TVD Vinyl Giveaway: Luna, Bewitched, for the first time on vinyl!

This week, Cleveland’s local record press Gotta Groove Records, celebrated its third anniversary by pressing an album that had yet to hit vinyl. The album in question is Luna’s Bewitched, which originally came out in 1994 via Elektra. Gotta Groove Records has donated an early test pressing (with full cover, label, etc.) of Bewitched to us to be given away to one lucky reader so that you can join in on celebration.

Containing members from bands such as The Feelies, Galaxie 500, and New Zealand’s The Chills, Luna was originally the three-piece of Stanley Demeski (drums/percussion), Justin Harwood (bass), and Dean Wareham (guitar/vocals), which then expanded to a quartet with the addition of Sean Eden (guitar) before their second album, Bewitched. Together they released eight albums before calling it quits in 2005, with a best of compilation in 2006 following their separation.

The team at Gotta Groove Records thought it criminal that Luna’s Bewitched wasn’t pressed to vinyl earlier, so they’ve made it happen. Here’s your chance to own your very own copy.

To enter to win this album, drop us a comment telling us which album you loved most from your local record press. And hell yes, if you’re close to Cleveland, show Gotta Groove Records some love! They’ve done some phenomenal albums in the past three years and we hope to see many more come from them in the future.

You’ve got a week to enter! We’ll choose one winner on September 6th who will have a test-pressing of Luna’s album en route to them. 

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  • Nichole Remmert

    This is still one of my favorite albums of all time. The opening of California (All the Way) still instantly puts me in a happy, dreamy mood. I can’t believe it’s finally coming out on vinyl!

  • Shaun C.

    My local record press would include Merge Records, who put out some pretty baller albums, including the Suburbs. Also, basically anything Caribou does is going to be good.

  • Ryan Marquez

    My local record press is Slumberland Records which released one of my favorite albums, Rochetship’s “A Certain Smile, A Certain Sadness”

    • Ryan Marquez

      that’s Rocketship! Slumberland also pressed great records by The Aislers Set, Crystal Stilts, Pains of being Pure at Heart and a lot more

      • Brian E

        Slumberland also released the Spectral’s “Bad Penny” late last year. Some on 3 color vinyl. Great record!

  • Brian E

    My local record press was (I just recently relocated away) Light In the Attic. I cannot think of a label that has done a better job with their remastering, detail to artwork (and amazing gate folds) as well as hand selecting new bands (Black Angels) and reissues (Pastor TL Barrett, Rodriguez, Lee Hazlewood, etc.). I’d say Hazelwood’s “The LHI Years” is easily the comp of the year.

  • Cary Whitt

    I’ll give Gotta Groove a shout, just for recognizing any missing LUNA vinyl, esp this record. They also did a bang up job for Columbus’ own Old Hundred and their release Time in the Wild which was released this past weekend.

  • mp

    Friends Records puts out some great stuff from Baltimore.  Sri Aurobindo’s cave paintings is a great and on transparent green vinyl too boot.


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