The Sound of Memphis: Paulus Bunion “Skylark” Video Premiere

Alex Paulus, aka Paulus Bunion, is a few things. He’s clever, a talented songwriter, and modest—but he’s not good at hiding.

He’s got a dark twist of mind that pokes out from the edges. An overflow of unexpected cleverness is revealed in both his visual and aural art that allows insight into his unique perspective, resting somewhere between relaxed hope and hilarious realism.

We got a hold of an exclusive first look at his brand new music video to see his subtle cynicism at work.

Over the years of working the Memphis circuit, Alex Paulus manifested a strange sort of in-your-face dryness to his craft. Either visually or through song, he’ll prompt a large expression, then almost contradict the statement with the underhandedness of the delivery. This ingenious unattached gleeful sense of woe is best displayed in his simple yet ridiculously catchy (and almost sarcastic) folk-punk tunes.

The debut of his video “Skylark” showcases his sense of a brilliantly colorful indifference with the juxtaposition of manipulated and explicit content against a simple chordy guitar song about makes of cars.

Paulus plays all around the Memphis area and keeps active with both his music and visual art.

Paulus Bunion Facebook | Soundcloud

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