Pick Three with Terrence Bishop of
River City Tanlines

What can we say? We love Terrence Bishop around here at TVD. Bassist T-Money is currently working with quite a few acts such as River City Tanlines, Kenny Brown, Subteens, and Billie Worley and The Candy Company. Chances are you will see him playing out in the near future.

1. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers“Moon Pie” – Playback (Vol.5) – Through The Cracks
Tom Petty’s “Moon Pie” is an outtake from a 1986 recording session that is on his Playback box set. Since I am around music almost all the time, I find this little ditty very entertaining. I get a kick out of hearing one of the best recording bands just having fun and cutting up in the studio. Even though it is only a minute and five seconds long, it is long enough to irritate most people and short enough that I always play it twice for full effect.

From the liner notes: “Just an example of what goes on…” Tom sighs. “That was probably us waiting for somebody to plug in a wire.”

2. Autobiographies by Musicians
I really enjoy reading musicians’ autobiographies to see how the people who influenced my life accomplished their goals while living a musician’s lifestyle. Since everyone seems to be reading “Life” by Keith Richards, I thought I would mention his fellow band mate and guitarist Ron Woods’ autobiography, “Ronnie”. Ron is a very gifted writer and story teller, comes from a gypsy background, and to this day leads the life of a vagabond. Also, I would be doing an injustice if I didn’t mention my all-time favorite autobiography, “White Line Fever,” by Lemmy Kilmeister. It is a truly entertaining read. Lemmy is a god.

3. Bike and Skateboard Safety
The next time you ride your bike or skateboard, remember to protect yourself (literally), since recently some bad things have happened to some of my friends who ride bicycles and skateboards. I know it is not very rock n’ roll but I want to encourage everyone to protect themselves by wearing helmets and using lights. Always be on the defensive, as drivers can’t always see you and most of the time aren’t looking for you. So head by your local bike or skate shop and pick up a helmet of your choice, such as the Classic ProTec that I just purchased from Cheap Skates on Getwell. That way you are getting outdoors, giving yourself a chance, and supporting local businesses. Put it on, get it on, and RIDE HARD!

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