Tennessee Native,
Matt Woods’ Last
Night in Town

I first heard about Matt Woods when I saw Austin Lucas perform at The Well in Knoxville, TN (Woods’ stompin’ grounds) last February. With nothing but a recommendation from Lucas (just do whatever he says, okay?), I picked up a copy of Woods’ latest album, Manifesto, while I was there. Being a huge fan of independent and alternate country, I fell in love at first listen. If you like solid songwriting and authentic country influence, I think you will, too.

I was able to talk to Woods before his last show of a three month national tour at the V Club in Huntington, WV, a venue in which he’s been performing for years. (Go there. They have an indoor and outdoor bar, a mini-arcade, friendly staff, reasonably priced drinks, and pool tables. Did I mention they have a mini-arcade?) I was stoked to not only witness his dynamic stage presence but also to learn about his love of vinyl, his upcoming studio time, and a new album in the works.

So tell me what’s coming.

Well, I go into the studio in January, and I hope to be on tour again in February of 2013. We’re lookin’ to tour the South and the mid-west at that time. I don’t have a full-time band, so I like to bring in people I appreciate – players I admire – and that takes some time to schedule. And later in the year, I’m thinking of bringing my drummer to do a two-man show across Europe.

Oh, wow, Europe would be a great time.

Oh, for sure, but there’s more.

Oh! [laughs]

Yeah! I also want to release a 7-inch with one side featuring the full band and full production of “Deadman’s Blues,” and the other side featuring me and a guitar, and each side of the 7-inch featuring another track. “Deadman’s Blues” will be on the new record, but the rest of the songs on the 7-inch would be exclusive to the 7-inch.


Yeah, it’s my first time releasing vinyl, so I’m pretty excited about it.

Really? That surprise me.

Yeah, me too, because I just really love the product. I’m not a big MP3 person. I like the whole package vinyl gives you: the sound, the artwork—I’ve done all of my own graphic design work so far, though I might change that—and just the whole experience. The new record will be released on vinyl, too. I’m really excited for it.

Tell me more about the new record.

Well, I did most of the writing for it while I was recording Manifesto. Depending on which songs make the cut, there’s some that could be a little older than others, but most of them are newer. There might be one from the Broken Strings and Beer Specials time period, which was a record I made of songs I recorded with people from my other bands, and I just stripped ’em down to me and a guitar.

I think that’s a good way for you to go. You definitely have the kind of voice that can carry that.

Well, thank you…

Sorry you missed out? You can catch Matt Woods on December 29 at The Well for a rare reunion show with his former Knoxville band Magpie Suite and special guest Daniel Miller.

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