Rock For Love Artists Take Over Pick Three: Nick Redmond of Star and Micey

Nick Redmond was raised by wolves in Clarksville, Tennessee. He came to Memphis to produce and engineer at Ardent Studios. He has been on tour with the band, Star and Micey for over a year now. Redmond joined the group after helping to make their first album. Nick Redmond loves deviled eggs and German Shepherds!

Check out Nick as he plays with Star and Micey at the Hi-Tone on Thursday, August 18th, as Rock For Love 5 kicks off.

1. “Eyeless”- Slipknot.
This song has incredible production from Ross Robinson. It also has one of the best vocal takes I’ve ever heard. The rumor is that Ross would hit the singer over the head with a frying pan to get him to perform.

2. “Orion” Metallica
This song has everything that I needed when I was 17. Fast guitars, classical arrangement, and SOARING melodies. It does not feature the lead singers voice so I think it may be capable of reaching a wider audience!

3. “Say Hello To Heaven” – Temple of the Dog
Written by Chris Cornell as a tribute to his roommate who overdosed while Cornell was on tour. That roommate was founder of the band, Mother Love Bone. Cornell’s words are very important in this song but get lost to most peoples short attention spans.

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