Beyond Beyond is Beyond Week: Disc 1, Side B

Well I told you all about the Beyond Beyond is Beyond psych comp yesterday. And it’s available in all its magical musical glory as a free digital download over at Bang Bang Boogaloo.

And like I said, as I put this comp together I found myself wondering how it would’ve played out if it had been pressed to vinyl. So today, let’s move on to Disc 1, Side B of this epic psychedelic monster.

Side B of Disc 1 places us instantly deep into the magic with Austin psych-folk singer/songwriter/guitarist, Amy Annelle. Through many seasons, across many miles, Annelle’s path has focused an elusive “American” vision and a musical identity that is equally furtive and forthright. Her seventh release, ‘The Cimarron Banks’, was written in the wilds of Cimarron County, Oklahoma. Time to be enchanted…

Amy Annelle – Forever In-Between by Bang Bang Boogaloo

And whilst your head is still in the stars, prepare yourself for an exclusive never-before-released epic from Chicago’s own Velcro Lewis Group. The Velcro Lewis Group are classy men who enjoy top shelf spirits and the Isley Brothers. Lawrence Peters fixes everything that Velcro Lewis breaks. Halden Spoonwood and Hawk Colman are the rhythm section that never stops. Ever. Travers Gauntt does all the guitar work and knows what he’s doing. Velcro never knows what he’s doing. Hawk sings like an angel. Lawrence sings like the oracle on the mountain. Velcro sings like a monster. Lawrence and Velcro designed and built their instruments. The other guys bought or “borrowed” theirs. Velcro is blind. Lawrence is a country singer. Halden plays three dimensional chess. Hawk is an amateur astronomer. Travers is the one in the band who works at a record store. No one in the band ever wears a watch. No one ever wears a wig-hat either, but you wouldn’t know by looking at them.

Strap yourself in for this one, dear friends…

Velcro Lewis Group – Remains Of The Mountain by Bang Bang Boogaloo 

And that concludes our hypothetical Disc 1, Side B of the Beyond Beyond is Beyond psych compilation on Bang Bang Boogaloo Records. Since it’s not actually being pressed to vinyl, go grab the free download right here. Tomorrow we dig into the second slab of hypothetical vinyl!

And if you’re in NYC, come on out to Brooklyn’s Shea Stadium tomorrow (Thursday) night at 9pm for the comp release party featuring Hopewell, Woodsman, the Zabalas and a DJ set from Jared of the Minerva Lions! Even The New Yorker digs us!

Beyond Beyond is Beyond / Bang Bang Boogaloo comp release show invite on Facebook

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