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New Release Section:
Kat Von D, “Enough”
and “Lost At Sea” (Bat Cave Mixes) featuring Dave Grohl

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Today, Kat Von D shares unreleased alternative versions of singles “Enough” and “Lost At Sea,” featuring Dave Grohl on drums. Stream “Enough” and “Lost At Sea” (Bat Cave Mixes) here.

Recorded in London with producer Adam Noble and mixed by iconic Grammy award-winning producer and mixing engineer Alan Moulder, the Bat Cave mixes are the original versions of the singles included in Kat’s debut album Love Made Me Do It, before she re-recorded them with her live band and finished what would become the final version of the record with Dan Haigh of British synthwave pioneers Gunship on mixing duties. Bringing his high-powered rock ‘n’ roll spirit to the songs, Dave Grohl injects the tracks with an urgent, alternative edge compared to the album’s more darkwave, synth-laced versions.

“I’m so excited to release the versions of these songs that were recorded so long ago with Adam Noble in London,” Kat says, “I think fans will get to hear a version of these tracks that explains the evolution of these songs into what they are now.” On having the opportunity to collaborate with Grohl, Kat says, “One of the things I admire about Dave Grohl as a drummer is how versatile he is, it was so cool to watch him play drums on songs that no one would ever expect to hear him play on.”

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New Release Section: Giuda, “Roll On” (Live At Punk Rock Raduno)

VIA PRESS RELEASE | In the summer of 2021, two years into the pandemic, the crew of the Italian festival Punk Rock Raduno managed to bring an open-air 3-day event to their community. The headliners were Giuda, the popular glam-fueled rock’n’roll machine from Rome.

This very special performance, for most of the audience the first chance to attend a live show in almost two years, was recorded in high quality and is now being released as Giuda – Live at Punk Raduno, out on 13th May via Wild Honey Records/ Striped Records

All the hits are there, as is the energy of Giuda’s legendary live shows (you know what we’re talking about if you’ve ever seen them live). Get a taste of this great live recording, with first track “Roll On.”

The Live At Punk Rock Raduno LP series, now at its 7th release, always collaborates with independent punk labels for their releases. This time they worked with Wild Honey Records and Striped Records. Each label, alongside the festival’s own store, will release 300 limited-edition, different coloured vinyl.

Giuda is a five-piece band from Rome, Italy, that plays an air-punching mix of anthemic ‘70s rock hooks delivered with the brutal force of early UK punk, all interpreted in a contemporary and original way with relevance for today’s discerning listener.

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New Release Section: Elizabeth Fraser
and Damon Reece, “Golden Air”

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Vocalist Elizabeth Fraser and percussionist Damon Reece have detailed their newest project, “Sun’s Signature,” a stunning 5-song EP out physically on June 18th via Partisan Records for Record Store Day, with a digital release following a few weeks later in July (date TBD). To coincide with the announcement, the life and musical partners have shared genre-defying highlight “Golden Air,” which is accompanied by a visualizer and marks Fraser’s first piece of new music in 13 years.

Fraser and Reece’s early careers in some of the world’s most heralded musical groups are well documented. Elizabeth, the unforgettable voice of Cocteau Twins and This Mortal Coil’s “Song to the Siren,” is also internationally recognized for her vocal contributions to Massive Attack’s trail-blazing Mezzanine LP—most notably their biggest hit, “Teardrop.” Damon, the long-time drummer with political art-rock giants Massive Attack, also spent the ‘90s as a member of Spiritualized and Echo and the Bunnymen. He has also recorded and performed with Baxter Dury, Goldfrapp, The Flies, and Butch Vig’s 5 Billion in Diamonds plus many more.

The songs on “Sun’s Signature” have been ruminating in the background of Fraser and Reece’s lives in some form for 20+ years, ever since Cocteau Twins broke up in 1997. Highly evolved, yet simultaneously primal—the music is an utterly original, compelling, and lush collection of songs that has developed through an Alice in Wonderland journey through life and music.

The idea for “Sun’s Signature” was born out of an invitation from ANOHNI in 2012 for Fraser and Reece to be the centerpiece of her celebrated curation of the Meltdown Festival at the Royal Festival Hall. It was there where they debuted embryonic forms of these songs, and ultimately that performance galvanized confidence in the project. Since that performance, Fraser has toured on the recent Mezzanine XXI world tour with Massive Attack, and has further lent her voice to an eclectic range of projects including Jonsi’s (Sigur Ros) “Cannibal,” Sam Lee’s “The Moon Shines Bright,” and Oneohtrix Point Never’s “Tales From The Trash Stratum.” Writing and recording together, Elizabeth and Damon have also provided the soundtrack for Graham Duff’s TV miniseries The Nightmare World of H.G. Wells.

