, coming out in drawn on whiskers and colorful attire. They have the crowd jumping and singing along instantly with their quirky vibe. I overhear someone say “are they singing about their cats because they haven’t had their hearts broken yet? Love that for them.” I later Googled the band to realize they ranges in age from a mere 11-17, but you would never know it based on their stage presence.

2:58PM: I was thinking about stopping by and getting a complimentary Monster, but after The Armed’s performance I’m feeling more alive than ever. HOLY ENERGY! We had hair flips, painted faces, and full on catapulting into the crowd. My early bet for “most jumping on stage” for the weekend.

3:20PM: Hyd is giving all the ASMR vibes during their set, with powerful whispering evolving to violent screams. The juxtaposition has the audience captivated, along with her smooth dance moves the electro-pop artist gained more than a few fans this weekend.

4:00PM: I’m not going to lie, I had no idea what was happening during yeule’s set in the best way. Incorporating slow, almost other otherworldly hand movements, the Singaporean songwriter and producer didn’t miss a beat. Described as “ambient, glitch and Asian post-pop,” this one deserves a listen.

4:15PM: Rushing over to catch Dry Cleaning on the main green stage, the English post-punk band looks bored to be there, with minimal expressions and eye rolls to the crowd. Very monotone and primarily spoken word, but it works.

4:45PM: Philadelphia cream cheese and auras. It’s the crossover we never knew we needed! Free samples and photographic aura readings are being offered in the “You don’t just taste it…. You feel it” tent, and while I’m not sure how accurate it is, I—along with about 20 other people—line up to see what color aura (and cream cheese pairing) we get. Only at Pitchfork.

5:10PM: Festivals are all fun and games until two artists you plan to see are on at the same time. Iceage and Magdalena Bay are both scheduled to perform at 5:15, and decisions have to be made!

5:15PM: Is galactic pop a genre? If it is, Magdalena Bay would be the pioneers. I catch the beginning of the real life couple’s set which is electronic based but also giving Britney Spears vibes? Give it a listen for yourself and be the judge.

5:25PM: I book it through the park to catch Danish rock band Iceage, with the lead singer violently kicking away on stage. Angsty, deep, and while not exactly my cup of tea, yet I can appreciate the impressive crowd they have drawn.









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