Vinyl Talk With Producer Daniel Lanois

Best known for his work with legendary musicians like Bob Dylan and Neil Young, producer and musician Daniel Lanois is an inspiration. Now, he has launched a Jamaican-influenced soulful band called Black Dub. Catch the group performing this Friday with Rocco DeLucca at the El Rey Theatre.

I caught up with Lanois to talk vinyl.

Ash: What is your favorite record store, whether it’s from your childhood or now?

Daniel: Well, in LA everyone loves Amoeba. I’m with the crowd, it’s a great record store. All power to these people having amalgamated to old records, new records, posters, live performance… I think that’s an example of one of the great current record stores. Growing up as a kid in Hamilton there’s a place called Cheapies, I’m not sure if it’s there anymore, but it was a pillar of rock n roll in Hamilton. This was at a time when there was some life in the downtown core. They had a nice collection of records and the cashiers were hot so there was a lot of hanging around.

Ash: What is in your record player right this second?

Daniel: This very second – I have to listen to a lot of peoples demos. So right now Billy Bob Thorton – he’s working on some songs he wants me to play guitar on so that’s what’s in the player right now.

Ash: If I were to dig through your collection, what would be a few rarities I would find?

Daniel: I’ve got some cool acetates. I’ve got a bunch of test pressings from records I’ve worked on – U2, Bob Dylan, Neil Young. Things I had to give the green light to. They’re all hanging around here. I’ve even got some cool old ones – Rolling Stones. Things that were only meant to be for quality control. Aside from that I’ve got the Black Dub test pressings and Neil Young. Oh, and I’ve got a nice collection of great southern and New Orleans music. But I think the rare stuff I’ve got is acetates and test pressings leading to my own work. Maybe in another 150 years they will be worth something.

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