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New release Section: Anna Calvi, “Ain’t No Grave”

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Anna Calvi is pleased to announce her new EP “Tommy,” set for release on May 6th. Tommy features four brilliant new songs from Calvi, including a cover of “Red Right Hand”—the Peaky Blinders theme song by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, a cover of Bob Dylan’s “All The Tired Horses,” and two original songs written specifically for the show, “Ain’t No Grave” and “Burning Down.”

“Ain’t No Grave” first appeared during Peaky Blinders season 5 but acts as the musical lynchpin of season 6, appearing throughout the six episodes, its swaggering presence underscoring the drama on screen. Today, Calvi is pleased to share the song in full for the first time. Anna Calvi previously wrote and performed the score for season 5 of Peaky Blinders and was brought on again for the last ever season to bring her atmospheric and visceral guitar playing to soundtrack the lives of those working for The Shelby Company Limited. A fitting epitaph to the show, “Ain’t No Grave” channels the tormented Tommy Shelby—played by Cillian Murphy—as Calvi sings: “I see a band of angels, They’re coming after me… Meet me Jesus, meet me.”

Shortly after Calvi began work on the season 6 score, she became pregnant with her first child. However, with the ongoing pandemic, she had to devise a new way to record with other musicians under strict restrictions in London. Calvi also decided to bring in frequent collaborator Nick Launay—producer of her third studio album Hunter as well as albums by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Grinderman, and IDLES—to work alongside her.

Anna continued working on the score until the night before the birth of her son Elio in November 2021, before swiftly returning to work and racing to finish the whole score as the season’s first record-breaking episode aired all whilst in the early throes of motherhood and adjusting to her new life. The completion of the score marks a tremendous achievement for Anna and showcases a composer and artist still unlocking and unveiling their full capabilities.

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New Release Section: Pussy Riot, “Laugh It Off” ft. Vérité and Latashá

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Today, Russian protest art collective Pussy Riot’s release “Laugh It Off” featuring New York based artist Vérité and multi-dimensional rapper Latashá, the second track from the upcoming project to be released via Neon Gold Records (Charli XCX, MARINA, Christine and the Queens etc) later this year. Another powerful pop knockout, like “Punish” co-written by the Swedish Grammy-nominated artist Tove Lo, who assumes the role of executive producer for the forthcoming project as well.

The song will be made available to NFT collectors as a 150 piece limited edition series via the platform. “Laugh It Off” comes complete with a visual by Berlin-based 3D artist Ksti Hu. Nadya Tolokonnikova elaborates on “Laugh It Off,” released specifically on International Day of Gender Equality, “Women-identified and LGBTQ+ people don’t need to be empowered, we need tools and funds to empower ourselves.”

Vérité says: “Laugh It Off “is such an appropriate title to this song because as women existing in male dominated spaces, we’re constantly expected to be accommodating and deflect strange, presumptuous behavior gracefully and without ruffling any feathers. Collaborating with PussyRiot & Latashá, these unapologetically strong women who don’t give a fuck about playing nice and whose mission is supporting and amplifying female, non-binary and LGBTQ+ voices in music and beyond feels right and I’m stoked for the world to hear it.”

Latashá says:“Big love for Vérité and Nadya, two of my faves. Really excited to have laced this track with a verse to add to the incredible power that it ignites.” About the upcoming project, Tove Lo adds: “Getting to enter Nadya’s world and be a part of this project is my pussy power passion project! She’s an iconic artist with an incredible life story who goes into everything with a bigger purpose. I hope we all get to live in the Pussyverse!”

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New Release Section:
The Dream Syndicate, “Where I’ll Stand”

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Fire Records announces Ultraviolet Battle Hymns and True Confessions, a brand-new album from The Dream Syndicate set for release on 10th June ; with new track ‘Where I’ll Stand’ out today.

Throwing out any preconceptions on the cryptically titled album, The Dream Syndicate have moved well past their early Velvet Underground influences and taken on British glam, German prog, and more. Throughout this new release there’s a krautrock, Eno-like ambience with a Neu-inspired rhythmic groove and Californian sun baked sheen woven into the their classic psychedelic, melodic, hue.

