Rock for Love 5 Artists Takeover Pick Three: Jeremy Scott of The Burning Sands

Jeremy Scott is an original member of the Reigning Sound; he has also played with Harlan T. Bobo, Jack O & the Tennessee Tearjerkers and Jim Dickinson, among others. His new band, the Burning Sands, is working on its debut album, probably as you are reading this.

He has hosted the “Out On the Side” program on Memphis volunteer radio station WEVL for nine years. He has found life to be significantly easier since accepting Quick Draw McGraw as his personal savior.

Jeremy Scott will be playing with the Burning Sands on August 20th at the Hi-Tone for the Rock For Love 5 Benefit.

1. Turtles – “Somewhere Friday Night”
(Jan.1970, The Barbara Mc Nair Show)

If this clip had a subtitle, surely it would be “Miserable Together.” I know it’s a lip-synch, but you could troll youtube all day and not find a more dispirited performance from this usually cheerful bunch. They broke up the year of this TV appearance; if you told me they packed it in immediately after leaving this show’s set I would believe you. Yet as this incredible song demonstrates, their material was pure quality till the end, and beyond. (cf. The Phlorescent Leech & Eddie) Note reference to “Halloween Boulevard.”

2. Those Guys Have All the Fun: Inside the World of ESPN, James Andrew Miller and Tom Shales. At 700+ pages, it’s the ultimate oral history of the world’s preeminent sports network. It’s all here: sex, drugs, fear and loathing, unfortunate public comments, shady (if not downright mercenary) business dealings, unsung heroes, cutthroat go-getters, why everybody hates Bristol CT, why everybody hates Keith Olbermann and more. I just got this and might finish absorbing it all before the end of the year.

3. REELRADIO: Reel Top Forty Radio Depository Have $20 and an interest in U.S. pop culture history? Good – sign up to one of the five coolest sites on the web. Over 2500 air checks from Top 40 rock & roll radio, from Alan Freed and Dewey Phillips to the Real Don Steele and Dan Ingram, covering almost any major or medium market you can think of, and than some. Start with Dan Armstrong, WKYC Cleveland 1967, and gain a new understanding of how far commercial radio has fallen.

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