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DJ Vadim at Tropicalia, tonight, 1/31

Scratching and rolling his way around the world, DJ Vadim has made a name for himself internationally as the go-to musician to start the party. Having worked with Stevie Wonder, Sly and the Family Stone, Public Enemy, and The Roots, Vadim has brought down the house in over 63 countries.

The Russia born, UK raised, and States-residing artist founded his own label, Jazz Fudge in 1994 before joining the Ninja Tune force, where he dominated the DJ and producing role. Having remixed powerhouses like Prince, Paul Weller, and The Cure while releasing over 30 albums just under the name DJ Vadim (he also goes by Little Aida and Andre Gurov, to name a few pseudonyms) he has secured himself a prominent voice in the hip-hop/electronic world.

What was the very first vinyl record that you owned? How did it shape you as a music lover/creator?

The first album was Big Daddy Kane, Long Live the Kane. What an album!

Was the turntable your first instrument? If not, what did you pick up first?

Well, yes it was. I kinda sucked at all other instruments!

Who were your major influences during the formative years of your career?

I guess hip-hop was my first love. Listening to BDK (Big Daddy Kane), Rakim, Stetsasonic, NWA, Ghetto Boys, 2 Live Crew, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Juice Crew, BDP (Boogie Down Productions), Run DMC, Slick Rick…

In an industry where you are regarded as an innovator and someone who creates truly unique music, who do you admire for what they are currently doing? And who is getting the most play-time in your personal playlist?

It’s funny ’cause growing up for me, hip-hop was such a huge influence. For me, hip-hop back then was at the forefront of musical innovation right up to the 90’s and early 2000’s. But since then electronic music has taken off. So, I listen to a mixture of both as well as lots of other stuff like reggae or classical music or world stuff… right now – the new FaltyDL album, Tokyo Dawn Records, Mop Mop, the new Bonobo album.

Averaging 180 shows a year has put you in more than 63 countries. Where have you seen the best response to your music? What is your craziest story from the road?

I have experienced all kinds of crazy stuff over the years. I should write a book, perhaps. Where is the best response? Well, there have been many from LA Frisco, old warehouse parties in NYC, crowd diving in Ibiza, having lines of girls waiting for autographs in Japan. The craziest is having a gun pulled on me in New Mexico after the after party!!!

You’ve remixed Prince, The Cure, and Paul Weller just to name a few. In a perfect world, who would you want to remix you?

All true. Who? Not sure, because for me it’s not so important who you are but what you do, i.e. to do it with a passion and care and love.

With the constant touring and the cornucopia of albums you’re releasing, what is the work/life balance like? What are your interests outside of creating internationally famous music?

Hahah–I love nature, wildlife, the sea. Sports and cooking. I love food, cooking it, playing with it, discovering new stuff with it. But yeah, I do love music… so my hobby and my job is the same thing!!

You’ll find DJ Vadim spinning from 9 PM until the wee hour of 2 AM tonight at Tropicalia on 14th and U st. This is the first time Vadim has graced D.C. in years, all in the name of celebrating the birth of Jon Horvath, lead singer of the great Fort Knox Five. Vadim’s latest and 10th studio album, Don’t Be Scared, is out now on BBE Records.

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