Lead single “Where I’ll Stand” opens with vintage Krautrock electronic synths blending into a classic Dream Syndicate vibe—not unlike “Tell Me When It’s Over” that kicked off The Days of Wine and Roses—with touches of Bowie’s opening song on Scary Monsters “It’s No Game.” “It feels like an attempt—via the lyrics and the circular chord progression–to impose some kind of order and logic on a world that was severely lacking in both respects at the time.” —Steve Wynn

Ultraviolet Battle Hymns and True Confessions features singer/ songwriter/ guitarist Steve Wynn, drummer Dennis Duck, bassist Mark Walton, lead guitarist Jason Victor plus their newest member Chris Cacavas on keyboards (you remember him from the 1980s Los Angeles band Green On Red), plus guest appearances from Stephen McCarthy (of The Long Ryders) and Marcus Tenney’s expressive sax and trumpet work.

When The Dream Syndicate emerged in the early ’80s, frontman Steve Wynn declared that “we’re playing music we want to hear because nobody else is doing it.” He added, “I’ll compromise on what I eat or where I sleep, but I won’t compromise on what music I play.” Both were true. The band was, and still remains, uncompromising.

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New Release Section: Bryde, “Still (shadow)”

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Following the release of the single “Silver Suns (divine)” in January, Bryde (aka British guitarist and vocalist Sarah Howells) shares a second single and the title track of her forthcoming third album Still, set for release on 15th July 2022 via Easy Life Records.

Still is an album about the different kinds of love as hinted at in the bracketed song titles. As Sarah explains, “So many love songs glorify the idea of throwing yourself at someone, the drama, and the pain of love. I wanted to own up to doing that but acknowledge that there are many other healthier ways to think about love and then start a conversation about it.”

New single “Still (shadow)” is one that showcases Bryde’s ability to weave vulnerability with a deep empathy and understanding of the human condition into her beautifully crafted songs. She describes the single as: “A triumphant piece about shrinking the gap between conscious and subconscious, making friends with your shadow self. The subject of the song; the ‘you’, is both those shadow parts and all the people I love.”

In short, ‘Still (shadow)’ is a song about accepting the light and the darkness in oneself and in others. It’s a beautiful though unconventional love song of sorts, about the freedom that can be found in both self-love and loving others as they come.

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New Release Section: Calexico, “Harness The Wind”

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Oscillating between haunting desert noirs and buoyant jolts of cumbia, Calexico recently announced their 10th studio album El Mirador and today they are sharing the album track “Harness The Wind,” which features backing vocals from Iron & Wine’s Sam Beam.

“When we recorded “Harness the Wind” it felt like we tapped into a spark of bright light and positivity,” said singer and Calexico co-founder Joey Burns. “Everything fell together quickly and naturally. With the shiny electric guitar weaving in and out of John and Sergio’s propelling drums and bass, the song always had a vibe that stood out from the other songs. We sent the tracks to Sam Beam to add his vocals on the chorus which made the tune float even more. It’s a song about hope and compassion to fellow travelers who are trying to find their way.”

Burns and drummer John Convertino have been performing together for over 30 years, sharing a deep love of jazz and usually building songs on a foundation of bass and drums. But all these years later, Calexico is still breaking new ground. El Mirador showcases a sunnier side of the band, cutting through two years of pandemic fog with a blast of danceable optimism. Writing and recording alongside Sergio Mendoza (keys, accordion, percussion), the album expands on long running influences of cumbia, mariachi, and the plethora of diaspora sounds flourishing throughout the Southwest.

“I’ve been playing with Calexico for about 15 years, and I admire Joey and John’s constant search for new sounds,” reflects Mendoza, who’s newly built home studio became a refuge for the band and reduced pandemic risks while fostering a more organic creative process. “After so many albums,” he adds, “I’m really proud we were able to achieve something so fresh together.”

El Mirador stands both as a lookout point and beacon in the dark; an opportunity to search inwards, ponder our connections to the Earth and its people, and hopefully illuminate a path forward. After decades on the road Calexico’s music remains boundless and romantic, still gazing upon the horizon in search of their next adventure.

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New Release Section: Gwenno, “An Stevel Nowydh”

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Today, Gwenno announces her new, introspective album Tresor, due out on July 1st on Heavenly Recordings / [PIAS] and available for pre-order. To celebrate the occasion Gwenno shares the first single, “An Stevel Nowydeh,” an irresistible psyche-pop gem which comes accompanied by an intriguing and visually striking video she directed.

Commenting on the track and video Gwenno says, “An Stevel Nowydh (The New Room) is a song about finding yourself somewhere entirely new and realising that you’re completely lost, and acknowledging that the only thing to do in an existential crisis is to don your favourite hat and dance! The short is part of a longer film that I’ve created with Anglesey-born filmmaker Clare Marie Bailey due to be revealed this summer. It was shot on Super 8 in Bryn Celli Ddu, Mynydd Parys, and Porth Ia (St Ives) during Summer 2021, it was edited by Joan Pope and stars the incomparable Eddie Ladd as ‘Greddf’ (Instinct).”

