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UK Artist of the Week: The Arthur Brothers

Our Artist of the Week is the London-based collective The Arthur Brothers who have recently released their new single “Watson (Pt. 1)” and it’s a woozy delight from start to finish.

The Arthur Brothers consist of, funny enough, brothers Matt and Danny Arthur. The duo work closely with producer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist J. C. Wright to create their genre-defying sound. Channelling the likes of Animal Collective, The Flaming Lips, and even the legendary Queen, The Arthur Brothers’ latest single is wonderfully eccentric, innovative and endearing throughout.

“Watson (Pt. 1)” is the final single to be released from their epic debut album Nine, which came out last year. The single was originally clocking in at an ambitious nine minutes long, but you’ll probably be relieved to hear that it has been reconstructed to just under four minutes for this release.

“Watson (Pt. 1)” is in stores now.

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UK Artist of the Week: Hollis Lomax

Get woozy with Hollis Lomax and their super chill new single “Past Time,” out now. The Oxford quartet are definitely ones to watch…

Falling somewhere between Brian Eno, Easy Life, and Parquet Courts, Hollis Lomax are pretty hard to define, but let’s give it a go. “Past Time” combines elements of off-kilter math-pop, surf rock, and indie creating a sound that is totally mesmerising.

The single feels like the perfect sound for summer: glistening synths chime effortlessly over soft percussion and lead singer Will Rowland’s distinctively warm tones. The track reflects upon past relationships and how life has changed since; something we can all relate to surely?

Hollis Lomax met at Oxford University in 2019, so that makes them pretty darn smart in our opinion as well.

“Past Time” is in stores now.

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UK Artist of the Week: IRJA

This week’s Artist of The Week are Swiss electronic duo IRJA. Their latest single “Heavy State of Mind” is out now.

Channelling the likes of SOHN, the pair effortlessly blend ambient synths with delicate guitar strums and celestial vocals creating a sound that is undeniably atmospheric. The duo’s newest release “Heavy State Of Mind” is no exception as intimate soundscapes are met with haunting vocals, transporting you into another dimension as a result.

IRJA are Colin Lanz (vocals, guitar, synths) and Basil Steiner (drums, synths, backing vocals). They met in a bar in London and the rest, as they say, is history. We can’t wait to see where they transport us to next…

“Heavy State of Mind” is in stores now.

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UK Artist of the Week: Alys Williams

UK-based artist Alys Williams charms us with her stunning new single “You,” out now. The British newcomer combines woozy electronics with ethereal soundscapes on her latest cut and we’re extremely excited to see what the rest of 2021 has in store for the talented songstress.

The harmonies, the glitchy electronica, the poignant lyricism, Alys Williams’ “You” just has it all. Fans of the likes of Laura Mvula and Emily King will certainly feel at home here. Produced by Rich James Roberts in the Welsh mountains, the single feels instantly celestial as sparse electronic soundscapes compliment Alys’ majestic vocals effortlessly.

Talking about the single, Alys explains, “We recorded this one a week before the pandemic hit the UK, but I feel it sounds even more relevant a year on, with everyone trying to find their peace after a turbulent time of highs and lows. Hope you like it.”

“You” is in stores now.

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UK Artist of the Week: Jaz Beeson

Jaz Beeson brightens our day with “Feel Alive.” A relatable indie-pop anthem about making your way through life, which we’re sure many will relate to.

Shake off those bad vibes with Jaz Beeson and her infectious new single out now. “Feel Alive” is a shimmering bundle of joy from the offset and we can’t get enough. Channelling the likes of Maisie Peters, Jaz combines indie-pop soundscapes with fun-filled lyricism and charming vocals creating a sound that’s wonderfully effervescent.

Talking about the single, Jaz explains, “‘Feel Alive’ is my sophomore single. The song is the older sister who’s trying to find her way in life, navigating minimum wage jobs, nights at the pub, and defining where life is going next.”

Jaz Beeson currently lives in London and we can’t wait to hear what she gets up to next.

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UK Artist of the Week: Martha Hill

Newcastle based singer-songwriter Martha Hill’s vibrant new single “Change” is an indie-pop banger from the offset which certainly seems to be putting the newcomer on the map. 

Combining jangling guitars with colourful synths and colloquial lyricism, Martha reminds us what happens when indie is done right. Tackling the universally relatable themes of growing up, nostalgia, and paths not taken, it is drawn entirely from Martha’s own experience of leaving her hometown of Dunoon, Scotland when she was seventeen to busk around Europe.

“Change” tracks her journey from a teenager desperate to get out of home to returning as an adult with a fresh perspective and appreciating it in a new light. “After coming home as an adult and seeing how strong the community is and how supportive everyone is, I just felt really lucky and proud to have grown up there,” Martha says.

