Fareveller Festival brings Eliot Lipp to Newby’s Memphis

Holy crap, Memphis—Fareveller is fast approaching! The 3-Day festival, from March 22nd to 24th, is going to be overloading you with great music in several different venues around town. The local effort will bring a myriad of talented acts, both local and foreign, playing our beautiful bluff city. 

Friday March 23rd, Newby’s Memphis will play host to electronic aficionados Eliot Lipp and Mindelixer. In tandem, their music lays claim to a body of work of over 150 songs that touch on several different genres and styles. From hip hop, to dubstep, to far out IDM, the two acts are sure to bring fresh sounds to Memphis that you will love to dance to.

I got the chance to chat with Eliot Lipp about the writing music, analog synthesizers, and of course, vinyl.

Having released the collaborative album How We Do: Moves Made with Jasia 10 in 2011, as well as the Brolabs album of Eliot Lipp remixes (featuring the likes of Pretty Lights, Big Gigantic, Paper Diamond, and more), I asked Lipp about the importance of collaboration in the world of instrumental beats.

With electronic music, it’s really easy to start to rely on what’s worked for you in the past. Sometimes when you’re really active, it can start to sound like you keep writing the same song. When you work with another artist, both come away with all the new ideas and new things you haven’t tried before. I love collaborating with artists—I’ve learned a lot.

You’ve got a lot of really well-designed synth work. Do you tend to use software or hardware or both?

I prefer analog synthesizers [hardware].

Do you have a favorite?

I really like the Korg MS-20. I guess its been ten years since I started buying analog synths and designing patches. One thing I like about older synths is that you have to build a new patch for it every time you use it, so it forces you to be creative.

In addition to your wide use of synthesizers, you also heavily dip into sample work. Do you have a preference, or is it just whatever you’re feeling that day?

It depends. Sometimes I’ll go record shopping and begin writing a song while I’m still in the store, or I’ll hear something I’ll want to sample while I’m going through all my records. Other times, I’ll start by writing melodies and go from there.

On the subject of shopping, What are some of your favorite record stores?

A-1 Records in Manhattan. The Academy in Brooklyn [and] Manhattan.

What have you been picking up lately?

Old Barry White and James Brown.

Oh yeah? What got you on that kick?

When I started buying records, I totally avoided samples that everyone else was using. Now I’m trying to using the samples in a different way.

As the conversation was coming to a close, I was able to sneak in a quick question about any advice Lipp would give to aspiring beatmakers.

Be creative, try to make something unique. Some of the most successful people did things their own way, including marketing. You just have to really try to get it out there.

Eliot Lipp will be taking the stage at Newby’s Memphis on Friday, March 23rd with the complex sounds of Mindelixir as part of the Fareveller Memphis Music Festival. Stay tuned for more information on Fareveller to come.

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