Weekend Shots!

With all of the good weather, you may wonder to yourself, “My, what will I ever do during the weekend in Cleveland?”  And as soon as you finish this sentence, in your head I hope you hear my voice ringing out loud and clear, “Why, go to a concert, of course!”  You’ll thrust your hand into the air with an extended index finger and shout, “By golly, of course!”

After holding this pose for no less than 46 seconds, you will then gasp, put your hand over your mouth, and say, “But what concert will I go to!?”  Ah, yes, now this is a good question.  Let us here at The Vinyl District tell you that whilst in the drunken stupor that so many people are likely to fall into on March 17th for some reason, you should stagger your way over to the Happy Dog to catch three local acts: Shit-Box Jimmy, Tinko, and Prisoners.

Tinko is a great rock band comprising members from legendary Cleveland bands such as Viva Caramel, Grain, Coffinberry, The Swills, and Confront.   They have two excellent releases under their belt (2007’s If It Ain’t Fixed Don’t Break It and 2011’s Empty Furnace Bucket) and are sure to please fans of Built to Spill, Neil Young, and My Morning Jacket.

Shit-Box Jimmy, as mentioned on here before, is one of the most exciting bands to see in Cleveland right now.  The three-piece recently completed their debut LP and plan on self-releasing it on vinyl some time in May.  Based on the live renditions of their songs, this will surely be an excellent record, and I cannot wait.

Prisoners is a band that garnered some hype from local media while releasing two albums (2010’s Back in the USSA and 2011’s Pass the Stone), but went on hiatus after their annual Thanksgiving show (which they inherited from the guys in Tinko) last year, and have recently reformed.  This will be their first show back.

And here’s the rest of the best!

Beachland Ballroom
3/16: Broccoli Samurai | Skeetones | Shank Bones. 9 pm. $8.
3/17: Evil Ways: Tribute to Santana | Exo 4. 9 pm. $10.
3/18: 1st Annual Rock & Row Review to Benefit St. Joseph Academy Crew. 5 pm. $10.

Beachland Tavern
3/16: The Schwartz Brothers. 9 pm. $6.
3/17: The Hi-Risers | Johnny Fay & the Blazers | 45 Spider. 9 pm. $10.
3/18: Ellis Paul | P.J. Pacifico. 7:30 pm. $15 adv./$17 dos.

Grog Shop
3/16: Elemental Groove Theory | MOJOFLO. 8 pm. $10.
3/17: Irish for the Day St. Patty’s Fest feat. Oldboy as U2. 7:30. $5.
3/18: Scrimshaw | How to Breathe Underwater | Polar Bear Upstairs | Ryan Rini Band. 8:30. $5.

Happy Dog
3/16: Saul Glennon | The Lowlies | Sky Dragster. 9 pm. $5.
3/17: Prisoners | Shit-Box Jimmy | Tinko. 9 pm. $5.
3/18: John Kalman | Jill Hartmann | Joey Beltram. 9 pm. $5.

3/16: The Wonder Years | Polar Bear Club | Transit | The Story So Far | Into It Over It. 6 pm. $15.
3/17: Bizzy Bone | 10,000 Cadillacs. 6 pm. $22.
3/18: Knives Out | Living Dead | Cold Hand of Christ | Silo | Scratch Cut. 7 pm. $10.

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