The track is the first new release from Martha since her “Summer Up North” EP which was released last year. “Change” is the first track to be revealed off an upcoming EP, which is due in stores in the summer—so watch this space!

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UK Artist of the Week: The Ghibertins

This week’s Artist of The Week comes all the way from Milan and they’re pretty darn good if you ask us. Italian quintet The Ghibertins recently dropped their infectious new single “20149 – Milano” and it’s a delicious first taste of what’s to come from the group’s upcoming album.

Sounding akin to the likes of Editors and The National, The Ghibertins create anthemic indie-rock that is packed with a punch. A mighty cocktail of atmospheric soundscapes hits you almost instantly on their newest single “20149 – Milano” and we can’t get enough.

The single was apparently written by frontman Alessio Hofmann when he was drinking in Taojin and the next day he “found on a piece of paper, 20149 written obsessively over and over again. 20149—my home zip code.” Happens to the best of us…

“20149 – Milano” is the first single of the forthcoming album The Life & Death of John Doe, due for release in 2022.

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UK Artist of the Week: Harry Gardner

Kick off the week the right way with Harry Gardner and his infectious new single “Oblivious,” out now. It’s an indie-pop delight from start to finish that is bound to put a smile on your face.

The Kent-based newcomer is already making waves for himself with his latest cut and we’re sure 2021 is going to be a good year for the young artist if “Oblivious” is anything to go by. Channelling the likes of Rex Orange County and slacker-pop faves Easy Life, “Oblivious” combines elements of jazz, pop, and indie, creating a feel-good sound that is upbeat and chill.

The single has already been featured on a bunch of playlists including New Pop UK and Fresh Finds: Pop, so we’re pretty sure this year is going to be an exciting one for Harry—and hopefully we may even get to see him at a festival or two. Lets not tempt fate though…

“Oblivious” is in stores now.

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UK Artist of the Week: Castells

Kick-start the week the right way with Castells and their infectious new single “Falling For You,” out now.

Channelling the likes of Blossoms and Marsicans, Castells combine guitar-driven indie with celestial synths creating a sound that is totally vibrant and full of fun. Talking about the single, the band explain, “‘Falling for you’ is an honest love letter dressed up as a singalong indie-pop song.”

“Throughout the song you become aware singer, Connor Crooks, is falling in love with someone and is excited to start a relationship with her. The lyrics are very conversational lending the song a relatable feel, which is what we were aiming to do when writing it. The song itself feels like a journey too. Beginning slow and soft whilst steadily progressing through until it ends with a massive, jumpy, upbeat sing along hook.”

Castells are an indie-rock quartet based in Kent and we can’t wait to see what they get up to next.

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UK Artist of the Week: YINYANG

Irish newcomer YINYANGaka Lauren Hannanis definitely one to watch if her latest single “BLOODHOUND / EARTHBOUND” is anything to go by. Lauren creates alternative hip-hop that is tricky to otherwise pigeon-hole, but it’s packed with a punch, that’s for sure. You have been warned.

Influenced by the likes of Little Simz, M.I.A., and even Quentin Tarantino himself, Lauren is most definitely unique in all the right ways. Her newest offering “BLOODHOUND / EARTHBOUND” is full of fire from the offset as Lauren combines hip-hip, experimental and alt-pop sensibilities creating a sound that unapologetically means business.

Currently based in Northern Ireland, Lauren is already making quite the name for herself over there despite having only released two singles to date. As a result. we’re excited to see what 2021 will bring for this sassy songstress, so watch this space…

“BLOODHOUND / EARTHBOUND” is in stores now.

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UK Artist of the Week: Tom West

We’re dipping our toes in the South Australian sea today and we’re excited to announce Tom West as our Artist of the Week. He’s just dropped the stunning video for his new single “Can You Hear The Birds Calling?” and we are beyond impressed.

Channelling the likes of Neil Young and Iron & Wine, Tom’s latest cut is a poignantly earnest slice of indie-folk that is bound to pull at your heartstrings. Tom immediately captivates the listener with his distinctive vocal style and delicate strums of guitar, before what feels like a whole orchestra joins him toward the end, creating a sound that is undeniably cinematic and powerful.

Talking about the single, Tom explains, “This song arose from a moment where I was watching one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen. The sun was shining and the birds were calling at the same time. Like most of the rest of the album it’s drawn from, I wrote it and started arranging it in the box as I went, rather than resolving the words and form of the song first and then building up from there.”

Tom is currently based in Adelaide, Australia as a result of the ongoing Pandemic but hopes to get back on the live circuit saddle soon—so watch this space!

