Rock For Love Artists Take Over Pick Three: J.D. Reager of The Near Reaches

Born-and-raised in Memphis, TN, J.D. Reager is a longtime veteran of the local music scene, both as a solo artist and a member of such bands as Two Way Radio, The Original Cyndi, Pezz, Glossary and The Modifiers. J.D.’s current group, The Near Reaches, will be playing the Full-Moon Mixer at Shelby Farms on August 12 and Rock for Love 5 at the Hi-Tone on August 18. He is also a founder of the Rock for Love benefit project, a partner in the independent label/arts collective Makeshift Music, a regular contributer to the Memphis Flyer, and a counter-jockey for Shangri-La Records.

See J.D. Reager perform with The Near Reaches on August 18th at The Hitone at Rock for Love 5.

1. Limes – Tarantula!/Blue Blood re-issue (Goner)
One of the more underappreciated bands in a town full of underappreciated bands is Shawn Cripps’ Limes. This is a record that grows on you a little more each time you listen – like a great movie and that requires re-watching to fully “get it.”

Also, Capt. Harlan Tiberius Bobo thinks Tarantula! is the best record he’s ever been on, and I think maybe that says something.
(Download 8 free songs from The Limes here)

2. Golfing on Public Golf Courses
This is probably the least rock ‘n’ roll recommendation in Pick 3 history, but – I am an admitted public golf nut/advocate, and would like to see some fresh new faces out at Riverside, Overton, Pine Hill, Whitehaven, T.O. Fuller, Fox Meadows, etc. Get involved!

3. Comedy Podcasts
This might be somewhat of a cop-out, as it is not “one thing” per se, but, rather, a genre of things. But, the ones I listen to are largely related, so – who cares, I guess? Here are my favorites: Paul F. Tompkins’ “Pod F. Tompkast,” Marc Maron’s “WTF,” Chris Hardwick’s “The Nerdist,” and Doug Benson’s “Doug Loves Movies.”

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