TVD Live: Ed Sheeran
at Irving Plaza, 7/24

What more could you want from someone than being able to sing, play guitar, plus have an English accent? Personally, that’s really it for me.

Ed Sheeran brought those three things along with an uncanny ability to catch an audience’s attention to his show this past Tuesday at Irving Plaza. Sheeran’s most recent success stems from the single off of +(Plus) entitled “The A Team.” It took less than 20 seconds to get the entire crowd singing along to Sheeran’s songs. Opening with the album’s closer, “Give Me Love” (my personal favorite track off the album), Ed led the audience in an eight-minute-long sing-a-long leading simply with his voice and an acoustic guitar.

He continued to woo the audience members with his spectacular voice and unbelievable rapping skills. Yes, rapping.

An hour and a half later, having gone through countless songs on his most recent album, including “Drunk,” “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You,” and “Small Bump,” Ed took himself and his guitar into the audience and played even more beautiful songs, both new and old.

It isn’t too often when one man (a 21-year old, nonetheless) can quiet an entire room of over 1,000 with just his voice, but Ed Sheeran was able to do that from start to end with no bumps in the middle.

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