KISS Rolls Out Book of “Monster” Proportions

Yesterday, at Sunset Strip’s famed Viper Room, KISS (sans make-up!) rolled out (literally!) their aptly titled “Monster” book.

Weighing in at nearly 50 pounds, Kiss Monster features a collection of exclusive KISS photographs pulled from the band’s extensive archive from their over-40 year career rockin’ Detroit City and beyond. Of its size, Paul Stanley said, “It’s not a coffee table book, it is a coffee table,” reinforcing the age-old macho adage: “size does matter.”

When one reporter asked if KISS had plans to make a smaller version of the book, Stanley quipped: “I did make ‘it’ smaller. I had to get a reduction—it was too big.”

Well then, Paul. Of course, with its hefty—ahem—girth, comes an equally hefty pricetag: for just a mere $4,250, you can own one of these two by three feet, limited-edition books, signed by all four members of KISS.

Gene Simmons then compared Kiss Monster to the “Rolls Royce” of the book world; amidst the flashing of ultimate heavy-metal Satan horns, he explained that the (un)holy compendium was hand-stitched and bound by the same Italian company that The Vatican uses.

When grilled on the price, Simmons simply replied, “It’s not for everyone. But it wouldn’t be fair to the people that can afford it, and who will appreciate it, to not put it out. It’s something that is for a select few.”

At four large, I probably won’t be one of the select few. But hey, at least shipping is free!

Event photos: Billy Bennight

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