TVD’s 10 Weeks of Record Store Day Vinyl Giveaways: Mount Carmel, Real Women

Today we’ve got some incredible throwback rock vinyl to giveaway to a lucky winner! Mount Carmel is a Columbus, Ohio straight-up blues rock power trio consisting of Matthew Reed, Patrick Reed, and Kevin Shubak. And they are one of my personal favorite new boogie-rockin’ bands!

As it says on the Silbreeze website: “…and by straight-up we mean sans revisionist three-dollar currency, Sub Pop grunge hybridization or ironic posturing. These guys have been weened on a diet almost steadfastly consisting of British blues/rock innovators: Peter Green-era Bluesbreakers, Cream and Ten Years After are immediately recognizable in their sound.

This isn’t a lark or something these guys are doing between noise projects–it’s their life. Good, old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll, plain and simple. Some folks never made time for punk, just like you’ve always snubbed your nose at the drum solo. Hard to believe, right? But just because you didn’t live through it the first time doesn’t mean you’re not doomed to repeat it.

The piquancy of ’70s-era redbud fusing with the aroma of banana- (or strawberry-) scented paper burning and hanging in the air, the sweet cascade of Ripple hitting the back of your throat, the blurry exotica of Rorer’s ubiquitous 714… it’s all here, undeniably, unpretentiously and unwittingly realized. In fact, their sound is so genuine, you’ll swear you were dead! Or at the very least unborn. Dig it.”

That about says it all. The album’s out on Tuesday March 6th, but now’s your chance to win the free Mount Carmel Real Women on vinyl! Just comment below with your favorite 70s blues-rock album.

We’ll choose a winner with a North American mailing address on Monday, March 5th. And if you don’t win, then buy it right here.

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  • N8Rhodes

    Cactus: One Way…Or Another 

  • Shane verna

    Derek and the Dominos : layla . Clapton !!

  • Dnorsen

    Blue cheer vincebus eruptum

  • ChrisBick

    Deep Purple – Burn

  • rowj

    ZZ Top – Tres Hombres

  • megadodgerfan

    Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin IV

  • ShamanBlues113

    Hard to choose, but…Blues Creation – Demon and Eleven Children

  • jammer85

    Free – Fire and Water

  • brendansullivan07

    CCR – Cosmo’s Factory!

  • AdamDowney

    No brainer! Rolling Stones  ‘Exile on Main Street’

  • DogGoneBlog

    Allmans – At Fillmore East 

  • JChrist

    too hard…Leaf Hound – “Growers of Mushroom”

  • Mike at TVD NYC

    Lotta good records mentioned here, dudes! The winner has been notified by email. Thanks to all for playing. Cheers!

  • FrancisBeringer

    ZZ Top – Rio Grande Mud


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