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Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

New Zealand, France, Switzerland, Northampton, Exeter, Egypt / It won’t do to cry about it / I’ve seen a rat / I’ve seen a guy cautioned by police for rollerblading / Let’s smoke and drink and get fucked I don’t know / Let’s eat pancake / You could take control of my mind or body anytime / Why do I trust you? / The answer is I don’t and I never will / Let’s eat pancake / I’m bored but I get a kick out of buying things / Autonomy can be found at the shops / For me! / For me!

Dry Cleaning is one of the more fascinating bands to come out of the pandemic. With Florence Shaw’s deadpanned narrations, framed by intelligent and powerful sounds, the band seems to have walked straight out of the audience and into the rock ‘n’ rock spotlight.

They remind me of the way Black Flag walked onto the stage at their first New York show at Club 57. At one moment I was standing with some dudes waiting for the band, and the next thing I knew those same dudes were on stage playing a brand of music I never experienced.

So “just don’t touch my gaming mouse.”

In terms of this week’s Idelic Hour set, it’s an interesting one. Last week I missed the show’s deadline because I was at a screening of the new Max’s Kansas City documentary. It was a memorable night. I saw some old friends and reminisced about a nightclub that meant so much to my life’s trajectory. At 14 I stepped into that joint and knew what I wanted to do and where I wanted to be. Making the scene at a nightclub, knowing cool people and bands, listening to rock ‘n’ roll—that was for me.

Well, here I am. Still making sense of it all. Have a listen and try to have some fun. We did at Max’s for sure.

Idelic Single of the Week: Dry Cleaning – No Decent Shoes for Rain

Here with rock ‘n’ roll “lifers.”


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