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Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

The piano has been drinking, my necktie is asleep / And the combo went back to new york, the jukebox has to take a leak / And the carpet needs a haircut, and the spotlight looks like a prison break / And the telephone’s out of cigarettes, and the balcony is on the make / And the piano has been drinking, the piano has been drinking

And the menus are all freezing, and the light man’s blind in one eye / And he can’t see out of the other / And the piano-tuner’s got a hearing aid, and he showed up with his mother

I woke up this morning a touch late, unsure of what I was dreaming about yet strangely optimistic about the day.

Yesterday was the first day of 7th grade for young Jonah. Little does he know, I once owned an after hours club called “7th Grade.” I named it that because it was the year 1974 when my rock ‘n’ roll party started. My school on the upper west side of New York City was 1st–12th—7th was the year you got your “locker” next to the high schoolers. I was unleashed into the wild city and it was so much fucking fun.

For Jonah, the the first day of school was like the world turned upside down in a Waits song—100 degrees, moping in front of a computer screen in a hoodie and wool beanie. A 7th grade inmate on house arrest. I’m learning to live with it and praying we’ll awake to start a new dream.

Stay safe, connected, compassionate—and vote no matter what.

The Idelic Single of the Week: EELS – Baby Let’s Make It Real

Keep your dreams in front of ya kid.


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