Additionally, Gwenno has announced a number of UK live shows beginning with an appearance at the 6Music festival in Cardiff. The dates can be found further down this announcement.

Tresor (Treasure) is Gwenno Saunders’ third full-length solo album and the second almost entirely in Cornish (Kernewek). Written in St. Ives, Cornwall, just prior to the Covid lockdowns of 2020 and completed at home in Cardiff during the pandemic along with her co-producer and musical collaborator, Rhys Edwards, Tresor reveals an introspective focus on home and self, a prescient work echoing the isolation and retreat that has been a central, globally shared experience over the past two years.

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New Release Section: Belle and Sebastian, “Unnecessary Drama”

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Belle and Sebastian have announced their 9th album and first studio full-length in seven years, A Bit Of Previous, released May 6th on Matador. “The song is about a young person experimenting in being a human again after a forced hiatus,” says frontman Stuart Murdoch. “The person is weighing up whether or not it’s worth the mess! Still, you dip your toe in and it becomes delicious, and you get too much of it. Between trouble and nothing, we still choose the trouble.”

The BRIT Award-winning 7-piece have also announced a spring-summer US tour alongside rescheduled UK and European tour dates for 2022 and 2023. A Bit Of Previous was recorded in Belle and Sebastian’s hometown of Glasgow after plans to fly to Los Angeles in spring of 2020 were scrapped due to the pandemic. It was produced and recorded by the band, with contributions from Brian McNeill, Matt Wiggins, Kevin Burleigh, and Shawn Everett.

Says Murdoch in the liner notes: “We did it together, us and the city. This record was the first ‘full’ LP recording for B&S in Glasgow since Fold Your Hands Child, 1999. We clocked in every morning, we played our songs, we wrote together, we tried new things, we took the proverbial lump of clay, and we threw it every day.”

The result is one the most diverse and thrilling entries in Belle and Sebastian’s catalogue. While the arrangements are often playful, there is an underlying gravity. The deceptively feel-good choir-backed “If They’re Shooting At You” is a poignant ode to defiance and survival. “Young And Stupid” is a folk rock earworm that faces the passage of time with wry ennui: “Now we’re old with creaking bones / Some with partners some alone / Some with kids and some with dogs / Getting through the nightly slog / Everything is fine when you’re young and stupid.”

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New Release Section: Pixies, “Human Crime”

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Pixies—Black Francis, Joey Santiago, David Lovering, and Paz Lenchantin—today announce “Human Crime,” a brand new digital-exclusive single and music video and their first new release since September 2020, both set for release on Wednesday, March 2 (Infectious/BMG). Written by Charles Thompson, the track was produced and mixed by Tom Dalgety, and recorded in Los Angeles in the fall of 2021.

Directed by Pixies’ Paz Lenchantin and filmed in the Los Angeles area at the San Pedro abandoned bunkers and Santa Monica’s Gold Diggers Bar, the “Human Crime” music video gives the viewer a glimpse into a nether world of fairies, situated just around that next corner, parallel to our dimension, rarely seen or experienced. As Lenchantin said, “The storyline is loosely based on an ‘inside joke’ between Charles and I about going on tour. How we go through a door from our reality state into the altered state of becoming and being a Pixie.”

After what had to be the longest stretch of time not touring since their 2004 reunion—courtesy of COVID—Pixies are getting ready to hit the road for the first time in more than two years. The band will kick off with a handful of sold-out, western U.S. warm-up dates, and then headline the Vive Latino 2022 festival in Mexico City before heading to the U.K. and Europe.

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New Release Section: Mike Campbell & The Dirty Knobs ft. Margo Price, “State Of Mind”

VIA PRESS RELEASE | “State Of Mind,” the new song from Mike Campbell & The Dirty Knobs featuring Margo Price, premieres today. “I am thrilled and honored to have my friend Margo Price sing on our new track ‘State Of Mind,’ says Campbell. “She was gracious enough to sing the second verse and add some harmonies and she made the song better! I’m hoping she will join us somewhere along the road to do the song live. Margo is the real deal.”

Price furthers, “The first time I heard ‘State of Mind’ was in the studio when I was about to sing on it. The words were so perfect and I knew right away who the song was about. No one said a thing as we listened and I sat there with tears running down my face. I’ve been listening to the Heartbreakers my whole life and Mike is my hero. I’m honored to get to work with him and call him my friend.”

“State Of Mind” is the latest song revealed from the band’s second studio album, External Combustion, set for release on Friday, March 4 via BMG. The group previously unveiled tracks “Electric Gypsy” and “Wicked Mind” alongside accompanying George Mays (My Morning Jacket, Brittany Howard, Chicano Batman) directed videos.

