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The Crookes at the Foundry, 10/18

You could say that England has bred some of the most iconic figures in rock n’ roll history: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Kinks. More than being united in their taste for nomenclature, these Brits all became legends notorious for shaking the world up, for developing devout followings that still rage on today, and helping shape the face of modern music. The list goes on: The Smiths, The Clash, The Cure. And now, in true British fashion, The Crookes.

Named after a suburb in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, where the group found its roots, The Crookes are leading the decade’s new wave of Brit pop rock and following in the footsteps of their famous kinfolk—not necessarily in sound, but in style. And, God save the Queen, they’re coming to Dallas this weekend for a must-see show.

Since forming in 2008, The Crookes have become known for their cool, intelligent brand of pop rock—dance-worthy and insanely catchy, yes, but not lacking in quality lyrics and musicianship. Though at times sonically reminiscent of The Smiths (clearly an influence on their sound), and stylistically comparable to contemporary indie rockers like Vampire Weekend, The Crookes are talented enough to carve out a niche all their own. Namely, lead vocalist George Waite has a voice that can charm your fucking pants off. His beautifully boyish face is no less charming, I might add. Just sayin’.

That said, how these guys have managed to remain relatively under the radar here in America is perplexing. Aptly called one of the “most prolific bands of the underground,” the group has accrued quite the portfolio in the last six years: three full-length records, countless gigs around the world, sessions for BBC Radio and headliner spots at festivals across Europe. But perhaps most telling of their talent? A cult-like fan base willing to travel far and wide to catch a Crookes show: the self-proclaimed Bright Young Things. Mediocre doesn’t breed crazy fans like these.

Since releasing their third LP, Soapbox, this past spring, The Crookes have steadily added to the Bright Young Madness via an aggressive tour around the U.S. and the U.K. And, lucky for us, this weekend they make a stop at Dallas’s The Foundry for what promises to be a brilliant, high-energy show.

If you’re up for a good time and not afraid of catching the BYT fever, check out the show this Saturday night. Come prepared to be royally charmed and get ready to hold onto your pants.

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