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Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

River gonna take me / Sing me sweet and sleepy / Sing me sweet and sleepy / All the way back back home / It’s a far gone lullaby / Sung many years ago / Mama, mama, many worlds I’ve come / Since I first left home / Going home, going home / By the waterside I will rest my bones / Listen to the river sing sweet songs / To rock my soul

Came home from Europe Monday evening to a bad sight. Our beloved old kitty Lu Lu was in horrible shape. When Susan took poor Lu to the vet the next morning, the news was devastating. Sadly our Lu Lu didn’t make it back home. OMFG! We lost our kitty?! I mean, my wife lost her fucking cat! Fuck me. BUMMER!

Over many years I’ve learned about chicks and their pets. Loosing a pet is no laughing matter. Our life here in the canyon has (for now) been turned upside down. Needless to say, this hour of music and in fact everything the Sidels do this week has Lu Lu Sidel in mind.

Lu was a special kind of cool cat. It took me many years to gain her trust. On a first encounter she was truly one of the most unfriendly creatures I have ever met. Some called her a “weird cat,” but lil’ miss Lu was part of us, she was our cat. She greeted me late nights with her “stare” while I roamed our pad. I’m taken by how much I’ll miss our nighttime encounters.

All said, I knew this kitty loved me for three reasons. I am a fisherman and she loved fresh caught bits of fish I often gave her. I also showed her our house in the canyon and introduced her to our garden. It was the first time she had been outdoors; she allowed me to become her great emancipator. Lastly our cat Lu Lu loved me because she knew her momma (my wife) loved me.

Well OK… Fittingly tonight I am driving up to “the bay,” Santa Clara, California to see “FARE THEE WELL,” The Grateful Dead’s 50th anniversary concert. I’m going up with my childhood friend, infamous LA club figure, and deadhead Rezin. Rez and I are celebrating 40 years of going to shows.

In spirit we’ll be bringing ol’ Lu with us a bit…

The Idelic Hit of the Week:
Wolf Alice – Bros

Free at last.

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