External Combustion showcases Campbell & The Dirty Knobs’ evolution, pushing the band to a new level, jumping ahead in vision and drive, proving the first record was no one-shot deal. “The band became this spontaneous type of combustion—to borrow a word,” Campbell recalls. “The longer we played, the more intuitive it got.”

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New Release Section: Regina Spektor, “Becoming All Alone”

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Critically acclaimed artist Regina Spektor’s eighth studio album Home, before and after is set for release June 24 on Warner Records. Pre-order HERE. In anticipation of the upcoming record, Spektor is unveiling the album’s first single “Becoming All Alone.”

Spektor is playing a special homecoming show at New York City’s iconic Carnegie Hall on April 11. Artist presale begins February 23, with Live Nation presale starting on Thursday, February 24. General on-sale is this Friday, February 25. More info/tickets HERE. She is also set to play shows in Salt Lake City, Aspen and Denver this July.

Home, before and after is Regina Spektor’s eighth studio album and most quintessentially “New York” in years. Recorded in upstate New York, produced by John Congleton and co-produced by Spektor, the album is Spektor at her most inspired, heralded by “Becoming All Alone,” a surrealist ballad that swells with arrangements and comes alive in your head.

During the summer of 2019, Spektor completed a successful five-night Broadway residency at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre, marking her debut on the Great White Way. The Daily Beast called the run “both whimsical and thunderous,” with Gothamist saying Spektor “delights on Broadway with a fun, zany show.” Spektor’s most recent album, 2016’s Remember Us To Life, has been the subject of extensive critical praise from the likes of NPR, Entertainment Weekly, New York Magazine, People and many more.

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New Release Section: Midnight Oil, “We Resist”

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Nearly 20 years after their last full length studio release, Australia’s iconic rock band Midnight Oil today release the brand-new album, aptly titled RESIST.

In signature style these dozen tracks tackle a slew of urgent issues. From opener, ‘Rising Seas’ through ‘Last Frontier’ which closes the set, recurring themes include climate crisis, environmental degradation and the role of citizens alive to the immense challenges of our times. Moods stretch from the wilderness reverie of ‘Tarkine’ and the poignant ‘Lost At Sea’ to the anthemic protest celebration ‘We Resist’ while the album’s musical span is equally broad, encompassing slashing guitars in new single ‘At The Time Of Writing’ and brooding synthetic textures in ‘We Are Not Afraid’. There’s even a three-part epic called ‘The Barka-Darling River’ that keeps delivering surprising twists as it snakes along.

In line with the album coming out today, the band have also shared the official video for ‘We Resist.’ This short film combines submissions of protest actions by Midnight Oil fans from around the globe as well as archival footage from a handful of the many such events staged by the band over the years. The band also confirmed today that next Friday, February 25th, they will announce a handful of June shows in North America as part of Midnight Oil’s final tour.

RESIST is Midnight Oil’s 15th studio release since they first exploded out of the post-punk scene back in 1978, blazing a singular trail of blistering gigs from Australia’s pubs and clubs to arenas and festivals around the world. It is a fitting, forward looking, statement for a band whose clarion call has always been “it’s better to die on your feet than live on your knees.” Featuring stellar production by Warne Livesey, RESIST will be accompanied by some special live performances that will comprise the group’s final concert tour.

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New Release Section: Grant-Lee Phillips,
“A Sudden Place”

VIA PRESS RELEASE | When you’re a musician used to a certain creative groove, it’s disorienting to have this rhythm disrupted. Like many musicians, Grant-Lee Phillips sought out silver linings wherever he could find them when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

But in early 2021, when Phillips realized any potential touring options were still on hold for the foreseeable future, he started to write and record a new solo album at home. “I found respite in the process when I could do little else,” he says. “It became a sort of meditation on this time in my life and the events that we’ve collectively experienced.

The resulting full-length, All That You Can Dream, is understandably introspective, as it’s anchored by Phillips’ empathetic voice and rich acoustic guitar. The album’s lyrics attempt to make sense of an uncertain, anxiety-riddled time, while coming to terms with the idea that once-unshakeable things now seem fragile or fallible.

“In terms of subject matter, I found that the circumstances of being off the road, and left to reflect on what this time feels like, produced a different kind of song,” Phillips says. “I wasn’t entirely certain—and to be honest, I’m still not altogether certain—when I get to take these songs on the road. In some ways, that freed me up to write and record the kind of song that was personal and executed as though it were for an audience of myself alone. That’s freeing.”

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