“Can You Hear The Birds Calling?” is in stores now via AntiFragile Music.

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UK Artist of the Week: Raelle

UK R&B newcomer Raelle moves us with her super sultry new single “Purple Skies”—out now—we’re proud to present her as our Artist of the Week.

Combining neo-soul, jazz, and electronic soundscapes, Raelle has created an undeniably delicious blend of R&B-infused goodness. Her latest single “Purple Skies” is a dream from start to finish. Channelling the likes of Solange and Snoh Aalegra, Raelle takes her listeners on a celestial journey of soul-tinged goodness and we can’t get enough.

Talking about the single, Raelle explains, “In between the certainty of the blue skies and the radiance of the sunset, there lies in between this a sky that is a kaleidoscope of purple clouds. These purples skies never seem to stay and can change at an instant although unstable and uncertain, they are remarkably beautiful and a sense of fearful peace washes over me every time I see them.

There is so much beauty in uncertainty. I see this in my own life. In 2020 my life was turned upside down, in terms of love, family, job security and the fear of waking up to find out the pandemic took someone I knew. The uncertainty filled me every day. At first it was hard, and I couldn’t cope with not knowing what my life would look like the following day, but then I started to realise how much of an important time in my life the uncertain periods were.

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UK Artist of the Week: Abby Power

Conscious hip-hop artist Abby Power does North West London proud with the release of her innovative new single “Thoughts Of An Artist,” out now.

The UK hip-hop scene is having an absolute moment right now and what’s better is that it’s jam-packed with some extremely talented females. Abby Power is our latest discovery and we sure are excited to see what she gets up to next. Her latest cut, “Thoughts Of An Artist” is a celestial slice of lo-fi hip-hop that merges the old school with the new, and we’re so here for it.

Talking about the single, Abby explains, “‘Thoughts Of An Artist’ is a song I was drawn to immediately because for some reason it reminded me of the old Marc Ecko game Getting Up… more specifically one of my favourite songs from the game, Mobb Deep “Survival of the Fittest,” so it reminded me of my early teenage years, and turned it into a song about the life me and majority of the world are living right now, adults working a 9-5 and paying the bills.

I don’t care about the fact I’m not flashy and don’t have money like a lot of the rappers out these days, but regardless of how broke I am, it still doesn’t take away from my pen game. In the end I’m just happy to have hip hop in my life, and I’ll be alright as long as I don’t let music leave my side again!”

“Thoughts Of An Artist” is taken from Abby’s second EP “Class of ’94” which is also in stores now.

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UK Artist of the Week: Yoji

Rising R&B songstress Yoji goes retro on new single “Old Fashioned” and it certainly pays off. Special shout-out to the super suave saxophone that’s jamming throughout as well.

London-born newcomer Yoji returns with the release of her third EP “Retro Romance,” of which “Old Fashioned” is the leading single. “Old Fashioned” channels the likes of Alicia Keys with Yoji’s velvet vocals soaring over seductive R&B soundscapes. Talking about the EP, Yoji explains, “‘Retro Romance’ is a soulful classic celebration of love and passion for life unravelling my experiences of true love.”

Born in London and later raised in Suffolk, Yoji is a soulful pop singer, pianist, and award winning songwriter. No stranger to the live circuit (when there was one), she has already performed at the O2 Arena to a 20,000 capacity crowd and supporting Kool & The Gang at the Electric Soul Festival—not a bad start for the young artist! Watch this space…

“Retro Romance” is in stores now.

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Needle Drop:
Josh Thorpe,
Love & Weather

It may be a questionable choice to move from Canada to Glasgow but we won’t hold that against him. Alt-rock newcomer Josh Thorpe recently released his latest album Love & Weather, taking you on an off-kilter journey from start to finish.

Opening with the super lo-fi “Rita and George,” the eight minute long release sets the tone for the album wonderfully. Discordant guitar twangs are met with Josh’s colloquially Canadian vocal tone, allowing Josh to introduce the listener to the release in his own weird and wonderful way.

Next up is Thorpe’s debut single “Manhattan” and probably the most “commercial” rock tune on the album. Channelling the likes of Pulp, Thorpe creates a sound that is both infectious and introspective. The single is a dissonant celebration of New York, idle moments—and not getting to meet Thurston Moore, naturally.

Thorpe’s latest release “Down To The Ground” feels instantly reminiscent of the likes of Lou Reed as Thorpe shows a more vulnerable side to himself and his voice as well. The song is subtle, charming, and a welcome change-up among the already diverse album. “Why Try” then picks up the pace once more with its raucous guitar twangs that gives the track an almost blues-y element to it.

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