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Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

Now the trees are almost green. / But will they still be seen? / When time and tide have been. / Fall into your passing hands. / Please don’t destroy these lands. / Don’t make them desert sands.

Soon I hope that I will find, / Thoughts deep within my mind. / That won’t displace my kind.

Jonah Sidel turned 13 on Tuesday. To his annoyance, I am a very sentimental parent. I learned from raising my daughter Zoe, sometimes you feel like a cab driver left on the corner without a tip.

I wouldn’t be writing this open diary on a vinyl site if I didn’t have a strong connection to the records of my past. So by 13 I had just started to frequent the 6 record stores within a few blocks of our apartment on East 85th Street NYC! And at 13 I was “green lit” to go to concerts with a friend. Sly & The Family Stone, Alice Cooper, Bad Company, and the Stones’ ’75 tour.

I was gone!

So for this summer I will follow my son as close as I can and watch him hurl baseballs and do skate tricks while he still allows me.

Maybe I’ll even make a few playlists to look back on a boy transforming.

Lots of great new songs this week, and stay extra safe. Lots of sick folks around.

Idelic Single of the Week: Hand Habits – Aquamarine

The apple doesn’t fall far from the Idelic tree.


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