TVD Recommends: The ILG SXSW Showcase, Thursday, 3/15

We’re delighted to announce that TVD has partnered with Warner’s Independent Label Group (ILG) to co-sponsor (along with Modern Art Records, Bright Antenna, and Black Bell Records) what we’re calling one damn fine SXSW showcase, for next Thursday night at Austin’s Soho Lounge.

On the bill for 3/15 are Miniature Tigers, The Chain Gang of 1974, Geographer, Magic Wands, Secret Music, and Stepdad—all of whom we’ve cornered as a lead up to the showcase for a chat about—right, records. 

First on the bill next week—and first up at TVD yesterday—was Stepdad. Today, Brooklyn’s Secret Music who released their self titled debut on Black Bell Records this Tuesday, are talking rekkids.

“I grew up listening to vinyl with my mom. She would put records on when my sister and I were bored on long ol’ summer days. My mom was a disco babe, so most of it was disco music mixed with some flavours of ’70s rock. One band that sticks out, was listening to Squeeze. I think I did my first dance move to one of their records.

As far as I go, my first CD and record for that matter was Smashing Pumpkins’ Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness. My aunt bought me that power pack for christmas when I was in 5th grade. Forever changed me and still to this day one of my biggest influences.”
Chase Nicholl

Secret Music Official | Facebook | Twitter

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