TVD Ticket Giveaway: Zola Jesus at U Street Music Hall, 2/16

Between a poor economy, mounting geopolitical tension, and the horrors of public transportation, it’s safe to say that life can pretty much suck sometimes. When it does, it’s always wise to look inside yourself and ask one important question: What would Zola Jesus do?

I have my guesses, but you can find out for yourself Thursday (2/16) night at the U Street Music Hall when goth infused singer/songwriter Nika Roza Danilova returns to Washington, DC, since we have a pair of tickets to give away.

The show’s not likely to serve up any old time religion, but it will feature Zola Jesus’ unique blend of enigmatic lyrics and haunting, astral instrumentals. At the risk of going to hell, you have to admit that’s a much better deal.

Conatus, the Wisconsin-born singer‘s recently-released third album, hosts a parade of mesmerizing tracks, including “Shiver,” “Lick the Palm of the Burning Handshake,” and “Vessel,” the album’s driving first single. Coinciding with its release was a collaboration with M83 on the song “Intro,” the opener for Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming.

Seeing as how Zola Jesus’ despondent sound is the perfect compliment to the District’s recent cold spat, TVD is willing to set you up with tickets if you tell us your go-to album for bad weather listening.

Mine’s “First and Last and Always” by ’80s gloom-meisters the Sisters of Mercy, but I’m sure you can do better than that.

The winner will be selected on Wednesday (2/15) at noon. The show is presented by the 9:30 Club and the Black Cat. Brooklyn-based two-piece Talk Normal shares the bill.

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  • Harry Painter

    Bjork’s Vespertine keeps me going in the rain.

  • PTRQ

    On a rainy afternoon, I can be trusted to go all out and break out a major all-time favorite – Earth 2 by Earth. 75 minutes of inescapable, glacial drone/doom metal brilliance; best enjoyed as loud as possible. The sounds of riffs so heavy, they can barely escape their own gravitational pull and plod along through mud.

  • DylanBOTT

    I’ve gotten some serious mileage out of Dylan’s “Blood on the Tracks” during many a rainfall. You get the pitter-patter, fierceness, and melancholy of a good storm all in one package.

  • Chris

    More a particular song than the album, but I’m thinking of ”Rainy Day, Dream Away” from Jimi Hendrix’ “Electric Ladyland”.

  • Sundrop3

    Disintegration by The Cure….can’t you just hear the wind and rain beating down on your windows. Robert Smith’s voice and a hot cup of coffee.

    ….great answers from everyone else by the way.

  • Zee

    Garlands by the Cocteau Twins. You get a little bit of goth, a little bit of post punk, and a little bit dreamy. Nothing better for rainy days than the sounds of the Cocteau’s dripping guitars.


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