Happy Birthday to Yes singer, Jon Anderson!

I am a huge fan of Jon Anderson and the prog-rock juggernaut, Yes. And even though Yes replaced him with a Yes tribute band singer a few years back, Jon will always be the heart and soul of Yes, in my eyes (and especially my ears).

Jon celebrates his 67th birthday today, so go ahead and crank up some good Yes music today in his honor. Or crank up the below YouTube of the Kanye West-sampled original “In High Places” by Jon Anderson and Mike Oldfield.

Or better still, grab Jon’s brand-new 20-minute digital single “Open,” which was just released today. It is a classic orchestral epic ode to peace, positivity, nature and love… themes ever-present in Jon’s work, spanning well over 40 years. It’s music that has magic, “that stuff of syncopation.”

Happy Birthday, Jon!

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