TVD’s The Idelic Hour with Jon Sidel

Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

I’m walking down a lonely road / Clear to me now but I was never told / Trouble with dreams is you never know / When to hold on and when to let go

If you let me down it’s alright / At least that leaves something for me / ‘Cause you know I’ve got an awful lot of big dreams

The last couple years it’s been a theme of mine that I had lost my dreams. I often drifted toward the dreams of others, especially my children. Maybe in fashion or a baseball star? A poet or filmmaker? After a spell I took to meditation and my “earthly” dreams slowly evolved toward a dream that’s “spiritual” in nature. But hey, not to get too heavy here.

The interesting thing now in quarantine is that when I would start to think my dreams would really disappear, they’ve returned. The first of which has been a bit strange.

As I’ve been checking in with folks it appears many friends have been experiencing “strange dreams.” So I started crate digging and listening to my favorite “dreamy” songs. The more records I played, the more it became clear:

Never give up on your dreams.

Stay safe and connected. XO

The Idelic Single of the Week: Protomartyr – Worm In Heaven

Never give up on your dreams.

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