TVD Recommends: We Fought the Big One at Marx Café, tonight, 2/3

There are a lot of little indie labels doing great things these days, but one of the most consistently impressive is What’s Your Rupture? Records based in NYC. Run by Kevin (“no big deal”) Pedersen, the label has remained defiantly independent and impeccably curated since its inception in 2003.

Iceage. Cold Cave. Love Is All. Comet Gain. These are all bands that bear the What’s Your Rupture? imprimatur.

When asked what makes him decide to sign certain bands, Kevin once said it’s when, “You’re sure that a song is the best thing you’ve ever heard. Your mind runs wild and you don’t have to think about it.”

Or to use one of Kevin’s favorite phrases: “Best. Record. Ever.”

Tell me about it.

To coincide with Kevin’s guest dj stint at tonight’s We Fought the Big One at the Marx Café, I thought I’d highlight some of his label’s best moments from over the years…

Love Is All “Make Out, Fall Out, Make Up” (2003)
Originally from the band’s 3-song EP of the same name, these skronky Scandinavian noisemakers recognized they had captured lightning in a bottle with this one. They wisely decided not to re-record it for their “Nine Time That Same Song” debut full-length in 2006. Btw, have you seen Love Is All live? AWESOME.

The Long Blondes “Autonomy Boy” (2005)
Before Rough Trade gave them a spit and polish, The Long Blondes put out a more raw-sounding 12 inch record for What’s Your Rupture?, containing four tracks that showcased their unique knack for smart and stylish songwriting.

Cause Co-Motion “Baby Don’t Do It” (2006)
This track, taken from the band’s 4-song self-titled 7 inch, is proof positive that it wasn’t the Vivian Girls or the Crystal Stilts that ushered in a new era of reverb drenched lo-fi cool in Brooklyn. We know who was taking notes though…

Fucked Up “The Black Hats” (2007)
Before they became Matador superstars, this bad ass hardcore powerhouse cooked up some choice nuggets for Kevin. Hardcore on What’s Your Rupture? Damn straight amigo. Damn straight.

Comet Gain “Love Without Lies” (2008)
Stand-out single from the band’s impeccable collection of literate, love-lorn pop songs (“Broken Record Prayers”)which netted a Best New Reissue from Pitchfork. How could you not like a band with a song called “Jack Nance Hair”?

Cold Cave “Love Comes Close” (2009)
Before they became a major player on Matador (wait, I’m sensing a theme here), Cold Cave put out a 3-song 12 inch (“Easel and Ruby”) on Kevin’s label. Leadoff track “Love Comes Close” was the song that triggered pangs of excitement from a whole new generation of pale-faced, synth-loving vampires…

Iceage “White Rune” (2011)
The hype machine is beyond hyperactive over these Danish school kids (have any of them finished high school yet? Do we care?) and their viciously effective post-punk clamor. “White Rune” is not just a brass-knuckled fist in the face, it’s a kick to the groin with a steel-toed boot. And yet, it feels so good…

Tronics “Shark Fucks” (2012 reissue, originally from 1981)
This charming lo-fi ditty from 1981 has achieved classic status for collectors of obscure U.K. DIY and oddball pop. Tronics was the brainchild of Ziro Baby—he later recorded for Alan McGee’s Creation label as Le Zarjaz (and also just as The Zarjaz). Based on how high the prices for some of the old Tronics records go for, the cult of Ziro Baby hasn’t waned one iota. Happily, there’s no need to shell out the big bucks—What’s Your Rupture? is re-issuing the original “Shark Fucks” single as well as the band’s classic album “Love Backed By Force.” Our wallets thank you Kevin!

For more information about What’s Your Rupture, check out the label’s official site here. And you can “like” What’s Your Rupture on Facebook.

And don’t forget that Kevin is guest dj tonight at WE FOUGHT THE BIG ONE!

Fri. Feb. 3
w/guest dj Kevin Pedersen
(What’s Your Rupture? Records)
at Marx Cafe
3203 Mt. Pleasant St., NW
Washington DC 20010
10pm – 3am
Facebook event page! 

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